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Back to School Backpacks and Bookbags

Updated on September 23, 2012

Back to school means backpacks!  If you are a college student or just a person on the go, there are many to choose from. Modern day backpacks have compartments for all of our I Pods and MP 3 players. As a standard modern day backpacks also have well padded compartments for our laptops too. The backpacks shown here are the most popular on Amazon as evidenced by how many positive reviews they have.

 The Teton Bookbag Backpack ( by Coleman) comes in a variety of colors including red and gray, Blue and Gray and Pink and Gray.   it has adjustable shoulder straps so it can fit a child or adult.  It is made with a durable PVC material that is hard to rip for extra long life.  This bag comes with four smaller pockets.  This backpack was made with the modern day student in mind. It has a place for  your I-pod or MP3 Player. it also has a compartment for your GPS or cell phone.   The main compartment is big enough for your laptop or your note Oh yeah..there's a place for your pencils too! ( remember those?)   This product has a unique suspension system which  eliminates the backbpack form being stretched out.  Out of 77 reviews this bookbag received four out of five stars. Customers rave about how much room this backpack has and how rough and tough it is.  Other customer reviews state it comes highly recommended and that it is a " steal for the deal"

High Sierra Swerve Backpack

The High Sierra Swerve backpack comes in many many colors. The backpack contains a padded sleeve for your 15 inch laptop. It also has mesh side pockets for your water bottles. Inside the backpack are compartments for your CD's, CD player or MP3 player. It has S shaped airflow straps and Vapel mesh to keep you cool. The High Sierra Swerve backpack received four and a half stars out of five from 35 customer reviews. Customers really liked the fact there were so many compartments in the bookbag. They stated the bookbag had room for a laptop and books. Another feature they really liked was the many smaller pockets for your pens and other knickknacks. Another customer states that this is the perfect bookbag.

High Sierra Access Backpack

The High Sierra Access Backpack also comes in many colors. You can find this style in colors from amethyst to a blue cross hatch. This bookbag boasts of its many compartments and it'd waterproof hood. This backpack has many other features such as the S curve straps, mesh for airflow and a sternum strap that keeps the bookbag from swinging from side to side while walking. The bookbag can hold a 17 inch laptop. The High Sierra Access Backpack received four and a half stars out of five from 49 customer reviews. Customers liked that this backpack had a rain cover. They also liked the fact the standard size pockets fit for everything. Another customer stated how good the padding was that protected the laptop.

 The JanSport Classic Superbreak Backpack comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  May I recommend the Chocolate Chip Bubbles?  You will have fun choosing!  This bookbag can hold up to two or three textbooks, spiral notebooks, cell phones and more.  This can all be put in the front pocket organizer.  A most impressive quality of this backpack is that it has a lifetime warranty.  The JanSport Classic  Superbreak Backpack received four and a half stars out of five from 133 customer reviews!  Customers state this bookbag is light and roomy.  Just be wary of placing it on the concrete all of the time or it will wear holes in it.  Other customers like this bag because it is just a " good ol standbye bag"  and it is washable!

SYNERGY from SwissGear by Wenger Computer Backpack

The SYNERGY Swissgear padded computer backpack fits a 15 inch laptop. It has airflow straps and a music player pocket. This backpack is hard to keep in stock. And that is not hard to believe with a large amount of customer reviews. This backpack averaged four and a half stars out of five out of 337 reviews. Customers love the fact that this backpack is durable and travels well. It is also favored due to the amount of pockets it has. Your keys and USB sticks and Ipods can be easily found in compartments made for them. Customers also state it is a great backpack for your laptop or your text books.

Targus Groove Backpack Case Designed for 17 Inch Laptops CVR617 (Black)

 The Targus Groove Backpack is designed for the 17 inch laptop.  This reasonably priced backpack has a large enough padded compartment for your larger laptop. There are holders for your water bottles keys and Ipods.You can carry your books or binders.  The backpack is popular and there are a few in stock.  It's popularity is proved  by the amount of reviews it received. The Targus Groove Backpack received an average of four and a half stars out of five from 264 customer reviews.  Customers state how comfortable it is to wear despite of everything you have packed in it.  Other customers state how durable and well made the Targus Groove back pack is.  Another customer states that it looks much better than the picture.

 The Swiss Gear Ibex Backpack is also made with the 17 inch laptop in mind.  This durable  backpack is comes a blue and black  combination. It has shock absorbing   shoulder straps and airflow padding.  The backpack also features compartments for all of your cell phones, MP 3 players or I pods.  The Swiss Gear Ibex Backpack received four and a half stars out of five form 73 customer reviews. Customers love the fact that is has plastic on the bottom making it water proof.  Other customers state this backpack has good workmanship and lots of space.  Customers like that there are pockets that are easy to get to  for little items such as pens, keys or cell phones.

Targus XL Backpack Designed for 17 Inch Notebooks TXL617 (Black with Blue Accents)

 The targus Blue and Black Backpack was designed for the 17 inch notebook. it has conveniences such as water bottle storage and even a padded small compartment for your sunglasses.  There is an audio player sleeve with an outport for headphones. There is extra file storage throughout the backpack.  The Targus black and blue backpack received four and a half stars out of five from 360 customer reviews. Customers state this is a good bookbag to get especially if you have a lot of books to haul around. Other customers state this is a very large backpack but it does not feel heavy when it is on. This is the perfect bag for a trip.  You can fit a lot of items in here!

The Pegasus from Swissgear by Wenger Computer backpack fits most 17 inch notebooks. This back pack has padded compartments and a shock absorbing shoulder strap. The back pack received four and half stars out of five. The Pegasus was reviewed by 130 customers. Customers state the zippers work well  and the padding and the straps are excellent.  One customer reviewed how they learned about this bag after observing an airline employee carry it it.  They claim it is a great bag for overnight clothes or for books or a laptop.

MAXXUM from SwissGear by Wenger Computer Backpack Red

 the MAXXUM Back pack comes in a pretty red design.   It has a padded compartment for a fifteen inch laptop. It also comes with a stabilizing system and a carrying handle as well as a strap. The MAXXUM backpack was reviewed by 149 customers.  It averaged five out of five stars in ease of use and four and half stars out of five in durability.  Customers stated it is  a great backpack.  It has many compartments including mesh pockets on the side for drinks. Customers liked the fact this backpack can stand up by itself. Other customers liked that the straps were comfortable and easy to adjust. 


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