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Backwards/Reverse and Palindrome Baby Names: Best and Worst of

Updated on March 24, 2015
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P. Williams has a background in statistical analysis and has always been fascinated by the origins of names.

Palindromic baby names are those that read the same in either direction, for example, Hannah, Anna, and Ana. Popular reverse names are taken from common words spelled backward, for example Nevaeh is "heaven" spelled backward. Backward/Forward name pairs are ideal for twins because if you spell the name of one twin in reverse, you get the name of the other twin. The most common example for twin names is Nadia and Aidan. Many people think such names are cute, while others find them absolutely hideous. Peruse the lists below and make your own judgments.

Palindrome Names N-Z

  1. Navan
  2. Nalan
  3. Neven
  4. Nayan
  5. Natan
  6. Nelen
  7. Nellen
  8. Naman
  9. Navan
  10. Nan
  11. Noon
  12. Otto
  13. Odo
  14. Ollo
  15. Oro
  16. Pip
  17. Pilip
  18. Renner
  19. Reinier
  20. Racecar
  21. Ramar
  22. Sabas
  23. Savas
  24. Seves
  25. Sylys
  26. Silis
  27. Tenet
  28. Tut
  29. Uku
  30. Ulu
  31. Viv
  32. Venev
  33. Worrow
  34. Xarax
  35. Yanay
  36. Yalay
  37. Yenney
  38. Yvy
  39. Zaz
  40. Zerez

Palindrome Names A-M

  1. Ana
  2. Anna
  3. Ada
  4. Airia
  5. Aya
  6. Ava
  7. Alla
  8. Aviva
  9. Adida
  10. Asa
  11. Aza
  12. Aziza
  13. Ama
  14. Amma
  15. Arora
  16. Anina
  17. Aisia
  18. Bob
  19. Davad
  20. Emme
  21. Elle
  22. Eve
  23. Eivie
  24. Eidie
  25. Eirie
  26. Gereg
  27. Hannah
  28. Habibah
  29. Hallah
  30. Izzi
  31. Ivi
  32. Ialai
  33. Iri
  34. Laval
  35. Lamal
  36. Loiol
  37. Lisil
  38. Mairiam
  39. Mayam
  40. Menem

Heather is a purple-flowered perennial shrub and a popular name for girls.
Heather is a purple-flowered perennial shrub and a popular name for girls.
Heaven is a place you can go after you die, but only if you've behaved yourself!
Heaven is a place you can go after you die, but only if you've behaved yourself!

Names From Words Spelled Backwards

  1. Nevaeh (Heaven). Variants that lend themselves to easier pronunciation include Neveah and Nevae.
  2. Nevah (Haven)
  3. Doog (Good). I guess it's supposed to be pronounced like Doug.
  4. Evol (Love)
  5. Efil (Life)
  6. Remmus (Summer)
  7. Traeh (Heart)
  8. Eruza (Azure)
  9. Reeba (A Beer)
  10. Raeb (Bear)
  11. Rehtaeh (Heather)
  12. Rorrim (Mirror)
  13. Niar (Rain)

Twins Natasha and Ah-Satan.
Twins Natasha and Ah-Satan.

Twin Set Names: Forward/Backward Pairs

  1. Aidan/Nadia
  2. Aydan/Nadya
  3. Alan/Nala
  4. Allan/Nalla
  5. Allen/Nella
  6. Ailen/Nelia
  7. Arik/Kira
  8. Aryk/Kyra
  9. Arec/Cera
  10. Ameer/Reema
  11. Amir/Rima
  12. Arden/Nedra
  13. Amin/Nima
  14. Ariel/Leira
  15. Aron/Nora
  16. Axel/Lexa
  17. Ari/Ira
  18. Avi/Iva
  19. Avon/Nova
  20. Alon/Nola
  21. Amour/Ruoma
  22. Ardis/Sidra
  23. Cam/Mac
  24. Divan/Navid
  25. Damon/Nomad
  26. Daian/Naiad
  27. Dayan/Nayad
  28. Eiryk/Kyrie
  29. Etan/Nate
  30. Flor/Rolf
  31. Flow/Wolf
  32. Gem/Meg
  33. Iris/Siri
  34. Ivan/Navi
  35. Leon/Noel

Balancing Love of Word Play and Usability

Parents who find these names clever often don't realize the implications of having a name that is hard for others to pronounce or spell. If your child says her name is NUH-VAY-UH, people will probably spell it "Nevea" and your child will always be in the awkward position of correcting people to spell it "Nevaeh."

How do you pronounce the name spelled "Eiryk," is it like "Eric" or like AY-RICK?

Rather than straight-up reversing the order of the letters in a word or name, you can try permuting them. For example, the names

Sonja, Jason, Jonas, Janos

are all common names (in some parts of the world) and are simply permutations of the five letters A, J, N, O, and S. In the English-speaking world, Jonas and Jason make cute names for twins. The names Oliveta and Violeta are also permutations of the same set of seven letters.

Do you know any unusual backward names?

Share any unusual names you've heard of in the comments!


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    • PoeticFailosophy profile image

      Diana F. King-Fyre :: DECEASED, 1962-2014, Rest in Peace 3 years ago from Cuzco, Peroo

      I can't think of any other naturally palindromic names besides the ones you listed, except to misspell a normal name. Like Aidia from Adia. Xanax is a lovely moniker. How about Flow and Wolf? Or Gem and Meg, even though they're both short for something else.

    • paxwill profile image

      P Williams 3 years ago from France

      Can't believe I missed Meg and Gem. I'll pass on Xanax though.

    • profile image

      Kurt 3 years ago

      Very interesting and thorough list. Some of the reverse and palindrome names do feel contrived, but I have encountered the Aviva/Anina/Adida type names in real life. I don't know if their parents were into palindromes, or just thought the names sounded nice. As a father expecting twins, I'm in the camp that finds cutesy twinset names stupid, but my wife likes them. Aaron/Nora is not so bad though.

    • paxwill profile image

      P Williams 3 years ago from France

      Thanks, Kurt. Congrats on your new additions!

      @Poetic, I added your suggestions to the list.

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