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Bad Girls 2

Updated on June 11, 2011

Are your kids going to be gay, lesbian or bisexual?

Teenagers can at times get out of control, especially when they reach that sexual stage. This can be a nightmare scenario for a lot of parents, especially if one of their teen daughters finds her way into the bad girl job category outlined in my previous hub.

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Continued from Episode 1 of what was originally a Podcast from years gone by.

Here's another one of my stories and these are true stories of my days at Sunshine Theatrical. While I was going down the queensway one afternoon, I was driving a nice little Mustang Ghia. That's the one with the 1/2 vinyl roof , the white bucket seats and four on the floor -- a nice little sports car. It was getting on in years and one day it broke down on the Queensway. My poor old Ghia had a lot of miles on it and one of the reasons for all those miles was because of driving these dancers around. I was putting on about 2,000 miles a week with this job.

Now, they're not all bad girls. I used to drive them up to Hotels all over the valley where they would dance and perform their magic. The people I met were from a different planet and I thought to myself -- "Am I ever a lucky character" and I know for sure that half the guys reading this are saying the very same thing. The other half I assume are probably crossing themselves while thinking that such things could actually go on in this world. I used to be one of those people -- real naive. If I come down with alzheimer's, please don't take away all these beautiful memories from me. You wake up in the morning and that's all you could think about. Who you gonna meet today -- Hmm -- who you gonna meet? There were always new girls calling the agency and it was anybody's guess who was going to show up next but you could bet that everyday was going to be be an interesting day.

Anyway, getting back to what I was saying. I was going down the Queensway and my car broke down, so I thought -- well, I'm gonna walk down to the nearest car dealership. My Mustang luckily died near an exit ramp and I walked down to Capital Dodge on Carling Avenue and, just my luck -- they were having a tent sale. So I walked in and said, "what have you got in the way of cars here?" Well, this one salesman took me aside and showed me some pretty nice looking cars and I ended up picking out a Dodge Aries. Now that was a great car! When it rained or even if there was fog, that car would never start. Here me people -- the Aries was not a great car after all.

At the cottage, I remember backing out of the laneway and driving down some really bad roads. These roads were only good for one car at a time and the hills were straight up and down. After a while, I noticed that my brakes had suddenly failed and so I said to Judy -- "I have no brakes". Now what? How was I going to get back home without brakes? Well, I didn't know a damn thing about cars. I just knew it had a steering wheel, four tires and somewhat of an engine there in the front. So I get out and open the hood after I found the hood release. The car was running and I heard kind of a hissing noise, something like a kettle and as I felt around the engine with my hand, I felt suction pulling on one of my fingers. I put my finger in the hole and it just sucked it down a wee bit and suddenly the noise stopped. The power brakes now worked again. So we ended up going home in that Dodge Aries with a slab of toilet paper shoved down the hole. Yes, that was a dandy car all right . It ran on toilet paper and never started in the rain. If there was even fog outside, you might as well forget it. Take the bus. The cars not gonna start.

So, getting back to that salesman. He says to me -- "OK, let's fill out an application form here and we'll get the money from the National Bank if you qualify." He asked me what I did and I told him that I drove around show girls. He just laughed and said, "that's a good one." He asked me a second time. I said I worked at Sunshine Theatrical and he responded with -- "Oh, a theatrical agency." I nodded my head and he says to me again, "Now really, what do you do?" Again I told him that I drove around dancers and again he didn't believe me. So, we filled out the forms anyway and 2 days later I got the car from the National bank. I told him the truth and he didn't want to believe me and that's too bad. I was making $700 a week and back then in 1980-81, who the heck cared what I did.

The National Bank ended up calling Larry. If you recall in Part 1, this is the boss man with the Gold Cadillac sitting out in front of his dilapitated house and the 17 half naked girls that lived there most of the time. He answers the phone and tells the bank that I was a great employee and had been working there for five years. He told the bank that he couldn't do without me. And that's all the bank wanted to know, if I had a good job that was steady. They never really checked on who Sunshine Theatrical was, so I ended up getting the car.

Now, here's another one of my stories that I promised you from Part 1:
I'm driving around the Lion. I used to call her the Lion because her hair was all big and frizzy. She was still living in the 70's when Afros were the in thing. Nice girl about 19 years old. She was going in for a house call to make 100 bucks and so she goes in and I'm waiting around as usual. An hour later she comes out and I said to her, "well, how'd it go and what's that smell?" She said, -- "it's vaseline". I said "Vaseline?" What the hell are you talking about? Well, she said , "he wanted me to put vaseline all over him and all over me. We became -- like, vaseline twins in there and we had a shower together to get the Vaseline off". I said, "well, that's kind of kinky", and she said, " it was a little kinky but I kind of liked it. It was kind of fun." As we were driving away, my beeper goes off again.

It was Larry. He says, "the guy wants you to go back "-- "What guy?" -- "the guy you were just at. What?---The vaseline guy -- oh C'mon! It was 2 o'clock in the morning. My night was over I figured but no --vaseline man wanted to do some more kinky stuff. So we went back and I dropped the Lion off again and waited an hour. Well, out she came with the same smell on her and I said, "what happened this time. She replied, "well we got all covered in Vaseline again and he paid me another 100 bucks", and I said, "well that's Nice but I'm not going back again." She agreed and we left.

That was the end of the calls for that night but there's a lot of stories still that I could tell you from working with these girls. I loved these bad girls.

What a different world. What a wonderful, wonderful world and, I quite enjoyed myself. Cue the Music ( what a wonderful world ).


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