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Balance is Necessary to Parent

Updated on October 31, 2017
Tripping Mom profile image

I'm a 40 something divorced/single mother of two incredible children. My children have taught me some life lessons I want to share.

Balance Could Be The Secret Ingredient to Successful Parenting

My son is fifteen years old. When I started this journey with him, I had many assumptions and beliefs about what it meant to be a good parent that in hind sight really didn’t pertain to him at all. As a new parent, I wanted a plan or some sort of outline to guide my parenting. Without fail, when I finalized the perfect plan, it crumbled before it even started. This continued process challenged me as a parent; I held tight to the belief that it was essential for me to always be in control and lead my child. Let’s just say, the minute I embraced my flexibility and created balance, parenthood has been much more enjoyable and my son has blossomed in every aspect of his development. I attribute this epiphany to my ability to embrace balance.

I don’t want to give the impression that this has been an easy process or even happened in a reasonable amount of time. Truth be told, my son is almost out of my household, and I am still getting it. His passion and dreams have sped up this process for me to get on board and embrace balance and flexibility in my parenting style. That is an excellent segue to the purpose of my HubPages.

My goal is to share my experiences as a parent, mother, and woman to others that may be experiencing the same barriers, challenges and frustrations that I have already gone through. Going all the way back to when my daughter was born, I was overwhelmed with the lack of support and information available to me as a new mom. I want to offer another perspective to help parents feel supported, and from my experiences, you may find balance sooner than later. With my son, there is another layer to this parenting thing. He is fortunate to have found a passion for a new sport he is in the process of creating. He is fearless and invincible as most teenagers assume they are, but I struggle in my worries to protect, teach, and support him when I am faced with his high-risk activities. Again, I find my peace and his happiness in being mindful to be a well-balanced parent.


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