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Barbed Wire Cubicle Part 1

Updated on June 9, 2010

I work as a Juvenile Detention Officer.The plight of the kids coming in and out of the system led me to describe some of their stories.

I just met Monica. She’s 14 years old, smart, cute as a button and her mom brought her here because she’s hooked on xanax and pot, pardon me if I don’t use the official term Marijuana, but it takes too long to write and the only time it’s used is in police reports and by people who smoke pot but want to distance themselves from it by sounding official.. She’s graduated to 1 or 2 mg doses a couple of times per day and doesn’t have to pay for them. The older guy (drug dealer) is probably using sex with her as currency for the pills, if not yet, he will soon. When I talked with her and mom, she was forthcoming about her usage. She knows she has a problem; she just doesn’t want to stop. “So what’s next Monica? What happens when xanax losses it’s thrill? Or, what happens when you’re high and someone says “take this; it’s 10 times better than xanax?” You’re going to take it without thinking cause you want to get higher. But what happens when you wake up with three guys, old guys, or abusive guys? What happens when you wake up with a tattoo? Or you wake to find out that you’re the star in a porno floating around town- with the internet, make that the world. How about walking through your school campus and having everyone giggle as they look at the naked picture of you that’s been circulating around campus? What happens when you wake up in jail? This all may never happen, but the odds are that it will. Mom broached the subject by telling Monica that she would end up streetwalking to pay for her habit. Actually, she used a rather explicit term for oral sex that made me blush! Let’s explore that. We’re not talking doing your boyfriend, we’re talking having dirty, sweaty, possibly diseased cretins crawling all over you.  And we’re not talking a romantic setting, we’re talking a grimy alleyway or abandoned building or crack house with blood, urine and feces on the floor, bits of tattered clothing and bedding and maybe a blood soaked, soiled, stained mattress. Maybe it’s kneeling down in the middle of a deserted street where nobody would hear you scream if you were conscious enough to scream. Roofies, Oxy’s, speed, coke and crack are all available to a pretty young girl who is willing to pay for her habit with her body. The drugs lower inhibitions and at first it might be sexy and exciting. Pretty doesn’t last long in these circumstances and when you start to go downhill, you go quickly. You hang out with unstable people, often cruel and violent by nature, abuse is the way they get their kicks. So, someone gets mad at something you do and they hit you in the mouth, knocking out two or three teeth. Bruised, bloody and scared, you just started a quick slide downhill because you’re not as pretty, therefore not as useful. The difference between an upscale coke whore and a scurvy crack whore is three teeth. When you were pretty you were given as a gift to other dealers or friends, guys had sex with you because you were good looking and the drugs made you pliant enough that you didn’t complain; just cried to yourself when you were alone. Now however, you’re not pretty and you still want those drugs. Sex is still an option, but brings even less in return than before. Your whole body has changed too. Because of the crank you use to keep you up, your body starts to stink, your cheeks are sunken, eyes bloodshot and dark with bags underneath and even though you’re skinny, you’re skin is saggy, being a junky doesn’t give you good muscle tone, smoking stains your remaining teeth and your once sharp mind is getting duller by the day. Wait a minute you ask, when did I start smoking? I don’t do speed, and I would never do crack! Well, that’s today. It’s almost impossible to explain the progressive, ravaging effects of drug use to someone who hasn’t seen it.

When only a short time ago you were a pretty young thing with a winning smile you passed quickly through the party girl phase to Flipper and now look like a crack whore; because you are a crack whore. No one starts out to be a junkie or alcoholic. Everyone thinks they can handle it with minimal if any effects. Alcoholics anonymous talks about a slippery slope where after becoming hooked even one drink sets off an obsession that compels the user to seek more, in quantities that are damaging to body and soul. The same appears to be true with any drug with most people. It might not happen to you but it has happened to so many people, male and female, young and old that the odds are stacked against you in the long run.

            But, “I just want to have fun you say.” Find a different way to have fun. Plan on smoking a joint at your college graduation; not during your 8th grade lunch break. Plan on having wild, uninhibited sex with your husband (or, recognizing the times, live in boyfriend) not six guys in an hour to get enough money to get high.


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    • profile image

      Monica Baird 6 years ago

      So graphic and so true. Thanks for sharing! I wish every child and teen as well as parents and caregivers could read your hubpage. God bless you! Keep doing the good you are doing!

    • Seldon55 profile image

      Seldon55 7 years ago from Somewhere in Florida

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, these kids have it beyond tough...Eddie

    • lisadpreston profile image

      lisadpreston 7 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Very well said. It must be very hard working in an environment where you see such young people on a path of destruction. The sad thing about addicts is they don't think it will happen to them. They have a mentality that causes them to learn the hard way. I know, I've been there. I hope you can get through to these kids. They deserve a better life. Thank you.