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Bath Time with Toddlers, how to keep it fun, clean, and products to avoid

Updated on December 6, 2012
Bathtime | Source

Yes Those stinky Kids are Mine

My kids are stinky. I am not kidding I have two boys and I am afraid of the teenage years. I think we need a house with better ventilation before we get there. Of course it doesn't help that neither of their bedroom have windows that have screens so I never open them. Frebreeze is my friend I should have bought stock when I found out about boy #2. In all seriousness though, my kids play hard and sweat a great deal.

Some days a shower just isn't enough I want them to soak in a tub for a long time until they don't stink anymore

Their Aunt Sends Wonderful Gifts

My sister has a sense of humor and doesn't have kids. She likes to give fun presents and some just to annoy the living day lights out of me. Of the various bath toys she has sent in the past couple of years the wonderful favorite of the kids (aka not my favorite) is the color tablets for the bath. These wonderful tablet make the bath water different colors. I thought the point of the bath was to get my kids clean not dye them red or blue. Luckily the color doesn't seem to stick to them and I haven't tried it with white towels so I am not sure that it sticks to them or if it just light enough that I don't notice.

Serious Gross Factor
Serious Gross Factor | Source

Grandma Has a Sense of Humor

My mom is hilarious when it comes to gifts, I think my sister learned this from her. For my 3 years olds birthday she bought this lovely present called Squishy Baff. It is as awful as it sounds. It is green goo that feels like Jello. I had to wrap the kids in another towel and carry them to the other bathroom and rewash them after this one. This is not a good idea and I am afraid of what the kids were actually soaking in. Seriously gross stuff, I guess that is what happens when you have boys. I have seen the commercial for this product on TV and I m sure every child will be asking for it soon.

It is some sort of chemical reaction. You have to wait 10 minutes for it to set before the kids get in and then you have to put another substance in and wait for it to unset before you can drain. My kids did have a ton of fun playing with it. But it is still all over the bathroom and it took some serious cleaning and scrubbing to get rid of it. In my book that is a fail for a product.

Where do all these Washclothes come from?

I admit that I love washcloths to clean the kids up and my daily one to wash my face and makeups off. Every relative my kids know find those shrunk into a square character washcloths. They are cute the kids love them and we now have plenty of washcloths. So many that I frequently forget that I have more of these laying around some where. My kids get excited to soak the wash cloth and make it expand. It is fascinating to toddlers. These washcloths are not however the soft, fluffy kind they used as babies. They are a little on the scratchy side, but the kids don't seem to mind.

bath toys!
bath toys! | Source

The Real Bath Time Activities

Bubble Bath

I love bubble bath, although I might admit it is because it hides how dirty the water is.


I also like to give the kids bubbles to blow in the tub. It is fun, keeps them from splashing the water out of the tub, and clean. Why not blow bubbles in the tub, at least when they inevitably spill the bubbles it is just adding more soap to the bath. The kids think it is a novelty because bubbles are ussually restricted for the outside. This is especially fun idea in the middle of the winter when the kids haven't been able to go outside and play bubbles for awhile. I ussually give them a half full small bubble container and once it is gone they are done.

The kids have toys and letter to play with in the tub too. These are the activities that I like and keep them entertained without creating more week for me.


The kids love their toy boats, they are practical and bath only toys. I love the wind up boats that putter around the tub.


My 5 year old is starting to spell an write. He loves making words in the tub. His dad however likes to make naughty sayings about my favorite football team. We are a split family packers/bears enough said.

The Bath Toys

Keeping the bath toys nice was always a challenge. We tried the frog container, it kept faling down and wasn't big enough for all the toys. We tried a few other things that didn't work and then I found these netted bags. I think they were actually in one of my teacher supply catalogs and were supposed to be for math kits. They work for many things around the house. The best location is the tub. I tried the water area command hooks, I tried regular command hooks and neither worked for very long. I found this wonderful suction hook at my local Marshalls but I know they also sell it at the container store. It is my new best friend. It holds all the toys and doesn't let go and if it does we could easily suction cup it back up. So far it has been holding on for 5 months, new record in our house.

I had to get creative in hiding the soap as the little one learned to climb
I had to get creative in hiding the soap as the little one learned to climb | Source

Hide the Soap

Lesson learned on buying the big containers of soap for the boys bathroom. They got dumped into the tub when mom had her back turned. I bought one with a pump to make things easier and it was until my youngest got to it when I thought he was using the potty. Shampoo is now hidden at a high height until bath time.

Make it fun and Clean

My kinds need to get clean and they have fun which ussually tires them out before book time and bed. There are very few things I love better than two clean smelling children snuggles up close in their pajamas listening to a good story.


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