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Bear Baby Shower Ideas

Updated on March 7, 2014

Teddy Bear Shower Theme

Few things are cuter than a cuddly teddy bear, with its sweet smile and warm expression. What better way to welcome a new baby into the world than a snuggly teddy bear themed baby shower? Teddy bears are adorable and provide you with many great and creative ideas for planning your baby shower. When planning, think soft, adorable teddy bears and gentle colors like soft browns, creams, greens and yellows. Your guests will leave feeling as warm as if they were hugged by a cuddly and sweet teddy bear of their own.

Here are some ideas for throwing the best teddy bear shower ever!

Make Your Own Bear Invite

Baby Shower Invitations

Your invitations will set the tone for the baby shower event and will be the first experience your guests will have of the baby shower. Incorporate the colors of your baby shower decorations into the invitations. For teddy bears, choose soft teddy bear colors like chocolate, light brown, yellows and even some soft greens for a complementary color. Use this color scheme in your invitations. Paper invitations provide limitless opportunities through a huge selection of materials, fonts, lettering and images. You can design your own or search through ready-made creations – whichever fits your needs. You can have cards custom designed, or you can opt for ready-made cards where you to hand write specifics with cool, funky ink for a personal touch.

A cute idea is to have a teddy bear sitting on a snuggly baby blanket, smiling and wearing a cloth diaper. Place your text next to the teddy and frame it in a bouncy polka-dot framed pattern. For virtual invitations, use or to create paperless invitations to match your theme. Virtual invitations can also be a budget-friendly option because many designs are free. For more traditional invitations, consider type of paper and envelope. Recycled paper is a great option and often comes in a variety of textures and weights. Whether you go with traditional cards or virtual invitations, choose colors and fonts that fit with your sweet teddy bear theme.

A great thing about a teddy bear theme is that teddy bears are so versatile. Whether the Mom-to-be is having a boy or a girl, teddy bears work equally well for either gender. This can be really important if the baby’s gender has yet to be revealed, or if Mom wants to keep things gender neutral.

Blue Teddy Bear Baby Shower Inspiration


Teddy Bear Decorations & Tableware

Since teddy bears are so adorable, a teddy bear themed baby shower really allows you to amp up the cute factor in your baby shower decorations. Choose colors that go with your theme. Hang personalized teddy bear banners announcing new baby’s impending arrival. Many party supply stores can customize placemats and tableware to fit your theme. Consider purchasing place mats decorated with cute teddy bears and personalized napkins and plates adorned with teddy bears. Decorate drink coasters with teddy bears and set the coasters around the baby shower locale for guests to enjoy. Mylar balloons in the shape of a teddy bear is another fun idea.

A sweet place setting idea is to create a candy bouquet. Curve a pretty piece of cardstock into a cone and place it in a bouquet stand. Stands are readily available at craft stores. Fill the cone with candies wrapped in teddy bear wrappers. Tie a pretty coordinating bow around the bouquet and place in front of each guest setting.

A lovely and useful centerpiece is a two or even three-tier diaper cake. Construct the cake using diapers and wrap the diapers in pretty bows that match with your teddy bear theme.

Bear Cake & Cupcake Supplies

Food & Cake Ideas

Bake fun, teddy bear decorated sugar cookies. Prepare dough using your favorite cookie recipe. To make the teddy bear head, roll dough into ½-inch balls and flatten. Make ears using two smaller balls and stick them to the teddy bear head. Use miniature chocolate kisses for the noses and miniature colorful candy bits for the eyes. Bake the cookies according to your recipe directions.

Provide finger foods like teddy bear shaped graham cookies and honey-flavored candies. Party supply stores can create customized candies wrapped in teddy-bear themed wrappers for even more teddy bear flair.

Create a teddy bear “cupcake cake” in the shape of a teddy bear. Put together a standard cupcake for the head and a standard cupcake for the body, and four miniature cupcakes for the arms and legs. Cut a mini cupcake in half for two ears and assemble. Top each cupcake with brown frosting and pipe eyes, nose, and a smile on the teddy bear head. You could even go all out and pipe a sweet bib around the teddy bear’s neck.

How To Make Teddy Bear Cake Pops

Teddy Bear Baby Gift Idea

Beary Special Arrival Moses Basket
Beary Special Arrival Moses Basket | Source
Teddy Bear Seed Packet Favors
Teddy Bear Seed Packet Favors | Source

Bear Favors & Shower Gift Ideas

A unique party favor idea is to create a customized water bottle label. Gather one water bottle per guest and afix a teddy bear sticker to each bottle. Everyone loves water bottles, and a teddy bear water bottle is a fun reminder your guests will enjoy.

Since bears love honey, another idea is to provide honey bears for each guest. Party supply stores will even create custom teddy bear themed stickers for you to apply to honey jars.

Another fun party favor idea is teddy-bear shaped cookie cutters. Every time your guests bake cookies, they will be able to enjoy “beary sweet” memories of your baby shower.

Baby Shower Gifts

Stuffed teddy bear options are nearly limitless. Baby would love a soft, sweet, cuddly buddy for snuggling. Teddy bear themed items for baby’s room are also available – warm blankets, adorable picture frames with teddy bears, towels featuring sweet teddy bears.

Alternatively, you could create or buy a teddy bear baby basket that holds bibs, clothing, blankets and more with a bear applique or embroidery. The one shown to the right is available from Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets.

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  • Nicole S profile image

    Nicole S Hanson 5 years ago from Minnesota

    Oh I just love this theme! Little bears are so perfect for the new little ones. Adorable ideas here!

  • jeanihess profile image

    jeanihess 5 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

    :) I am kind of past this baby stuff- or so I thought until yesterday when I learned that NIECE has a PEANUT:) That is is pregnant- looks like this a Peanut as in Snoopy affair. Any ideas?

  • Pinkchic18 profile image

    Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota

    Love the bear theme ideas! This is so cute and it would be the perfect baby shower for a mom who is waiting to find out the gender. It's very neutral but still super cute!

  • Journey * profile image

    Nyesha Pagnou MPH 5 years ago from USA

    These are some very cute ideas. Thanks for sharing!