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Beco Review - The Butterfly Baby Carrier

Updated on January 2, 2013
My well-loved Beco Butterfly 2 baby carrier
My well-loved Beco Butterfly 2 baby carrier | Source

If you have trying to decide on a baby carrier for babywearing, you will find this beco baby carrier review helpful. I have been using the Beco Butterfly II for almost 2 years and I wanted to share my experience.

Beco Butterfly Basics

  • The Beco Butterfly can accommodate from 6 pounds up to 45 pounds.
  • Removable insert for babies under 15 pounds.
  • User waist range of 25 to 50 inches (63 cm to 127 cm).
  • User height range from 4 foot 9 to 6 foot 2 (144 cm to 188 cm).
  • Can be worn in front or back carry positions.
  • Machine washable organic cotton.
  • Removable sleeping hood.

My little man happily nestled in his Beco Butterfly.
My little man happily nestled in his Beco Butterfly. | Source

Beco Butterfly Prices

The price of the Beco Butterfly is typically around $139.

When I first started looking at soft-structured baby carriers, I thought $100+ seemed high. I thought I would be just as happy with a $50 carrier, such as the Baby Bjorn. But, after scouring reviews and blogs, I came to understand the importance of a quality carrier, for both my comfort and the baby's.

It's very important to get an ergonomically designed carrier that doesn't suspend the baby by his crotch. You want your baby to sit in an almost frog-like position, you don't want their legs dangling.

Spend the few extra dollars for a quality carrier like the Beco Butterfly and your back will thank you later. The Beco Butterfly is worth every penny.

Is the Beco Butterfly Comfortable?

In short - YES!

The Beco BUtterfly 2 is very comfortable. At 5'2" I have a small frame and the BEco fits amazingly well. In fact, it was due to its reviews from other smaller-framed users that persuaded me to get the Beco over the ERGObaby. The carrier also comfortably fits my 5'10" husband.

I walked miles with my little guy in this carrier, climbing stairs, waiting in lines and sitting on park benches. I would still happily strap him on my back tomorrow. In fact, for me, I am more likely to reach for my beco than for my stroller. It's especially great when traveling or shopping, as your hands are free and you know your little one is safe.

I've even carried my almost 4 year old in the carrier on occasion. While it's not something I would want to do day in and day out, it's perfectly comfortable for several hours.

How Does the Beco Hold Up Over Time?

After almost 2 years of carrying the Beco Butterfly, it is still in greats condition. It's been across the world, from New York to Los Angeles, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Paris, France. All that travel has meant lots of washings. The color has faded, but very little, considering the use this carrier has seen. I simply toss my Beco in the washer in cold water and hang it to dry. I'm very happy with the way it's held up over the past two years.

Can You Adjust The Beco Easily?

My husband and I share the Beco, so it is important that our carrier be easily adjustable. The Beco fits the bill - it's easily adjustable when we switch from one wearer to the other. I can adjust the carrier before or after I put it on. I can also make adjustments after the baby is is.

How Can the Beco Butterfly Be Improved?

I love my Beco Butterfly, and there are not many things I would change. In fact, the only change I would make is adding a front pocket to store keys and a drivers license.

Enjoy Babywearing

I hope you found this Beco Butterfly review helpful. I have been more than happy that I chose the Beco over the Ergo. It's been a great carrier for the past two years and I will be sad the day that my little one decides he is too big to ride in it anymore. Until then, I will continue to love baby wearing.

5 stars for Beco Butterfly


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