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Beco Butterfly vs Gemini - Baby Carrier Comparisons

Updated on December 13, 2012
My 18 month old riding in the Beco Butterfly.  Using a carrier is much easier than taking a stroller on vacation.
My 18 month old riding in the Beco Butterfly. Using a carrier is much easier than taking a stroller on vacation. | Source

Beco Baby Carriers

Looking for just the right carrier for baby-wearing? Trying to decide between the Beco Butterfly or Gemini?

This review will help you look at the pros and cons for the two carriers to help you decide which is right for you. You want to make sure and choose a carrier that is comfortable for both you and your baby.

I've been using the Beco Butterfly for almost two years and I can't imagine not having it. Using a baby carrier is so much easier than lugging a stroller, especially for traveling. In fact, with my first child I think we used the stroller only a 1/2 dozen times before she turned one - we are constantly reaching for the carrier instead.

Carrying Positions

The Beco Butterfly can be worn in the following positions:

  • Front-carry position facing inward
  • Back-carry position

The Beco Gemini can be worn in the following positions:

  • Front-carry position facing inward
  • Front-carry position facing outward
  • Hip-carry position
  • Back-carry position.

This is 4-in-1 functionality of the Beco Gemini really sets it apart from other carriers.

Minimum and Maximum Weights

  • The Beco Gemini has a weight capacity of 7-35 pounds (3.5 - 16 kg). To use the Gemini with a newborn, you snap the bottom part in so that their feet can go through a smaller opening. While it is rated to a minimum of 7 lbs, several reviewers complained that their little ones felt “floppy” until about 12 pounds.
  • The Beco Butterfly has a weight capacity of 7-45 pounds (3.5 - 20 kg). This additional ten pounds weight capacity can allow you another year of baby wearing and was a big benefit for me. The Beco Butterfly also features a removable infant insert for babies less than 15 pounds to ride higher in the carrier in an ergonomically comfortable position.

How It Fits Mom and Dad:

The Beco Butterfly II has a user waist range of 25 to 50 inches (63 to127cm) and a user height range from 4 foot 9 to 6 foot 2 1(44cm to 188cm). At 5’2” and a 25 inch waist, this was the main reason I chose the Beco Butterfly - it seemed to be built for a slightly smaller frame.

The Beco Gemini has a user waist range of 28 to 57 inches. The body of the carrier is 11 inches wide by 14.5 inches tall (if headrest is folded down, 19 inches if not folded down). The shoulder straps are 23 inches, and can be adjusted up to 22 inches longer, for a total of 45 inches. On the Beco Gemini, the shoulder straps can be used backpack style, or crossed in the back if you are doing a front carry, which is more comfortable.

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Baby Carrier Styles

Both carriers offer a TON of styles and colors to chose from. You can find girly prints, total boy prints or great gender-neutral prints, such as the espresso.

Beco Material

Both the Butterfly and the Gemini are made from organic cotton and are machine washable. With both carriers you should dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp and allow to air dry. Or better yet, line-dry; this will extend the life of your carrier.

I've been carrying my Beco Butterfly for over two years now, so it has been through countless washes. Fortunately, the color still looks great.

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Beco Baby Carrier Prices

Now that you are ready to get yourself a Beco, you may be curious about the cost.

The Gemini and the Butterfly are comparably priced, though you will find a wider range of prices for the Beco Butterfly.

  • Beco Butterfly - retail price: $99 to $149
  • Beco Gemini - retail price: $129

Potential Improvements To the Beco Carriers

What could make the Beco carriers even better soft-structured baby carriers?

Beco Butterfly:

  • A front pocket for keys/cash would be handy.
  • The ability to do a hip carry or a front outward-facing carry would add a little more functionality.

Beco Gemini:

  • A front pocket for keys/cash would be handy.
  • A removable infant insert would make the Gemini a bit more secure for newborns.
  • The sleeping hood is not well designed. The sleeping panel connectors area pain and basically not very usable. The string connecting to the top is hard on babies head, except if you pull it very tight, but baby pushing his/her head back can loosen them so that they are long again and digging into baby's head.

Beco Gemini vs. Butterfly

To sum it up, they are both great carriers, each with pros and cons. With very similar costs, it's really a matter of deciding what features are most important to you. I've been carrying the Beco Butterfly for about two years and have been very happy with my decision.


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