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Bedwetting - End the Wet Nights Now

Updated on December 29, 2012

Bedwetting -age 4, 5, 6

I remember so well how frustrated and helpless I felt to help my son stop wetting the bed. At ages 4, 5, and 6, bedwetting is so common that most pediatricians consider it normal. Take a no big deal approach. Make sure your child has a regular, consistent and calm bedtime. I recommend a nightly bedtime book, then have the child use the bathroom one last time before getting tucked in for the night. An hour or two later, check to see if your child is snoring or exhibiting any type of sleep apnea. Snoring at this age is not normal. Take your child to a pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor for evaluation. Snoring may be causing your child to be getting improper sleep.

If no snoring, you can also try eliminating milk products for a week and see if this has an effect on the bedwetting. I do not recommend limiting drinks before bedtime. This usually does not have an affect on ending bedwetting.

Get several pairs of washable waterproof underwear. Much less expensive than disposables in the long run.

Also, the children's book, Prince Bravery and Grace - Attack of the Wet Knights would be a great story to read at bedtime to help your child realize that many, many children wet the bed at night.

Bedwetting - ages 7, 8, 9, 10

Once a child reaches age 7 and continues to wet the bed nightly, the bedwetting often begins to lower self esteem. My child worried that his friends would find out and he longed to go to sleepovers. Everyday he seemed more and more frustrated by the bedwetting.

I felt very alone in my quest to help him. So parents, I understand your concerns and frustrations! I researched bedwetting solutions and based on scientific studies learned that bedwetting alarm therapy is proven the most effective solution to end bedwetting.

So I talked with him about using a bedwetting alarm. Together we looked on the computer at bedwetting alarms, and books. Before we ordered an alarm, we ordered and read, the children's book, Prince Bravery and Grace-Attack of the Wet Knights. And, I ordered and read the parenting book, Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness

Reading the book and looking at the alarms on the internet helped motivate him to want to try the alarm. I purchased the malem with alarm and vibration.

The first night we did a practice he could hear the alarm and practice jumping out of bed to get to the bathroom. He slept right through it at first -which is typical of a child who wets at night. It is vitally important that a parent wake the child when the alarm goes off for the first week or two. So I would wake him when I heard the alarm. Sometimes several times in one night. Gradually he began to awake by himself. It is important not to miss a single night wearing the alarm. It trains the child's brain to react to the full bladder signal when sleeping. If you skip a night, then the brain is not getting the signal to react which can make the process take much longer.

In less than three months he went from wet every single night to dry every single night. And now bedwetting is a distant memory for him. No more wet undies, sheets, and infinite loads of laundry...for me.

Lots more self esteem and sleep overs for my child!

Get the books first. They make the process so much easier. Then invest in a bedwetting alarm. Use it every single night until the bedwetting is under control. The look on your child's face when he or she realizes that bedwetting is a worry of the past is worth every single second of effort.

The bedwetting books, alarm, waterproof mattress pads are an investment in your child's health and self esteem that will last a lifetime!

Bedwetting Alarm Therapy Questions

If you have questions or concerns about how to help you child, please send a comment below.


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    • CarNoobz profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      Ugh...I remember those days...SO glad my boys are well past that stage. Soon, though...they're gonna have to be changing MY bedsheets heh heh.


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