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Being A Great Influence

Updated on January 28, 2015

1st step: Realizing That we are an influence

As I'm continuing to grow in this fast pace world, I began to wonder how we have gotten so far from the gentlemen & lady-like behavior we once knew! Today violence knocks at your door loudly, temptation ramped in the streets breaking up families, & the corrupted music being heard through every radio station! The only thing we have done is spread negativity to people around the world & we can't expect to grow if we keep on repeating history.

It all starts with you being a child yourself & what type of family environment you were raised in. whether that be from an abusive home or not, a persons & actions tend to stick after you've left the nest. Honesty it is not a one personal faulty it is a global faulty that we all have today & most people aren't able to admit This fact. We can fake it to make it all we want, but God knows ugly & truths tend to be revealed in the end. So yes the 1st step to being a great influence is realizing you have potential of being a great influence to the world. Being a christian I've learned that God put us down here to be like little balls of lights, spreading love, faith, wisdom, & honesty towards one another, yet we have society telling us to do the opposite. So forget what the streets tell you to be look to your conscience, seek God to tell you who you need to be & it's not to think selfishly but outwardly, ask yourself before you do anything, how will this affect everyone in a positive way!

2nd Step: Deleting Negative Energies

Once you have realized all the power that you posses in being a great influence to someone in your life, you start to delete all the negative thoughts that give off negative energy to your surroundings. I'm not saying this doesn't have any work to it because it takes basically your whole lifetime to get it right! Knowing that Jesus forgave us for our sins already, we can just do the best we can everyday that we're alive. Even today I tend to slip & do something selfish, or get mad when everything doesn't go my way, but you keep getting up and trying again! The one thing that can tear up a family, marriage, and friendships are harsh words & actions towards each other, like says in the bible our tongues are powerful! If we are able to harness are tongues & out actions this whole world would be a better place! From Facebook posts, tweets, to your iphone, & then to your flat screen temptation hovers like a demon crouching over your every move! So when you turn on your t.v. Or go on your phone or down the street, maybe consider this great influence approach and read from the bible app or go see a nice romantic movie with a loved one, or maybe some nice Christian music instead!

I've noticed over the years some of the most positive feed back I've gotten from anyone in my life were from Christians and many elders. That's why I believe it so very important to have Christ at the center of my life, in relationships & in my works I trust him fully with giving the right advice! i come from a broken family with mom doing mainly everything & I struggled with excepting it, which led me to face big father issues, that I tend to think back on today. I knew then I couldn't depend on the greatest morals and values coming from my own father , so I began slowly to see that Christ is the only one I need to depend on! Even though life gave me a few tilde wavea, I'm still here today, making me even more sure of my faith! I know God intended me to do great things in this life. So once you over come the outcomes of your actions you can learn and grow from it and spread that knowledge to others.

3rd Step: How to surround yourself with positive energies

Everyday you do the same routine, but is it actually helping you an your family feel good emotionally & physically? A way you can test this is trying the following techniques to promote good energies:

1. Wake up giving thanks

I believe we take too much time for granted, with only 24 hours in a day we shouldn't waste th spreading negativity. It's easier said than done, but its good try rather than not try at all. You can change someone's life by just 1 nice thing you said about someone or do someone a favor!


Do you believe being a great role model can help your child, friends, & family grow in a positive light?

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Inspiring women who created a way to give homeless people shelter, a job & warmth!

Our Guide As Leaders

When you become a parent or any type of lead role in life you have to consider your audience. People look up to you & want to believe in what you say, but if your still struggling following your own guidance in life you'll probably be lost because you yourself aren't perfect, but God so unconditionally loved us that he died in our place to call us his children & forgave our sins through Christ! If that isn't a perfect guide I don't know who is & trust me ever since following Christ he never let's me down :) my one & only savior!

Oceans remix: Dream Junkies


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    • Roxanne G Haggard profile imageAUTHOR

      Roxanne Marian Elizabeth G Haggard 

      3 years ago from Martinez, California

      In the 3rd step, it seems to be missing information from my iPhone & it shows online that I repeated myself /: forgive my spelling as we'll, wouldn't let me go back to edit ): ! If any questions please be courteous, thanks!


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