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Being a Busy Mom and Keeping a Happy Healthy Family

Updated on June 15, 2016

Busy Mom's and Everyday struggles

It's no longer 1956 when a mother stays at home with her children and patently waits for her husband to arrive from his long day at work. It is now 2016 and most mothers work just as hard or even harder then most fathers. Our society has evolved and has finally started to show a womans worth other then just as home with the kids. I know this from a first hand experience. I am a 26 year old mother of three and a full time step mom of two. I had my son when I was 18 years old, it was not how I chose to start a family but it is what God chose for me. I had plans, I wanted to go to college for a business degree, I wanted to open my very own restaurant I had big goals in life. When I had my son in 2008 all of those dreams and goals were placed on the back burner for him, most people when they hear of the sacrifice I gave up for my son they ask how I was able to do it. My response is simply this "My son changed my life, he made me realize that life is way more then just scooting by and doing what I wanted." I now had this little life that depended on me, honestly if I hadn't had him i don't know where I would be in life. I like to say he is the most important little human in my life.

Instead of getting caught up in everything that got me to motherhood let's skip forward to just four years ago. I was a single mother who worked everyday even weekends to make ends meet. I was a manager of a fast food restaurant and attending school full time online, my son visited his dad every weekend so I through myself into my work and school trying to better myself for my son. I then met the man I am with now, he had two kids from his first marriage. this was the first time I had ever been with someone who had children. It was a nice refresher to see there are men out there that are going through the same things that I as a mother were going through. Working hard to make ends meet and to give their children everything they need. This is when I realized that I wasn't alone in this battle!

Now four years later we have been through more hard times then I ever thought I would go through in my entire life and I'm only 26! His ex-wife ended up getting hooked on heroin about two and a half years ago. We eventually talked her into giving us the children so that she could go get help. His daughter had started Kindergarten and in her first week of school had already missed three days. Once she agreed to let us have them (at this time it was until she got clean and on her feet again) we met her at the Wal-Mart parking lot and were given the children. Little did we know that she was in trouble with the law for stealing gas from local gas stations and she fled the state. She never looked back and rarely even calls her children, it's a battle that we never thought we would be faced with and it was hard. That takes us to last summer when I recieved a call stating that my son's father would not be allowed to get him on the weekends because he was arrested for endangering his younger son whom he had with a different woman. He had gotten drunk and drove around town and forgot the almost three year old in the car when he got home and went inside to pass out.

These are battles that I never thought I would face in my life let alone in my short 26 years of life. Now we are blessed with two beautiful baby girls of our own so that rounded our family out to 5 yes I said 5 beautiful children! I battle every day with depression and anxiety because of everything that was dropped on me all at once it seemed. I didn't know how I was going to manage until I turned my head and heart up to God. I rounded my little basketball team up and my fiance and I dragged them to church, little to my suprise the kids love it so very much. Since me and my family have started attending church we realized there were a lot of things that were aligning up in our lives!

Don't get me wrong church and my faith in God isn't the only thing that keeps me going. I work hard to keep myself healthy and happy. I make sure as a mother that I take a hour or hour and half every night to my self. Whether I sit down and watch Netflix on the computer or I bake goodies. I take that time every night to unwind and think about my day, pray over my hardships and sometimes even write like I am now. I know there are so many people who blog and tell you to do this and that for happiness. We are all different we all make our own happiness. What works for one person will not work for everyone. The best advice I can give you as a mother who is busy and has daily struggles is, Never forget who you are as a person. Take the time to stay in the shower an extra five minutes or step outside on your porch and breathe in the fresh air. Always stay true to your self and everything will work out in life how it is supposed to be.

Know your self worth and build on it. Don't let being a mom take away who you are as a person, set the example for your kids that no matter what you can be who you want to be.

Me (notice I take time to care for me) If I feel pretty I will feel my best all day!

How often do you wake before your kids so that you can take time for you before the day starts?

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