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Being a mother Qualified

Updated on January 15, 2016

Being a mother Qualified

MOM is the beginning of all of life, eternal life full of love and beauty. A mother's love is unconditional love. Urgency mother is an axiom of life and provisions of nature. Mother in a reasonable and realistic premise that human life is the foundation of the first straight in building a family. He is the figure of the housewife (IRT) and the family at the center axis of the orbit of the whole family.

From her womb a child is born with lives at stake, through the subtle hand of a child is weaned. Bak saboh nyamok poma meu let let tub (just because of one mosquito chasing a mother and just because one massage a mother wants vigil) and the love of a mother caresses us great human child and growing up.

Once the magnitude of the struggle of a mother day and night tirelessly until Qur'an also helped perpetuate the struggle of a mother, as contained in the letter Luqman verse 14; "And We have commanded man (doing good) to his two mother-father; his mother had conceived him in a weakened state that increase steadily, and weaning in two years. Be grateful to Me and to your fathers two mothers, only to receive from me all return. "

From Abu Hurairah, young said: "A man came to the Prophet and said: 'O Messenger of Allah, to whom I must devote the first time?' The Prophet replied: 'Your mother!' And the man asked again: 'Then who?' The Prophet replied: 'Your mother!' The man asked again: 'Then who?' He replied: 'Your mother. "The man asked again:' Then who else, 'The Prophet replied:' Then your father. '" (HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

Hadith shows that love and affection towards the mother, should be three times greater than for a father. Prophet mentions the word ibusebanyak three times due to difficulties in the face of a mother during pregnancy, difficulties in childbirth, and the difficulties during feeding and caring for children. All of that only experienced and felt by a mother. The third form of honor was only owned by a mother.

Holy and sacred

In addition to the Prophet Adam and Eve, nobody in this world who do not have a mother. Even tiny babies are dumped on the roadside though, still have a mother, after all its forms and manifestations. But it was not easy to simply thank and appreciate the role of a mother. A holy and sacred roles are now more often considered a domestic role and very traditional.
Today not a few women often more proud to mention a variety of other professions both as teachers, professors, secretaries, Business women. Being a Housewife (IRT) course, for some people is something that can not be proud of. Whereas housewife is a profession that enables humans to evolve from one generation to the next, and probably the oldest profession in line with the history of human existence itself since Prophet Adam descended on this earth. Being IRT is not easy and trivial. IRT is a profession, even in Card (KTP) IRT was inserted into the job criteria.

Profession as IRT is a job that knows no boundaries, time and space. IRT has a list of jobs that never runs out. IRT has a more complex position and height of any profession. IRT is the financial manager should be smart set household budgets. IRT is also a professional chef to be able to prepare the best food for the family and certainly a dietitian for nutritional needs of children and the husband.

Position a psychologist did not escape lies within an IRT. A mother must be a friend / speaker, a motivator for the family members. Even a mother also became a doctor when sick family member, the mother who faithfully guard day and night so lovingly cared for without expecting anything in return and paid a dime.

A mother must be highly knowledgeable because the mother is a role model for his children, so the predicate teachers also carried by the housewives and many more positions out there that is carried by a housewife. Imagine how payment should be received by a housewife for professions that have lived?

According to Islam, the profession housewife like a queen, she became a leader in her husband's house. It was the toughest jobs and careers than all professions. In return was matchless namely paradise, something better than the world and everything in it. Messenger of Allah said: "This world is jewelry. And, best of jewelery is a woman-woman salihah good in religion, household, and social. "(HR. Muslim).

Indeed, the idea that being a housewife a lowly job comes from feminist thought. For feminists, be it degrading martabatperempuan IRT because it was considered burdensome and enslaving women. Replies from work as IRT is not money earned cash like female office workers. But as a result of the IRT income in the form of dharma devotion to family is income that will not be assessed with the rupiah. So, mothers who work as housewives do not be discouraged and inferior professions IRT often without even a salary award.


The younger generation now, especially mothers, should undertake a transformation in every respect. Both internally and externally themselves. Transformation is defined as measures of self renewal and development to deal with the dynamics of life. The main objective of studying the highest for a woman not to get a job. The real work is just a bonus.
The main goal of getting a college education is actually to prepare us women to be the best mother. Because mothers are the first and primary madrasah of each child. That by being educated women, we women are expected to educate and nurture our children later, to become themselves the best.

One thing that is important is that women are entitled to higher education, to be able to give birth to the next generation of outstanding future. Being Whatever we do is the result of choices based on the awareness and knowledge sufficient to know the consequences that follow.

Women compulsory education in order to produce the next generation of quality. When a ibuterdidik and able to educate their children into strong children religion and smart, he will play a role in development, one of which contributed to the next generation of intelligent, while the female conservative who only has the ability to "wells, a kitchen, a mattress" may only be educate children limited to things that are experienced and known as a housewife.

This then became the foundation why Kartini hold women's activities that are emancipatory. In ancient times, women just identical as perpetrators household purposes and needs just a domestic affair. In fact, women have more functions and more mature than that.

When women are educated, then he will not be easily fooled, either by children and her husband. Even if the child and her husband did not have a good attitude, then the mother or the wife could provide an appropriate education to the needs of his family. Thus, education for an IRT is not a way to seek his fortune in the field of material, but rather a way to be able to improve the psychological and insights family to become a better person.


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