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Parent first Friend Later

Updated on September 1, 2016

Parent First Friend Later

You can be your child’s friend but don’t make a huge habit out of it because they need to know tough love. You must ensure that they know right from wrong and if you are being their friend then how are you going to teach them about the world and what they should and should not be doing. Parenting always has to come first before anything else. When they get older they will know everything you taught them and they will understand the tough love that you have them. Parenting comes first and then being a friend comes later.

Show tough Love

When things go wrong you have to make sure that you show some tough love. Your kids will know what you want them to do if you show the tough love that you need to show. Sometimes you have to go through and lay down the law for your kids to listen like you want them too, because when they get older you may not be able to get them to understand like you would when they are younger. You don't want to shield them from the world you want them to know that in the real world things happen that they may not expect.

Punish when needed

You know your child better than anyone else and if you know that they are hard headed then make sure that you punish them when needed. You don’t have to punish them all the time for small things but be sure they know that they can’t do what they want. You should start out when they are younger so when they get older they already have respect instilled in them especially out in public.

Being a friend is great

Being your child's friend is a great feeling because you want them to be able to come and talk to you when they need to. You have to ensure that they also know that they can't do what they feel. Your child will always need you even when they are adults and move out because anything can go wrong. You want to have a bonding relationship with your child but at the same time teach them that they need to respect you and others along the way. If your child does not resepct you then they will never respect anyone.

Final Thought

You have to make sure that you know what you are trying to get across when it comes to your child. Remember that you are the parent and they have to listen to you no matter what. If you keep trying to be a friend then they won’t get that tough love that they need. You can be your Childs friend but in the end, you are still the parent and you have to make sure that they are respectful kind, loyal and trustworthy. When you are done and they are all grown up they will thank you for everything that you have done. They will be able to instill the same values in their own children one day.


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