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Being sick is a pain

Updated on May 19, 2016
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I have so much built up inside, so much emotion. I need somewhere to let out the truth. I have no reason to lie.

After going to bed, having a great night sleep an amazing dream. Then you wake up and your sniffling, can't breathe because it feels like there's a hundred pounds sitting right on your chest. BAMB! You are sick with a common cold known as "I can't believe I'm in pain city."

Being sick is the most miserable thing to ever happen to anybody. There are pros and cons about being sick. For instance missing work or school. If you had a bad day the day before at work or school waking up to being sick could be a relief. Like a vacation from drama or embarrassment from what happened from the day before. Also there's bad sides to being sick like not able to sleep. Staying up all night because of a cough or a stuffy nose. Not being comfortable in my own bed because of a cold is my main problems. Why can't we be sick and still act like everything is normal.

How do we get sick?

If you are being careful on a day-to-day basis for instance like washing your hands constantly and using hand sanitizer. Wearing a mask is supposed to keep you safe from inhaling any toxic fumes/ viruses. Keeping gloves on your hands while being very careful to not touch your eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

Going to the doctor's is kind of scary. When you go in and you think you have a common cold. You tell the Dr. that but yet they still want to run some tests. Why? Is the part where I get worried.

My favorite two medicines when im sick Nyquil cold and flu the one with alcohol in it and Delsym. I use these two medications because I can't sleep in peace. Also I am congestion and cough free.

I think the worst part about being sick is the headaches and the vomiting. I really don't like the green nasty looking mucus that comes from your body.

When I am sick with a cold. I do the worst thing possible.

1 I grab the apple cider vinegar

2 grab lemon juice

3 I get a towel

4 I grab vicks

Okay I'm not telling you to do this. I am just saying this works for me. I would drink 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar. Then I will run the hot water put a towel over my head and sit there and breathe in the steam. After doing that for an hour to two hours. I would then start swishing lemon juice in my mouth for couple minutes. Then I would blow my nose. After all that is done I put my head back under the towel and breathe and all the hot steam.

This is very disgusting to do. After throwing up, blowing out all the bad things inside you. Apply Vicks on your chest under your nose and swallow a chunk of it in your mouth. Then take some type of cold medicine. NyQuil is the thing that works for me. Do not forget to bring some cough drops. (I love the lemon and honey)

Make sure you are prompt up with your pillows. when I'm sick I feel like I'm a pillow hog because I have like 10 pillows. And choose your favorite blanket, most importantly make sure you have the remote control. And when you start feeling bad all over again just we start the process. By the third day you're feeling like you've never been sick, it's amazing.

If you have a really bad cough weather dry or moist

One clove of garlic

a cup of milk it could be 1%, whole, 2%

Put it in a pot add a teaspoon of turmeric let it come to a boil then let it simmer for 3-5 minutes. Poor it in a coffee mug or any cup you prefer. Let it cool down and then drink.

Do you have a nose that keeps running?

Hot sauce

hot peppers

Asian hot sauce.

All these items are amazing when it comes to getting all the mucus out of your nostrils. I mean why not do it you're sick you can't taste anything anyway. Oh, the best part is a kind of opens up your taste buds to and it's amazing.

What is the weather like?

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Thank you for visiting me today please do not hesitate to write down your feelings and maybe a couple of good wisdoms here and there

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      I am a big fan of garlic when a cold comes my way. The more the better, especially with homemade chicken soup. Good article with a twist on personal experience!

    • word55 profile image

      Al Wordlaw 

      4 years ago from Chicago

      Hi Dawn, after years of having colds, headaches, stomach aches and various pain. I decided to become 80% vegetarian, 100% spiritual and exerciser to alleviate such catastrophe. No longer do I get sick, feel tired or talk negative. Welcome to hub pages. Wonderful subject you talked about. Thank you.


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