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Benefits of Stay-At-Home Parenting

Updated on January 9, 2013

Center your life around your kids

Let's face it, nobody can raise our kids as well as we can do it ourselves! No matter how much you pay someone else to keep your kid. If you are a caring parent, their will always be that desire to wish you could be the one to do all the most important things.Even if you have the best care giver in the world they do not compare to mom and dad.Of course parents need a break ever now and then, but if you decide to start a family, you might also seriously consider the benefits of stay-at-home parenting.

In America today many children suffer from the lack of parenting. The problem is a growing epidemic. The structure of the family is in need of repair in most homes. Parents who find themselves more dedicated to their jobs and themselves lack the time needed to adequately contribute to their child's development and safe up bringing. Many parents have no choice, but to trust the school systems, childcare providers, relatives, and friends to aid them in parenting. However, I challenge parents to think outside the box and to think about the benefits of structuring your life around your child while they are young and in need of nurturing.

Staying at home, is a sure way to have more time to dedicate to parenting. Rather you are a single parent or a husband and wife team, one or even both parents being around the home more will contribute to quality time to notice behavioral problems, teach life skills,sharpen your child's knowledge and teach principles and values for life. Of course money has to be made, to afford just a good basic lifestyle. Today in this technical driven society there are opportunities to work from home. Also, in two parent homes, mothers or fathers can take turns or one can decide to be home for a few years while the other one works. Lets face it, the best day cares cost a lot anyway. If you have three little ones like I do and you want the best education and the safest environment, you might spend two to three thousand a month on daycare. For many people, that would be a nice month's pay.

My husband and I made the choice to no matter what, never put are child in just any daycare or just with any care giver. When we had our first child I stayed home from school for six months. When I went back to school, I took as many online classes as possible. Everything we did we structured out schedules the best we could to make sure we were the main ones with our kids. When I started teaching school, my husband worked at night. So the little ones stayed home with him for most of the day and he would drop them off at grandma's for 2 to 3 hours until I got off of work. Now that we have three I am at home while he works. If you can not do this, cut back as much as you can on things that distract you and make sure that your kids have a solid routine that you are a big part of in someway.

I know this is a challenge when for most of us two paychecks is not even enough sometimes to pay the bills. But remember that one day your kids will grow up and if you did not figure out how to be an effective mother or father, you might find your self regretting the choices you made. So seize the day, the once in a lifetime opportunity to be the parent that is there when it counts the most. If you cannot have everything you want for a time, that is okay as long as all your needs are met. Having that extra sports car or making a big financial goal may be important but not as valuable as the well being of your child, nor as precious as the time you will miss if you are consumed with matters outside your home.

Not only will your kids benefit but you will as well. I was under so much stress, when I had my full time job. I liked the money, but I had to really fight to enjoy my job in the midst of the daily pressures of getting the kids to their sitter, getting through traffic to work, dealing with the supervisor's unrealistic expectations, and then coming home tired with work at home needing my attention.Now with this time on my hands I am becoming more inspired to become my own boss and to pursue new avenues that will allow me to be a great mom first and a professional second.

Important benefits of being home with your kids:

- You can really pay attention to their needs, a lot of times jobs outside of the home demand too much of our time and do not allow us to have family time or to be effective parents

- Save money on childcare, gas,fix more home cook meals, be more aware of your children's goings and comings,

- Offer your child a since of security knowing that when they come home from school mom and or dad will be there and they will not be left to themselves.

-If your child has special needs, learning disabilities, or would rather home school, you can be more accessible

-peace of mind that you are aware of what is really going on with your family.


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    • dbroomfi profile image

      Dominique Broomfield 4 years ago from Texas,USA

      Well, here in America, many people have no choice but to have childcare so that they can pay their bills. There is a wide range of choices, people who make a little money can recieve goverment assistance, people who make decent money can put their kid in daycare with prestigious accreditations like NAECY, and rich people hire nannies or pay for expensive private schools.

      People who can stay home often have a spouse who makes enough to at least pay the monthly bills.

    • Running Young profile image

      Lei Abaluyan 4 years ago from Philippines

      wow! you actually took time to write this very informative article. On this side of the world. daycare or care giver is only available for those who earned a lot. So, being hands-on to our children is actually not an option.

    • dbroomfi profile image

      Dominique Broomfield 4 years ago from Texas,USA

      Thank you so much denise, for your comment, it is so encouraging to hear from a parent who has been in my position . I am putting my career on the back burner for now, and I feel okay about it, I know it will pay off.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Bravo! It is great to hear the case for stay at home parents from someone who really believes it makes a difference. My husband and I decided that it was more important for me to be at home with our children than to be out making money. It was hard, but it was worth it! Our seven children know that they are important to us and the things they learned from us will last for generations to come. Now that they are grown and gone, I work full time outside the home, and it is okay.