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Best Cheap Diaper Bags

Updated on February 28, 2013

Finding cute diaper bags doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, there are many diaper bags under $40 that are fun, stylish and functional. Here is a least of the best affordable diaper bags. All of the diaper bags listed here cost under $40. However, to get at least a decent quality diaper bag that will last, expect to pay at least $20 for new a diaper bag. That being said, you also might find good quality diaper bags for even less at garage sales or on Craigslist.

You may also want to check the sample sale sites, such as Sometimes they have great deals on adorable diapers bags. However, you have to check back frequently at these sites because their inventory is constantly changing.

Personalized diaper bags for $25
Personalized diaper bags for $25 | Source

Personalized Diaper Bags from Etsy

If you're not familiar with it, Etsy is a website where you can find and buy handmade and vintage items. I found on Etsy adorable, personalized diaper bags for $25. There are a number of styles and designs to choose from, so I recommend checking it out.

Cute and Affordable Diaper Bags

  • Baby Essentials: Baby Essentials makes cute embroidered dot diaper bags. They come with a changing pad, are roomy and have lots of pockets. You can get these at Target or Amazon for $27.

  • Carter's: Carter's diaper bags are an excellent value. For $35-$40, you can get a 5 piece set that includes a full size tote, a midi tote, matching water bottle and changing pad.

  • Trend Lab Messenger Style Diaper Bag: With over a dozen styles to choose from, there is a diaper bag that's sure to meet your tastes. The messenger style bag is more comfortable to carry around that a traditional single shoulder strap diaper bag. I found these bags the cheapest on Amazon, for $30. You can also find them at Target, and

I found these Gerber diaper bags to be super cute. Gerber diaper bags are also priced around $20.
I found these Gerber diaper bags to be super cute. Gerber diaper bags are also priced around $20. | Source
  • Gerber: In addition to everything else baby, Gerber also makes affordable diaper bags. I found this Gerber 3 in 1 Large Ribbon bag, pictured left, to be oh-so-adorable. I saw this specific pink diaper bag at Target online for $15. In general, Gerber diaper bags will run from $15-$25. You can find them at all the big stores such at Target, Walmart, ToyRUs and

  • Samsonite: Though Samsonite doesn't have a huge variety of diaper bags available, I thought the one's they did have were cute. The listed Amazon price to the right is on sale for $40. However, I found it for less when I searched for it in Google shopping, so check around to find the best deals.

  • Carter's: Carter's also makes cute, affordable diaper bags. Their diaper bags can be found in all the major stores that sell baby products, such as, Babies R Us, and Target, as well as in stand-alone Carter's stores. If you have outlet stores with Carter's nearby, you can find Carter's diapers bags for even better deals.

You don't have to spend a lot fo money to have cute, stylish and fun diaper bags. The diaper bags described above are just some of the many options that are available for savvy moms like you.


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