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Best Baby Cloth Diaper Brands

Updated on March 9, 2014

Background on Diapers

While many parents cannot imagine raising a baby and toddler without disposable diapers, they were not common until the 1960s. So even if we ourselves were not diapered in cloth, our parents or grandparents were.

When disposables first came out in the 1940s, they were a luxury that not many could afford, but over the next few decades, there was a diaper revolution. Technology advanced, as did parents' need for a more convenient solution.

Today, it is somewhat the reverse; cloth diapering methods have advanced, and more parents are opting to dispose of disposables, making them a great baby shower gift for any new mother! You could even make a cute baby diaper cake out of these cute designs.

There are more options than ever – but this can be overwhelming to those new to cloth diapering. Where do you start? What are the best cloth diaper brands? If you have never looked into cloth diapers, you may be surprised by the sheer variety out there. How do you know which is the best brand? More importantly, which is the best brand for your baby? Here is a look at some top choices.



This is one of the biggest names in the cloth diaper industry. bumGenius make All-in-One diapers in various sizes, as well as one size, which can be adjusted to accommodate growing babies. ConsumerSearch named their one size options as the Best Cloth Diapers for several reasons:

  • 100 percent organic cotton inner.
  • Soft on baby's skin.
  • Features stretchy tabs and snap fasteners for ease of use.
  • Offers a “no stuff” system, which makes a cloth diaper work like a disposable – which is perfect for babysitters, day cares, etc.
  • Adjustable size for babies between 7 and 35 pounds.
  • Gentle leg elastic to contain messes.
  • Great variety of colors and styles.

These are widely available online and cost between $16 and $20. Remember, though, you can use and reuse these for years.


Fuzzi Bunz

Another well-loved brand, Fuzzi Bunz makes both sized and one size diapers. The all-in-two diapers feature an outer cover and an inner lining. Some reasons why we love them:

  • Adjustable to fit babies weighing from 7 to 35 pounds with button-adjusted legs and waist.
  • Snug fit.
  • Durable snaps and replaceable elastic for years of good use.
  • Good warranty.
  • Each diaper comes with replaceable, no-sew elastic and two inserts. Elite One Size comes with Minky inserts, which offer better odor resistance and staining with a slimmer fit.
  • Offer Trickle Free Trainers; these are perhaps the only cloth diaper available for children transitioning to the potty.
  • A great variety of colors and styles.

Fuzzi Bunz one size options cost about $20 and Perfect Size cost between $14 and $17.

Cloth Diapers Can Be Cute!



This company makes pocket diapers, which feature a waterproof outer layer and an inner liner that wicks moisture away from your baby's skin. Between these two layers is a pocket into which you can place an absorbent insert, such as a liner or even pre-fold diaper. Bumwear's diapers offer:

  • Beautiful hand-printed batik cover that is waterproof and breathable.
  • Soft fleece inner lining to wick away moisture and prevent rash.
  • Easy to clean and quick drying design.
  • Elasticized pocket opening and leg closures.
  • One size diaper for years of use.
  • Super absorbent microfiber insert.
  • Anti-bacterial material.

Bumwear's one size diapers cost about $18, and many sites offer a discount when you purchase more.

Learn the Tricks



Possibly one of the cutest diapers out there, gDiapers are adorable, eco-friendly cloth diapers for your little ones. They have tons of patterns and designs, and sell the reusable covers along with disposable inserts. Some highlights of gDiapers include:

  • Soft, washable cotton diapers.
  • Multiple sizes, ranging from babies to toddlers.
  • A trim fit with no bulk, yet breathable design.
  • Their disposable inserts can be composted, tossed or flushed.

gPants (covers) are sold for anywhere from $18 to $27. Then the inserts cost around $8.99 to $52.00.


Pre-Folds & Cloths

Many parents, even those who use all-in-one diapers, like to have a stock of pre-folds on hand. Here are some things to consider so you get the best:

  • Bleached vs. unbleached. Unbleached last longer because the material has not been weakened by the chemicals. Both, though, are durable choices.
  • Materials. Organic cotton is sought-after now, and it is a more expensive option that many find well worth the price. Another good option is 100 percent woven cotton. Unlike cheaper cotton blends, these will last for years; even after potty training has concluded, people use these for rags. Hemp is another choice that is gaining in popularity. They're more expensive than cotton but also more durable.
  • Cost. You have to weigh durability with affordability. If you can spend more upfront, opt for the better quality. They will repay you!

A 2-Month Cloth Diaper Brands Review


In Short

Cloth diapering doesn't need to be intimidating or frightening (or ugly!)

With today's great brands and designs, your child will be dry, happy, and your diapering method will be eco-friendly.

Your little one will also be the most stylish kid in the playroom!


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