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Best Forms Of Discipline For Toddlers

Updated on September 4, 2010

Best Forms Of Discipline For Toddlers

 Discipline is among the most difficult parts of raising a toddler because one has to be very strict and still show love and support to the toddler.  Therefore, parents need to create the rules in a way that following them does not demand too much from the young toddler who does not understand them.  Parents will set certain limits and most toddlers will push their way to see just how much they can get away with.  Parents should therefore be very careful to ensure that they do not stray from the rules and follow the toddler.  However, they should be very strict yet loving when doing this and realize that the toddler will fuss when they cannot do what they want.  In order for a disciplinary action to work, parents should know and understand their children well enough.  Toddlers will feel safe and secure around their parents and will therefore let them set their limits for what they can or cannot do.

 Time out is the most common form of discipline because it does not entail too much.   Toddlers feel very bad when they are taken away from their activities and made to sit in a corner and they will not do anything to warrant another time out.  The number of years in age the toddler has should be the equivalent in minutes a child should be punished.  Temper tantrums is another way children like to take control of situations and parents should learn how to ignore them and toddlers will stop throwing them.  Parents should set limits and show consistency with them and this can be used as another disciplinary measure for toddlers.  It is important to create a positive atmosphere in the home where toddlers also earn praises for the good things they do and not just punishment.

 Toddlers should be disciplined regardless of where they are even when out of the house.  This means that the toddler should be punished wherever they are and it should not be postponed until they get home.  They should be punished immediately after they misbehave so that they understand that they are being punished for their actions.  Toddlers should also be punished away from their friends or other people so that their self esteem does not get compromised.  It is very important to get the correct forms of discipline for toddlers because it is at this formative stage that their characters are set and the foundation lay.


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