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Best Indoor Games For Kids

Updated on December 14, 2015

Help! It's Raining And The Kids Are Driving Me Nuts!

Every mother knows that sinking feeling: rain is bucketing down outside, and the natives are restless. She needs a way to entertain these children before they have her climbing the walls. Of course, she could just plop them in front of the television or computer game, but there are better alternatives.

Break Out The Board Games

This could be anything from old-fashioned Snakes and Ladders to chess or more active games like Twister. The important thing is to have the kids participating and sharing.

If you do not have a supply of these, when the rain stops scour yard sales and second-hand shops to pick some up for the next rainy day. Although children who are accustomed to the slickness of computer games may take a little convincing to start, once they begin they will have a ball with these games.

Cultivate Their Creative Streak

A search of the Internet will produce craft ideas to suit children of all ages, or simply a pack of colored pencils or some paints and lots of blank paper can keep them happy for hours. Newspapers often sell the ends of newsprint rolls cheaply, and one can provide enough paper to last for a year or more.

You could also teach them to knit, crochet or sew. Boys as well as girls will enjoy these activities, and especially the fact that they end up with something to show for their efforts.

Make a Rocket

Stir Up Their Scientific Curiosity

Your local library is sure to have books of fun science experiments suitable for your children's ages, or you can find plenty of ideas on line.

Here's some simple ideas to get you started.

Kids Love Cooking Pancakes


Keep Them Busy In The Kitchen

Most kids, including boys, love to cook. There are loads of simple things they can make, and also enjoy the pleasure of eating their own creations. Just make sure that you are on hand if they are using the stove or electrical equipment, and if your kids are younger give them plastic bowls and utensils to work with.

Pancake Recipe for Kids to Cook

Build Your Own Bowling Alley

If you have a covered area with a smooth floor and plenty of room, the kids can have their own personal bowling alley. Use large plastic pop bottles filled with water or sand for the pins (be sure the lids are on tightly) and a medium sized, firm ball such as a basketball.

Put On A Puppet Play

Unless they already have puppets, they will first need to make some, which will in itself occupy some of their time. Pick a fairy story, and have them act it out with the puppets they have made. They may even want to make a stage and scenery.

Puppets Are Always Fun


Rhymes and Stories

Re-write the nursery rhymes. Start with the first line or two of a traditional nursery rhyme, and see who can come up with the funniest ending. (I actually ended up with a published children's book as a result of an exercise like this!)

Start an endless story. The first person begins telling a story. After two or three sentences, the second person takes over, then the third and so on, back to the first. It can keep going for as long as you want, and generally gets sillier the longer it goes.

Become a Band

Even if the kids don't have any real musical instruments, there are fun ones they can make. Elastic bands over a small cardboard box with a hole in the top become a guitar. Glass bottles with water to different levels produce chimes. And of course, just about anything that can produce a noise can be a drum.

Camp Out On The Carpet

Throw an old sheet over a table to make a tent. Pack a picnic lunch and eat it on the floor. Use a piece of string with a magnet on the end to catch paper fish with a paper clip attached. Make a "bonfire" out of cardboard and red cellophane with a torch underneath, darken the room and sit around telling ghost stories.


Wet weather does not have to be a time when the kids drive Mom up the wall, nor does it have to be a time when they spend all day glued to the TV or a computer game. With a bit of creative imagination, you can turn it into a time that is fun for all the family.

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      Lynn Fowler 2 years ago from Australia

      What activities have you used to keep your kids amused on rainy days?