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My Mother.

Updated on November 27, 2013

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." -Abraham Lincoln

My mother is the only woman that had been there for me ever since the beginning.

I remember the first time I see life, the first time I feel with my consciousness, she was there, searching for me. She was real worried, but little did she knew I was under the blankets of my bed. She would work days on end, from morning until evening. Tired from work she would still have enough energy to pick me up and make me happy. That was her, the best woman in the entire world.

Never did came a time that she did not correct me. She would always be there to set me right. I hated it and I hated her during those times, but never had I been so wrong. Those times she set me straight, were the best moments of my life. The things that she corrected me, helped me each day of my life and I have seen the goodness of the world because of her. Where ever she may go, she would know about me and what I do, in those times she'd even give time to tell me what's the right things to do. She was the best teacher I ever had.

She would often make mistakes that I see. Stubborn as she is, she wouldn't like me to correct her, but I still do. It takes time for her to actually notice it and she would just burst into laughter, thanking me for it. I appreciated those times, as I actually thought that she was perfect, but it turns out she wasn't. Even the most perfect mother in the whole world commits mistakes.

She would buy me anything I wanted, sometimes things that I don't even need. Everytime she would go out with my father, she would always phone me and ask me what I want her to buy. She does this also when she goes into a trip, asking me what I wanted from that place. Sometimes, when I don't want anything she still would buy be something. I thought that some things she buy were useless, again, I was wrong, all of the things she bought always helped me out, always been there for me.

There are times that things don't go my way. I was too selfish to realize what I always wish for, to her she knows what to, to me I just make my own decisions, too stubborn to realize what's happening. She would be angry at me, but that type of anger is good, good to settle me right because of my harsh decisions, decisions that may hurt myself and others. All of here decisions seemed right and always in the right. I started to follow them once I found out how she can just make the right decisions all the time. Knowledge comes with age after all.

When the time seems bad and I'm just pissed off at living, she's always there to comfort me, telling me that she, too , has been into that situation. She would tell me how she would handle it, the right way. When I'm need of her help, she's never busy and that she would always give me that helping hand at times that I need them the most. My homeworks, tests, she would also help me in those. She would stay late and study with me each night, just to get me those good scores.

I've grown taller and much more mature now. She set me in the right place, at the right times. She's always been there for me at the good times and at the bad times. She's been making the right decisions, the decisions that we need everytime. Never, did I regret following her decisions. She would always spend time with me, helping me, never busy for me. She would never guess and always find the right answers.

I owe a lot to you mom, my life, my achievements, my everything. You are the most perfect woman that came into my life. You have corrected me the right ways and raised me up well. I hope that you can have an always happy and healthy life. Happy Mother's Day!


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