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Best Organic Products For Babies 3 Months Old And Under

Updated on December 14, 2015

8 Reasons To Buy Organic

  1. Organic materials and plants are grown without the use of pesticides or harsh chemicals which could be harsh on your babies skin and cause discomfort.
  2. Non-organic foods which may also be GMO-intensive are the main cause of public health issues among adults and children such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, antibiotic resistant diseases and high cholesterol.
  3. Because organic produce is grown without chemicals, the butterflies and bees (and a multitude of other insects which are important for our eco-system) benefit, whereas plants which are grown with chemicals and pesticides are one reason for so many struggling species right now as they kill insects such as caterpillars, ladybirds and bees which are the food source for other animals.
  4. The production of non-organic clothing, food, bedding, bath products etc... Is one of the main causes of air and water pollution. If everyone bought organic products, the planet would be a heck of a lot healthier for it.
  5. Studies have shown that people who eat organic foods live longer and are healthier than those who lead non-organic lifestyles.
  6. Nuclear irradiation is banned from organic produce. If you haven't heard of this before, I recommend reading up on it. It is a common practice in non-organic foods, but a horrifying one also.
  7. The risk of contracting MRSA, Salmonella, E-coli and food poisoning, to name just a few, is much higher in non-organic foods because of low standard, dirty living conditions of some animals and the slaughter houses that they are killed in.
  8. Following on from point 7, the organic farming practice is much more concerned about the treatment of animals and the all-round welfare of animals, the environment and humans.

3 Things I Will Always Try To Buy As Organic

  • Food

If I was only able to select one thing that was organic for my child it would be food; after all, it is the one thing that is going directly into our children's tummies and being used by the body as fuel. My mum raised my brother, sister and myself on organic foods and when I went to college and naturally started eating more takeaway and cheap, readily available foods I noticed that I felt more sluggish and my mood was worse. So organic food has proven itself in my eyes and I hope to raise my own baby on organic, free-range and local foods as much as possible.

  • Clothing

Children generally have pretty delicate skin and so using fabrics that have been grown or made with chemicals and pesticides can cause itchiness and discomfort. This is where organic clothing really comes into its own; the fact that from their first hour of life, babies are going to have clothes pressed against their skin nearly 24/7 means that most parents are going to want to buy clothing that is going to be beautifully soft and good quality and in my experience organic clothing ticks all these boxes.

  • Soaps and Bath-Time Bits

There are some lovely soaps out there for babies and as adults we tend to think about how soaps smell, look and feel. But the most important thing to a baby is that the soap you use is as gentle and mild as it can be. Organic soaps mean no harsh chemicals and nothing unnecessary added, so naturally is going to be the most gentle thing for little babies apart from pure warm water for washing and cleaning.



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Is Organic Clothing REALLY Worth Buying?

Deciding what clothing to buy for a new baby is completely up to the parents, and like so many other baby-related decisions, it is completely personal.

I can't tell anyone that organic is the only way to go, because realistically it is slightly more expensive and there are more than a handful of people out there who don't feel organic food, clothing and other products are the way to go. However, I can tell you that I see the benefits for organic produce every day with my son, partner and myself and I hope to continue down the fresh, organic road for the rest of my life - it's a good one!

So, in answer to the above question; YES! Organic clothing is worth the extra money if you can afford it. And in fact, when I buy organic products such as Earth Mama's baby body wash (as below), it lasts far longer than any other non-organic product I have used.

New Mothers BEWARE Of This Marketing Trick:

It is too easy to see the "organic" word on a tag or label when shopping and throw it into your shopping basket without checking any other thing in addition. Recently I found that whilst with foodstuffs there are very strict rules, requirements and regulations that have to be met in order to tell the public the product is organic, there are far less regulations for non-food products such as clothing, soap and bedding.

For instance, if you were to see a label that read "organic shower scrub" you may well buy it thinking you were purchasing a 100% organic product, right? Sadly, this is a cheeky marketing trick used by big companies wanting to charge more money for their products. On closer inspection of this label you would probably find the ingredients are 11-22% organic and the rest is ordinary, non-organic and possibly full of chemicals.

Decent organic bathing products should be no less than 65% organic, and the ones I most often buy are 70% or 75% They don't cost an extortionate amount and last months!

The Top Organic Baby Bathing Product

My favourite baby bathing brand is Earth Mama. My mother packed me a baby hamper and gave it to me the day I got home from hospital (I was in for two days after giving birth due to having a pretty traumatic experience), and it included a one litre bottle of Earth Mama's baby wash and lotion. It smells gorgeous and I still have more than half the bottle left and my little boy is now 7 months old!

This shampoo and body wash is 75% organic and leaves skin beautifully clean, soft and smelling gorgeous (which sometimes is quite an achievement with all the posset, poop and other questionable things...)

How To Properly Bath A Newborn - Advice From A Midwife!

Is Your Little One A Water Baby?

Or Is Bath-Time A Chore?

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The Organic Bath Robe I Chose

American Baby Company 0-9 Months Baby Bathrobe made with Organic Cotton, White/Gray
American Baby Company 0-9 Months Baby Bathrobe made with Organic Cotton, White/Gray

This cuddle-baby-dry robe is 100% organic, softer than you'd think possible and available in 4 colors. If you have a newborn or a baby on the way I would recommend this highly as the quality is excellent and it is suitable for up to 9 months!


Some Bath-Time Truths...

Before I gave birth I hadn't really considered the possibility that my baby wouldn't enjoy baths. I just thought that every baby adored being in the bath and mine would too.

Well, a week after my baby boy arrived it was time for his first bath and I suddenly realised how uncertain I was about holding a slippery, wriggling newborn in the bath and washing him at the same time. I expected to take a much longer time than the average mum washing my baby's skin and hair carefully as it was the first time and I expected to be checking and double-checking everything. The thing I didn't expect was the crying... Oh Lord, the crying!

I felt mean, awful and cruel holding my baby in the bath whilst he howled away. I spoke to him with a soothing, calm voice and tried to remain as calm as possible so he didn't pick up on my nerves, but he didn't calm down until he was out of the bath (about 8 minutes after we started), and wrapped up warmly in a towel. Maybe it was the uncertainty of the water or perhaps it was the feeling of being exposed and naked, but my boy HATED his first bath! Oh... And the second, third, fourth and fifth... Until he was about eight weeks old, then he (seemingly overnight) decided baths were the single best thing in the world - apart from milk.

My image of being one of those calm, serene earth-mothers who smiles, sings and chats away to her little one whilst washing him top-to-toe and having him gaze up at her in adoration was put on hold. The true image was a very disgruntled, angry baby and an already sleep-deprived mother who looked incredibly frazzled and also drenched in the baby's bath water.

If your little one endures

Bed Time Poll

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Baby Boy's Train Pattern Organic Sleepsuit

Some Funny Bath-Time Expressions


30" by 40" Beautiful Organic Teddy Bear Blanket

American Baby Company 30 X 40 Embroidered Swaddle Blanket made with Organic Cotton, Mocha, Soft Breathable, for Boys and Girls
American Baby Company 30 X 40 Embroidered Swaddle Blanket made with Organic Cotton, Mocha, Soft Breathable, for Boys and Girls

My baby boy has this blanket and adores it. He nestles right down into it and sleeps so soundly (most of the time!) 100% organic cotton with a really sweet teddy embroidered on one corner. Available in different colours.


Best Organic Bedding For Babies

If you are looking for some organic babies bedding, but you don't really know where to start, I can recommend several brands which I have tried and tested and can honestly say are worth more than the money I paid for them. These aren't listed in any particular order, just which spring into my mind first!

  • Nature's Purest.

I bought the sleepy safari baby bedding 4 piece set and the bumper too which was sold separately. And apart from the sweet unisex design which was the initial attraction for me, it is a 100% organic set and is warm, light and soft - everything you want for a newborn.

  • Lambs and Ivy Bedding

I have my lovely in-laws to thank for this set. The one I have is called "butterscotch" but there are loads of adorable designs for boys and girls. I'm pretty sure you could suit every nursery with L&I furniture, decor and bedding

Little Angel With Nature's Purest Bedding


How Well Do You Know Bedtime Baby Safety?

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Organic Moses Baskets

My baby started out with a Moses basket and used it for three and a half months. Actually, it still gets used because little one sleeps so well in it. Obviously, I don't use it at night time because now he can sit up I would be too worried about him managing to climb out of it,but in the day-time when we are downstairs he really loves being in the basket.

It is only recommended that babies use a Moses basket for three months as after this time they begin to get a bit more control of their limbs and will soon surprise you by pulling themselves up for the first time (and believe me it always happens when you aren't prepared for it!)

I looked at a range of Moses baskets, but my favourite in the end was - you guessed it - organic!

Did You or Will You Use A Moses Basket?

Or Will You Use The Cot From Birth?

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Other Things You Might Not First Think Of

You can buy loads of organic products and they aren't always big, expensive, bulky items like Moses baskets, bedding and seats/swings.

The smaller things count just as much, especially when it comes to things that your baby will put in his mouth (which doesn't narrow it down much, if I'm honest as everything tends to go in the mouth once teething strikes).

You can find some wonderful organic teething rings and baby toys as well as feeding utensils and pacifiers, all of which aren't much more expensive than the usual bits and bobs, but they will make a huge difference to your little one.

Baby Bamboo Feeding Set

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