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Best Video Baby Monitor 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

New Baby Monitor Review - Audio, Video, Motion Sensor

Before the arrival of my first baby, I was literally a basket case worrying about being able to hear my baby when I was in a different part of the house. After he arrived, the only way I felt calm and at peace was having a baby monitor.

When buying a baby monitor there are a few things you should look for that should be your top priority when shopping. Outlined in, the baby products section, are qualifications for a good baby monitor.

You will want to buy a monitor that had a wide range. If you want a monitor that will work from any room in the house almost any kind will do, but if you are planning on taking it outside you should search for a monitor with a wider range.

The wider the better to ensure you will hear your baby's cries. A concern for those with baby monitors is the problem with interference. Sometime a cordless phone or other baby monitors may be on the same channels and noise from both may cross over. If you want to avoid that problem, look for a monitor with security features or even those with interference technology.

If you are a parent who likes to move around and get things done while your baby is sleeping opt for a monitor with a belt clip or attachment. This will allow you to have your hands free for the task at hand and having it attached to you allows you to move around freely without having to remember the monitor.

Extra bonuses are good as well, but the video monitors are extremely helpful but don't let that give you a false sense of security though. Choose a monitor with good sound so you don't have to constantly watch the screen for changes.

And remember that checking on your baby is still preferred to video monitoring. Other added features, such as multi-room monitoring are great for parents of multiple children. This allows you to keep an ear out for all children.

VTech Communications Safe and Sound Digital Audio Monitor

Top Rated Baby Monitor for 2013

A very popular choice when it comes to monitoring baby is the VTech Communications Safe and Sound Digital Audio Monitor. This is a relatively inexpensive choice and received four stars on for good reason.

This VTech product give you clear sound and eliminates noise from analog monitors, which means the only sounds you hear will be from your baby.

The batteries, which are rechargeable, can last up to 18 hours without having to worry about a power cord you might trip on. You can even communicate with your baby from another room through the monitor. The range is also wide enough to let you hear your baby from outside.

This monitor also has a belt clip which is handy when you are working hands on a project. With a 1000 foot range and a private connection it is obvious why this VTech monitor is a top contender.

Customers love the LED lights that let you know the noise level from your baby's room visually and the vibration mode alerts you as well. This is a sturdy product and definitely gets the job done.

It has great audio, which is the primary concern when you are looking for baby monitors, and the added features don't take away from what is really important. The VTech Communications Safe and Sound Digital Audio Monitor is an inexpensive way to keep your baby safe.

Secure Coverage Digital Monitor from Graco

New Digital, Audio Baby Monitor

Another top contender is the Secure Coverage Digital Monitor from Graco. This pick is in the same price range as the previous baby monitor and gives you good clarity and performance.

Thanks to the secure digital technology you also get privacy and shielded from outside calls or inference with other monitors. This has a very wide range, over 2000 feet, which allows you to walk around freely indoors and outdoors and still hear your baby.

This unit also has the vibration feature to let you feel your baby's call. For your convenience the monitor also has a low battery light so you don't suddenly lose power when you are listening for your baby, and you will know you need to recharge the unit.

This monitor also comes with the added bonus for a belt clip for active parents to hear their baby without have to carry around a monitor from task to task and room to room. Customers love that you can turn the bonus feature of vibrations on and off and that the range is perfect for large family homes. It can also run on the batteries or while plugged into the wall, giving you much needed options.

Wal-Mart customers rave about how reliable the product is and the clarity of sound. No static and a wide range and very important features when shopping for a baby monitor and let you keep watch over your baby. It has been described as having excellent sound quality and the Secure Coverage Digital Monitor is an excellent choice.

Angelcare Baby Sound MonitorDigital Video

New Baby Audio Monitor

The Angelcare Baby Sound MonitorDigital Video has a different look than other baby monitors, but is just as amazing at functioning. Four and a half stars on can attest to the fact that this is a great baby monitor.

It is a little bit pricier than our other options, but gives you all the features you need. This monitor ranges up to 820 feet and has an out of range indicator so you know if you are too far from your baby.You have eight channels to choose from and can pick which has the clearer sound options.

Another great feature is the ability to set the microphone's sensitivity and choose the volume setting on the parent unit. The low battery light let you know when it is time to recharge or buy new batteries, which is a great safety feature. This monitor can run on batteries or plugged into the all, and comes with rechargeable batteries.

A belt clip is also included as well as a temperature display for the nursery so you can make sure you bay is comfortable. The sound indicator lights are also a great way to tell if you baby needs you. Customers love how sensitive the microphone is and that you can hear the slightest whisper from your children. The multiple channels allow you to avoid static or interference and get the clearest signal possible.

The Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor is a great choice for any parent.

Baby Monitor with Night Vision by Infant Optics

Best Video, Digital Baby Monitor with Night Vision 2013

An example of a bestselling video monitor is the Baby Monitor with Night Vision by Infant Optics. This product is priced high, but is very popular. You get a super sensitive microphone so you can hear what is around your baby and the static free transmission has a range of 800 feet in open areas and 150 ft in enclosed areas.

Something new and very wonderful is the automatic frequency hopping system.This system jumps to different channels which help your date remain encrypted and gives you privacy and security. The Digital Video monitor also has a power saving mode, shutting off when there is no noise for three minutes.

This is a no nonsense monitor, giving you only the essentials when it comes to caring for your child. The full color screen uses infrared light, invisible to your child, which allows you to see in up to 15 feet in the dark and you can easily turn it on and off when you need it.

Customers love the price and you get a good product. This is cheaper for a video monitor and it gives you that static free experience you like. This monitor only registers loud noises, such as cries, and blocks out background noise such as traffic. The Digital Video Baby Monitor is a wonderful choice for listening to and watching your baby.

Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor

Cheap Audio Baby Monitor

Lastly is the Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor. With this device you'll have an up to date monitor that is easy to operate. On the highest pay scale, this baby monitor works for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This monitor operates using Wi-Fi and mobile internet so it can work at home or while you are away. That basically means it has the widest range available so you can always keep tabs on your child.

This monitor is secure, not allowing anyone else with a mobile device to hear into your baby's room, and provides crisp and clear sound. Simply put the monitor in your baby's room, download the app, and you are good to go. It can also work with multiple iOS products at the same time, so your baby can be watched over by multiple caregivers. The WeMo also has an optional upgrade that sends you texts when your baby it crying and analyzes your baby's sleeping and crying patterns.

While some people have figured out the technology behind this monitor, the WeMo has a learning curve. Some parents couldn't figure out the set up and had a hard time connecting the device to their Apple product. While this is a good concept and a beautiful monitor, choose a monitor that works for you and is sure to work when you need it most. But the Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor is a great idea and an up to date monitor.

Best Baby Monitor for the Money 2013

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