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Best Typing Games for Kids and Children – Teaching Your Kids Typing

Updated on November 22, 2011

Are you a parent searching for the best answer on How to teach your kids typing? There are numerous typing games or typing programs available for kids and children of all ages. Typing or keyboarding, as important as writing, is an essential skill in this computer world. Computers play an important part in today’s life, and hence it is a good idea to teach your kids or children typing skills at an earlier stage. 

There are many websites which offering Online typing programs, free typing games and typing practices kits for kids and children at reasonable prices. The typing software programs consist of different formats including stories, music or other thematic elements to make the play more interesting. To learn it properly, it is necessary to spend some time practicing keyboarding. As the typing tutor helps your kids develop a good typing habit in their early age, it is important to choose the right typing tutor. Developing a good typing habit improves their typing speed and accuracy. 

Best Typing Programs, Typing Games & Lessons for Kids

Nimble Fingers Typing Test

Nimble Fingers is a free online typing test which is quite simple to use. You can select typing lessons, drills, practices, tests from the main menu and complete the assignment. Then the Little Professor indicates patterns in your errors and suggests solutions such as improving posture and insuring correct hand position to eliminate mistakes. Nimble Fingers typing program also offers typing flashcard which is an often-overlooked method to build speed and accuracy. It is possible to download additional practice text from Prof Ware or add your own practice material.

Letter Chase Typing Tutor

Letter Chase Typing Tutor offers basic typing lessons for Kids and Children of all ages. The typing software features a beginner section, and intermediate and advanced levels. You can check typing skills in the test area and view the results on bar graphs which show how the typist is doing on each character or letter. In this program, it is possible to adjust the timing, sound, and background color.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

Designed for the classroom, Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor software works as a stand-alone typing tutor. This basic typing software is easy to use. This software has two typing games. Simple progress reports are generated and students are offered with an icon to click for extra practice in weak areas.

Kids Typing Games and Tutors
Kids Typing Games and Tutors

Roller Typing

Roller Typing includes five typing categories and 20 typing levels. Your kids can progress through a typing level and move on to the next. As some of the typing sections are timed, you can track improvements yourself.

Advanced Speed Typing

Advanced Speed Typing is a typing software which is similar to the Letter Chase Typing Tutor, except that a few screens in Letter Chase have new customization options. Advanced Speed Typing offers eight lessons that teach the typing basics. On completing these, students move to the beginner section for typing drills to increase speed and accuracy. Students then start to work progressively on harder drills in the intermediate and advanced levels. There are two beginner games for basic skills practice - Letter Chase and Word Sweep. These games display text to type within a time limit. You can measure the typing skills of the kids in the testing area. In this software also, you can adjust the timing, sound, and background color.


There are 20 levels included in Accu-Type Typing Tutor software and different typing exercises are available at each level.

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