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Best Ways to Potty Train a Boy

Updated on March 18, 2016
Very energetic 2 year old!
Very energetic 2 year old!

Needing Ideas to Potty Train a Boy!

What are some of the best ways to potty train a little boy? At what age do you think they should be ready to start on the potty training journey?

Making A Habit Stick

Do you think using a potty chair, potty seat or peeing standing right away is the easiest way to get them in the habit of going any time they need to go? Habits need to be started right away! :)

This is the potty chair that we currently have in our household. It plays music when you go potty in it, makes a water sound when you are flushing and also lights up when flushed. It is super easy to take apart when it needs to be dumped or cleaned, which is a high priority for me. We also have a potty seat that we can throw on the potty if he desires to use the potty sitting.

No Way Is The Wrong Way

All suggestions and opinions are welcome! :)

What age was your son fully potty trained?

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