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Legit Websites for Teens to Earn Money Online

Updated on January 25, 2013

As you are getting older you probably want to make some money, but your schedule or parents do not want you too. You probably do not know that you can earn money in your spare time that will both make your parents and your wallet very happy.

Sadly, there aren’t many decent paying jobs available for teens, especially in this economy; however, there are a variety of places that offer jobs for teens online. For teenagers who are ready to take on the responsibility of a grown up and want to earn a small fortune this is up their alley.

What is out there?

Teens today know more about the internet than their parents do. For those teens that are good at writing, earning money will be much easier than other avenues that are available. However, writing is not the only job teens can have there is also jobs available for teens who now how HTML, programmers, and translation. The bad thing about this is it often takes a lot of time to find legit opportunities.

Write Articles

For those teens that love writing or have outstanding writing skills, the internet offers a variation of sites that will pay you for your writing pieces. Yes, it may take a little while before you see a steady stream of money rolling in, but nevertheless, you will see money coming into your wallet. A great thing about writing online is you can work whenever you have the time, so if school gets in the way for a week or two you do not have to worry about not being able to work because work will always be there when you get back.

Associated Content

At Associated Content, you can either “claim” topics from the assignment desk, or you can submit topics that you choose. This is what makes the site so diverse because everyone is usually writing about different topics and you can find a lot of great knowledge on there.

They pay you per article as well as monthly payments based on how many views your articles have received over the month. The upfront payments start out about $3-$4 per article accepted, which is not that bad considering you get to choose what you want to write, so it is technically not really work for you.

Once you get established on Associated Content, they may even consider you as a preferred content producer, and they may offer you writing gigs that will pay $20+ an article! That is not bad considering you are doing what you enjoy. Wouldn’t you like to get paid very handsomely for doing little to no work?


Unlike Associate Content, Helium is a bit cheaper with their payments. On Helium you earn about $1 per article plus traffic. To earn any of those payments you will have to spend time “rating” articles, which can be a painful and tedious procedure compared to just sitting there and writing your heart out. You can find the real money with Helium in their “marketplace”, this is where you can find writing gigs worth anywhere from $5 to $100+.


Unlike Associated Content and Helium, in order to have any real money with Triond you will have to write a large supply of articles that are well written with SEO. If you do not know much about SEO then this site may not be good for you; however, if you know about SEO or want to learn about SEO give this site a shot it is a very good site, but it is more for those writers who have knowledge about SEO.

Writing Reviews or Writing Letters

One of the reasons many people access the internet is to find product reviews before purchasing them. There is jobs that will pay you to write product reviews. If you like writing product reviews, then you will be in heaven because there many opportunities to earn income for stating your own opinions.

Some good sites for product reviews are shared reviews and Epinions. They are the ones most people write for because they are legit and pay their writers.

Have your friends ever told you that you write awesome letters? Maybe you should consider creating letters at Letter Rep. Yes; this website pays you for creating custom letters for visitors who are looking for a letter that they do not want to write. They pay $10 per letter, which is not bad if you do that in your spare time.


If you are good at programming, you can make some decent cash being a programmer. The only thing you need to be careful is what websites you visit when looking for jobs because many of them are scams!


Scriptlance is a legit site that offers programming jobs. They also offer some writing work, but most of the work you will see on this site is programming work. All you have to do is post a professional proposal to the person who posted the job and hope for the best. If you concentrate on scriptlance alone you can easily earn a lot of money doing work part time.

If you are looking for other freelancing sites check out Rent A Ghostwriter, Elance, oDesk, and iFreelance.

Rake in the Dough!

To be successful you will need to stay at it. There is no time to slack off if you are looking for good results. Keep posting daily articles, bid on freelance sites. If you keep up at it you will be on your way from poor to money bags! Just remember the more you work the more money you will be bringing in.


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