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Videos for Babies and Toddlers

Updated on October 6, 2015
Many of the popular videos for babies on Youtube are getting millions, even hundreds of millions of views!
Many of the popular videos for babies on Youtube are getting millions, even hundreds of millions of views!

Videos that Babies Like to Watch

The following videos are kid tested. When my daughter was just a few weeks old, I started my/our pursuit of finding some entertaining videos for her to watch. When I first did a search for "baby videos," I found videos of babies.

It turns out that my baby didn't really enjoy watching other babies do funny things. Eventually I found that she enjoyed the kind of videos that have interesting animation and fun songs. Each is just a couple to a few minutes long, which seems to be perfect for her attention span.

Although these videos are a good place to start, what I did to find out her taste was try a variety of videos. If your baby ends up really liking one particular video, look for others with similar elements.

Choosing Videos for Your Baby

Many things can be considered when you are looking for the best videos for your baby to watch. Here is a list of other factors most parents mind find useful.

  1. How annoying is the video? You'll be watching it and/or listening to it over and over, so choose something that you don't mind watching.
  2. How educational is the video? Are you one of those parents who wants everything your kid consumes to be educational? You can rationalize just about anything into being educational, or you can be honest with yourself. Entertaining the baby means a nice break for parents.
  3. How long is the video or videos? If the video is too short, then you'll spend a lot of time navigating to it for a small payoff. If the video is too long, then you run the risk of losing the engagement factor. What works even better is to create a playlist of short videos that can play one after another.

Animal Sounds

This is by far my daughter's favorite video, and I enjoy it because the music isn't too babyish. Listen for the line that goes, "And the people, they say Blah Blah Blah, Blah Blah Blah."

Published in November 2010, this video has gained 116 million views in about 3 years. Not too shabby!

Walking in the Jungle

Now that she is nine months old, she will actually respond to the anticipation that the video builds as each animal is introduced. This is a very catchy tune that my wife and I sing sometimes even without the video. The march rhythm will get you singing along too.

Published in September of 2013, this video has already gained about 3.5 million views. That's a lot of views from kids around the world!

Brush Your Teeth

The "ch ch ch" part is fun, and the part where the animated teeth are sawing through a carrot is even better. Here's a tip. Give your baby a toothbrush to practice while watching. Then brushing teeth will be a much easier task in the future.

At the Zoo

This clever video and song will teach your baby about what to expect when visiting the zoo. The music is soothing, and it isn't annoying like so many other made-for-kids songs.

The Animals on the Farm

Watch this video where a mouse directs a band of barnyard animals. The mouse's antics eventually annoy his buddies and he ends up in a stack of hey.

Baby Animals Song

This video teaches your baby about the special names we have for baby animals. The best part is when they get to what you call a baby person. It turns out that a "baby person is a... baby."

The Shapes Song

This song sounds almost like Jack Johnson, so it's not annoying synthesized instruments and overenthusiastic sounding voices. The great thing that this song teaches babies is that shapes are all around you. The animated shapes with arms jump across the screen to familiar places showing you where to look for them.

Hickory Dickory Dock

If you are wondering what happens when an elephant climbs up a clock, you'll enjoy this video. Many kids probably don't know how to read clocks that aren't digital, so this may be a little nostalgic for those of us who learned how to tell time on a clock with hour and minute hands.

Ten in the Bed

I must warn you that you may end up singing this one to yourself at work or in the shower. The best thing about this video is watching a new animal pop up in the window every few seconds. This song is pure silliness. The "little one" makes everyone roll over until he's the only one left in the bed, but then he's lonely.

You've Got Eyes

This video teaches your baby about different body parts and what you can do with each. The best part is the end, "Let's go to sleep."

The Important Factor for a Baby Video

What do you think is most important when choosing a video for your baby?

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    • peachpurple profile image


      6 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      my baby loves all these videos. Thanks for sharing


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