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Best advice ever given

Updated on April 27, 2012

As we all grow up and live our life on a daily basis, can you think of advice that was given to you by someone special in your life or even just someone random out of nowhere. We are all sometimes given advice when we don't even think we do. Sometimes we are told good advice or even harsh advice, by harsh advice I mean criticism from someone that is meant for you to feel bad at times or some take it as a way to improve.

All during my childhood, I was always encouraged to make the most out of my education so I can have good career. I remember that one advice given to me that stuck to my heart was "You are a smart girl, you can do it", and that was given by my parents when I started in elementary school and I was kind of having a hard time doing my homework. Since the time they told me that, I was able to focus on my education and making good grades on my homework so I could be an "A" student. How many people can say that were given advice like this when they were young? There are probably a few who can say that they were given advice close to this and that can make everyone a strong person as they grow up.

Another piece of advice that I can remember being told to me was, " Never ever ever give up" this was told to me by my Sunday school teacher during my high school years. He never wanted us to give up on loosing our focus in life and what we wanted to do to in our career. He had known of people who gave up on what they wanted to do in their life and they settled for something that wasn't what they wanted to do. Life can really be tough for everyone, we always have to make choices may impact our lives and the way that we live. We all want to make the right choices in our careers and profession. It is very important that we find something that we can really get into because if you cannot find a career or profession that you will like then it can make you an unhappy person. That is why when I look at this advice, I can remember just continuing my education even when I was started to get tired of school. I was able to stay focused on my goal until I reached what I wanted to get. One can say I never gave up and never will because there is something more to life than what there is now.

It is always good to get some good advice because that can really boost our way of thinking. We are motivated to do more in our life whether it is in our family or even our job. We all want to excell in our job, get a higher position, that can be a way of motivation for us. We all want to have a better family and so we strive to do our best, to be better parents, siblings, daughters and even sons. When given good, positive advice it is way to really help motivate us in every way.

Can you think of some good advice that has really made a difference in your life? Did anyone specific give you that advice? Were you given some bad advice that you can say motivated you in a way or were they all good?


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    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 5 years ago from El Paso

      That is some good advice

    • profile image

      ksinll 5 years ago

      Good advice that I have recieved was after I got some really devastating news. A friend told me to not make any hasty decisions and whatever I do, not to make any decisions out of fear.