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Best othodontic pacifiers

Updated on August 11, 2016

What is an orthodontic pacifier?

Orthodontic pacifiers are angled pacifiers with a wide tip meaning that your baby's top and bottom jaw are in a correct position when he's sucking on it. That position doesn't interfere with normal jaw growth and development and, in fact, may promote it. These types of pacifiers help promote healthy oral development. Like other orthodontic pacifiers, the manufacturers design it to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth later in a baby's life.

Main types

Orthodontic pacifiers can be either:

  • latex
  • silicone

Silicone and latex pacifiers consist of a nipple mounted on a shield with ventilation holes resting on the mouth of your child.

Silicone is a clear synthetic product that has undergone testing to ensure its safety, and it is generally more durable than latex. Silicone products retain their shape better than those composed of latex.

Latex pacifiers are softer and more flexible than their more rigid silicone counterparts. It is natural and water based. Both types of pacifier come in a wide range of colors and styles, including the classic round nipple or “orthodontic” versions with a round top and flat bottom. Over time, latex may begin to break down and show signs of wear due to its natural composition, while silicone does not age. Latex may also cause allergic reactions for some users.



1. MAM Perfect

The MAM Perfect is an orthodontic baby pacifier with a silicone nipple. The manufacturer created the MAM Perfect with the input of orthodontists and pediatric dentists, and it was clinically tested by the Dental University Clinic of Vienna. The MAM Perfect's symmetrical nipple allows babies to use it right-side-up or upside-down. Furthermore, large ventilation holes in the mouthguard help protect babies' skin. The MAM Perfect is available in various colors and sizes.


Example video of MAM

2. Avent Orthodontic Translucent Silicone Pacifier

The symmetrical design ensures the natural development of palate, teeth and gums. It comes with a cap to keep the pacifier sterile upon each use and safety ring. Made with a smaller nipple and face plate for newborn babies. Silicone made, odour-free, BPA-free and colorless. They can be steamed in a specialized unit.


An example of Avent Orthodontic Pacifier

3. NUK Advanced Orthodontic Pacifiers

This silicone pacifier has many great features:

  • Asymmetrical shape that fits naturally baby’s palate
  • Integrated channels for less palate pressure
  • Maximum tongue movement allowed with scooped nipple cavity
  • Top-rack dishwasher friendly


Example video of NUK pacifier

Playtex Orthopro

Benefits for using Playtex Orthopro

  • The ultra-thin and wavy pressure reducing stem
  • Developed by dentists
  • Clinical tests done to rule out teeth misalignment
  • Available with both latex and silicone nipple
  • BPA-free


Playtex example video

Orthodontic Pacifiers

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