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Best Practice By Parents

Updated on November 7, 2017



Our Children With Great Confidence

Our children's confidence building process is sure one of the responsibilities that parents have. Children with a very high confidence will be very much able to stand out in their life. Children with great confidence will surely perform well in their school or study.

We as parents as well teachers need to take attention on our children's confidence building. Making sure that our children have developed self confidence in them, and not lacking with their required confidence.

The earlier the better for our children that we start to build our children's confidence, when they are infants or when they are around 2 years old. Usually this age should be the right age for us to implement at the best opportunity to make them confident, which then will help them in their later stage of their life.

First we need to have our confidence in order to build our children's confidence. We must be always fully confidence in front of our children at all time. We know that starting on their very early age our children have their strong observing power. So when we are confidence, our children activate their confidence too automatically. And if we as parents show low confidence or lack of confidence as well these activate influences in our children. So if we are positive in our activities, then it will be the right tool to have an encouraging effects on our children.

Showing our children that we admire them is the great way to help them confidence, but of course this admiration should be relevant, it should not be used just for the sake of the purpose of building confidence. If you show this kind of unnatural way of admiring, our children may lead anxiety in our children. So admiring our children in a proper way will really help them in building their confidence.

When we are admiring our children, we need to specify things in our admiration to them, by doing this, it will have a positive impact on our children. Our admiration should be to the point, for example, " I see that you are painting the under world sea beautifuly with so much interest, and it really coming up really well, the corals, the fishes.." This kind of admiration will make our children understand that we are admiring him or her that particular work and not for the sake of admiration.

Positive Critisism Is Needed

As we all know, admiration alone is not enough to get to our aim and purpose, if we are only admiring our children it may even lead to a greater dissapointment, when our children find that others are not admiring them as they were by us as parents. So a positive criticism is also very much required in the process of building our children's confidence, yet this also should follow the exact same rules of admiring. We should criticize our children whenit is really required, this way they will understand the things and situations well and not miss guided.

Our children's confidence building is a process that takes a lot of times and efforts, and as parents it is always better that we devote same time on this process, our children then will really benefit on their later stage of life. And us as parents as well having the benefit, of being able to learn many new things in this whole process, and it does worth all that time and efforts that we are investing on our children.


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