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Best scooter for toddlers 2016

Updated on November 11, 2015

Toddlers love toys which improve their mobility and with this scooter they can zip around just like the older neighborhood kids.

In my opinion the Mini Micro is the best scooter for toddlers. The main differences between this scooter and the one for older kids is that it has 2 wheels in the front, making it more stable and it doesn't go as fast as the one for older kids.

You don't turn the handles to turn the scooter, toddlers lean into the steering wheel to turn it. It takes a little getting use to, but ultimately I think it's better for their balance.

Toddlers can fall over, when playing with any scooter, so you might want to get them a good sturdy helmet to wear.

Break on the back of the scooter
Break on the back of the scooter

Mini Safety
If you look at the picture of the Mini scooter above you will see that I circled the foot brake on the back wheel, of the scooter. While using the scooter your toddler can step down on that brake and it will bring the scooter to a stop. The brake is however not as sturdy as the rest of the scooter and if you push up on it you can bend it out of shape.

You can also see that the scooter is very low on the ground which helps to stop it from flipping over. Also the surface on which your toddler stands is slip resistant.

All in all the Mini is probably one of the top ten toys available for toddlers today. It is fairly expensive, but I do believe it to be worth the extra cost.

The wheels on this scooter has a good turn radius
The wheels on this scooter has a good turn radius

Razor Jr. Folding Scooter

Where Mini Micro scooter zips around, I would say the Razor Jr. putters. It was just not meant to pick up much speed, in fact your toddler will need to keep pushing it to keep going. You can't get that same glide you get from the Mini. So it really depends on your toddlers temperament, which scooter would be best for them.

The Razor Jr. folds up easily and you can just pop it in the back of your car. It's also worth mentioning that the Razor Jr. costs half as much as the Micro.

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top scooter for toddlers - best toddler scooters
top scooter for toddlers - best toddler scooters

Safety tips for toddlers with scooters

Studies suggest that toddlers benefit as much from wearing helmets as older children do. Remember some scooters can pick up quite a bit of speed.

The first thing you need to do is to buy a good helmet. Second hand helmets may work just fine. Generally however I would recommend getting a new helmet as it's less likely to be cracked or weakened from use. The second step is to make sure it fits. First adjust the side straps then the chin strap. When you have a snug fit have your toddler shake their head. If the helmet stays in place you have a proper fit. Do not buy an over-sized helmet and then plan to have them 'grow into it'.

Always make sure your toddler is wearing their helmet whenever they get on their scooter. They can fall over and bump their heads, even if they are only in the driveway.

Toddlers should wear bright or reflective clothing when they go on their scooters. This is important in skate parks and areas where other people are having fun. If they are easier to see, they are less likely to get run over by someone on a bike or skateboard.

You should periodically check the scooter for safety. Make sure that all the wheels turn smoothly and that the break is working.

All helmets sold today must have CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) approval. There should be a sticker inside the helmet.

There are no helmets for infants younger than one year old. They do not have enough neck muscles to support the weight of the helmet.

Helmets are made to support one fall. If your toddler falls and knocks the helmet hard, replace it. Even if you cannot see any damage to the helmet.

Don't be too worried about your toddler falling down. Toddlers take falls better than adults because they are lighter and their bones are more flexible.

Don't let your toddler wear their helmet on playground equipment or when climbing a tree. There have been some cases where children have gotten their helmet straps caught and been strangled.

Toddlers on scooters should be kept well away from cars. If there is a road in the area where they are riding, you need to keep an eye on them. You should make sure that your toddler knows not to use their scooter near cars. Periodically remind that it is very dangerous.


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