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Keeping Your Kids Safe While Feeding The Ducks.

Updated on December 22, 2009
Duck, Duck, Goose!
Duck, Duck, Goose!

I am a passionate believer that learning should be both fun and exciting. A voracious reader and an avid researcher, I've always possessed an insatiable thirst for knowledge of all things "bright and beautiful."

It is this same legacy that I eagerly desire to pass down to my two bright-eyed, energetic daughters.

What better forum than homeschooling, I believe, is there for cultivating such an insatiable desire?

Contrary to most classroom settings, homeschooling allows ample freedom for a more "hands on approach".

Instead of simply getting the information from a textbook, the hands on approach encourages the student to get out and experience the touch, feel, sounds, taste, and sights of the subject being studied.

It is this particular approach that took us to our local park today.

* Ducks, Geese, And Waterfowl, Oh My!

Since our subject lesson pertained to the varieties of waterfowl, we decided to go and experience them first hand. So to the park we went! - To feed the plethora of ducks, geese, and the occasional pigeons.

Animals will be animals however, and anyone who's fed a flock of birds will tell you that much like any other animal, waterfowls can easily get out of hand. Some have even attacked the feeder out of pure excitement of the free meal!

Therefore, I've found it in my family's best interest to establish a set of rules concerning the feeding of waterfowl, and other birds in general (especially when young children are present).

* My Feeding The Ducks Rules. 

To ensure that you and your small children enjoy your bird feeding trip to the park, here's a couple of suggestions:

1.) Keep a safe distance between you and the waterfowl that you will be feeding.

2.) In the event you have to get to a safe place, keep near your vehicle while your feeding the birds.

3.) When feeding the birds (most people feed them stale bread pieces), make sure you throw the food as far away from your person as possible.

4.) If smaller children are with you, stay by their side, or keep them in a stroller away from the birds. Thereby, providing them with a measure of protection, yet still allowing them to enjoy the experience.

5.) Allow children whom are somewhat leery of the birds, to feed them from the safety of the vehicle.

6.) Keep alert to any attack mode behavior. If a bird is exhibiting strange behavior, immediately get in your vehicle.

7.) Let the park facilitator know of any bird attacks.

8.) In the event a bird does attack, protect your head, face and eyes with your arms, or a blanket/jacket. Get in your vehicle as quickly as possible, and seek medical attention as you would if you were attacked by any other animal.

Although waterfowls and other everyday flying creatures seem unassuming and genteel, it's best to acquire a realistic amount of respect for these aerial creatures.

Therefore, with a little common sense and a set of practical guidelines, you and your children can enjoy feeding the bird and waterfowl in your local parks.

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