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Top 10 Biblical Baby Names

Updated on May 21, 2009

My mother's side of the family are fairly devout Christians and most of her siblings named their children after people in the Bible. If you're similarly inclined, however, please do your child a favor and do not name them something which no one will be able to pronounce -- or something which will lead to name calling in school. I was given just such a name (albeit not Biblical) and I can tell you that it isn't at all fun growing up with people using your name as a standing joke. Be kind to your child and give them a name they will appreciate, or they may end up changing it when they reach adulthood, just like I did. Note that some of these names are commonly used with Jewish children as well, and if you have a multi-faith household, those names may particularly appeal to you.

Biblical Girl Names

1. Amana

meaning: Covenant, support: This is a classic sounding girlie name and it's easy to pronounce.

2. Charity

meaning: Benovolence, good will: You don't see this in use much these days, but the name is lovely.

3. Dinah

meaning: judgment; who judges: Dinah Shore, anyone? Fantastic, girlie name that I would have loved to have had.

4. Hope

meaning: hope: This is somewhat old-fashioned, but is there really anyone who doesn't like this name? Works well as a middle name, too.

5. Galatia

meaning: white; the color of milk: This was more of a place, but the name is gorgeous.

6. Rinnah

meaning: song; rejoicing: Another beautiful that most people should be able to pronounce.

7. Shiloh

meaning: sent: Brangelina used this one, so you've got to know it's cool, right?

8. Tabitha

meaning: clear-sighted; a roe-deer: I've loved this name ever since the television show Bewitched.

9. Zarah

meaning: east; brightness: This could rhyme with Farah or the a sound could be rounded; either way it's very pretty.

10. Zemira

meaning: song; vine; palm: As you can see I love Z names, and this one is no exception!

Biblical Boy Names

1. Adriel

meaning: Flock of God, belonging to God : Lovely name!

2. Alexander

meaning: Defender of men: This name always makes my baby name lists, because it exists in nearly every culture and language in some form.

3. Daniel

judgment of God; God my judge: I confess this name did not appeal to me before I discovered Daniel Craig. It certainly appeals now, though!

4. Gabriel

meaning: Defender of men: A boy's name I've always loved and often makes my baby name lists in some form. Gabe is a great nickname for boys who might not like the full version.

5. Jacob

meaning: that supplants, undermines; the heel: I've got a cousin with this name. Sounds good in its entirety and sounds fab as Jake, too.

6. Jesse

meaning: gift; oblation; I've only known a few boys with this name, but I've always liked it. Please do not spell it Jessie, as that's a girl's name.

7. Levi

meaning: associated with him: I realize this name isn't so common and some may raise eyebrows, but I quite like it.

8. Luke

meaning: luminous; white: Where did this name go?? More people need to be naming their children Luke, it's a fabulous name. Every little boy would love to share a name with Luke Skywalker!

9. Malachai

meaning: my messenger; my angel: My favorite stone is malachite and I've always loved the name Malachai for this reason.

10. Thaddeus

meaning: that praises or confesses: When I was a kid, I thought this name was dorky. Until I met a 6'4 US Marine named Thaddeus. OMG, I can still drool over him.


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    • RabbiDanyiel profile image

      RabbiDanyiel 14 months ago

      These are wonderful names. For all those interested in biblical names and their meanings I wrote a book called Inspirational Ancient Biblical Names. Check it out. It can be found on Amazon in print version or on Kindle at the following:

    • profile image

      michellyn dho 5 years ago

      i loves the names amos,mikail/micael,and abel so much....and the noahs also did..and that's was my daddys name....noahs...

    • profile image

      p!qa 8 years ago

      so cute!!

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      Would you believe I knos someone with Cain and Abel..nice hub

    • mayhmong profile image

      mayhmong 8 years ago from North Carolina

      I know a family who named their boys, Luke, Mark, and Matthew. I love the meaning behind the ones you listed.

    • Katherine Baldwin profile image

      Katherine Baldwin 8 years ago from South Carolina

      Isabella, my siblings are Daniel, Paul and Rebecca. You would have thought that my parents might have changed their thinking on baby name sources after the first one, lol.

    • BOONAMACK profile image

      BOONAMACK 8 years ago

      I love the names you found,There so beautiful!