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Biological Research and Connections

Updated on March 11, 2014

Biological Research and Connections

The ideal environment for an adopted child is one where they can interact with birth parents at some point in their lives. However, this can be rare unless the adoption was completed through family members. Many children grow up in a pleasant atmosphere, but never know their real parents. Most youth service agencies are not allowed to disclose that kind of information due to confidentiality laws.

Adopted children grow into adults and feel the need to locate their parents and family. Some start out on a vast search, not knowing where to begin. Contacting people who may have information can quickly lead to disappointment. If you are lucky enough to locate an address, it may not be the individual’s current home residence. can eliminate false leads. By typing in a parent’s name, you will soon gain knowledge of that individual’s newest address and phone number. Legitimate records will indicate marriage licenses, divorce records, sibling information, and criminal history.

Biological Research

An adult who has lived their life as an adopted child will be interested in knowing the circumstances involved in the decision of the birth parents to relinquish custody. Court records will provide background history into allegations of abuse or financial hardship. Knowing why a child was placed for adoption is an important aspect of that person’s life. All of these things are significant when one decides to meet the natural parents face to face.

Educating yourself with a website like prepares an individual for what lies ahead. Knowing where you originated from is data that can be passed on to future generations. Grandchildren can meet long lost relatives and gather history for an accurate family tree. Adopted persons are raised with a family who cares for and loves them, but sometimes this is not enough when you know there is a complete biological set of relatives waiting to be found.

Searching for Your Biological Parents


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