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Bitter patience serves sweet fruits

Updated on February 20, 2016

Patience & Its Benefits

Mostly, we don’t think while reacting to situations. We get irritated easily and don’t have the tolerance to accept others comment. This happens because most commonly we lack patience. Even though it’s very essential to have patience and understanding to maintain mental and emotional strength, to build inner self balance and focus in life.

Why do we need patience?

Whether it’s about life, relationship, to help others or ourselves, to go somewhere Patience is required everywhere and every time. It helps us to grow enhancing our personality.

For better relationships :

Relations will become strong only when there will be patience. Getting irritated and angry with small issues and reacting or taking wrong decisions never solves any problem. Every day is a new day for every relation to grow and deal with every issue with patience.

For better growth :

We always tend to take wrong decisions while getting impatient and regret later. Thus, it’s important to patiently contemplate deeply in the initial stag itself of every issue and then come out with a decision. This in turn helps us to visualize different aspects of the problem in a better way, again enhancing our personality.

For a stress-free life :

While being impatient we tend to put ourselves in small problems to big dangers too. In this type of situations we want everything to happen according to our need, want or satisfaction which is not always possible. In these cases if we lack patience we will have to endure emotional and mental imbalance. Thus, patience is always required to stay stress-free.

Read, read & read...
Read, read & read... | Source

Easy Ways One Can Develop Patience

  • Read, read and read.

Try reading different types of books because as you’ll read anything you’ll surely want to know the conclusion even if takes time. This requires patience and also helps to build it slowly.

Shift your perspective
Shift your perspective | Source

Shift your perspective.

Stop thinking everything according to your benefit or the way you think about it, every situation in life doesn't become as per our wish or need. It’s very important to contemplate about different issue in every angle possible. This in turn helps you to know everything in a different way and you learn to deal it with patience.

Grow Plants and Trees
Grow Plants and Trees

Grow plants.

A small plant takes time to grow. When you’ll yourself plant a sapling or a seed, every inch that will grow with make you feel very happy from heart. Later, when the plant will produce small fruits of flowers that time the happiness which you’ll experience will have no boundaries. These growing plants teach us many beautiful lessons for life. Not only they make us feel good mentally and emotionally but also teach us the value of patience.

Be more creative.

Express your hobbies or creativity openly. When you do anything you like or of your choice you also tend to wait for the result patiently. Most commonly, people draw a rough idea in their mind but when they actually think about it patiently surprising results come up to you which had never even thought of and it gives you strength to execute it too.


Think before reacting.

Always think before you speak anything in front of somebody. Make it your habit. Understand the words spoken out by others or analysis the situation properly. It’s tough in the beginning but slowly it becomes a part of your personality.

Peaceful Music


While being impatient we get frustrated easily. This results in destroying your mood and the thing which could have been dealt with patience gets ruined.

Patience is an important part of one’s life which helps a man grows and enhances one’s personality completely.

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