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Black Fathers And Their Children

Updated on March 24, 2014

Black Men Love their Children..But...

So why is it black men seem to no longer be interested in raising their children? That is what main stream media would lead you to believe. But being a black man who has actively been involved with his children since their conception. I would beg to differ. Not only myself but I have known many black men who have risen to the parenting occasion every day of the week. I will address them later, but let's first take a look at some of the reasons black men fail so miserably as parents.

  • Social Welfare Programs
  • Drugs
  • Incarceration
  • Unemployment
  • Lack Of Education

This is just a short list of a very complicated problem which I will address in more detail in future Hubs. But let's break down these five points one at a time.

1. Social Welfare Programs:

These programs had good intentions when they were developed but the unintended consequences have devastated the black community. Temporary Assistance For Needy Families often refered to as (TANF) instead of being a safety net has turned into a comfortable hammock that has crippled low income people, many of whom are white. It is a little known fact that most people on public assistance are white, but it is the black community that has been dismantled by the well intentioned assistance.

2. Drugs:

Black men have played into the deadly trap of drug addiction which have rendered many null and void and when alcohol is added the downward spiral is very difficult to reverse and almost always leads to disaster. The harder the drug the quicker the decline and he drags his family down with him.

3. Incarceration:

Combine the drugs alcohol and then put a gun in his hand and if not death, the next step is being incarcerated. A jail term that follows him the rest of his life and usually strips away his hopes and any dreams he may have had for the future. It also puts him in an environment that does not rehabilitate but instead gives him an opportunity to hone his criminal skills and form alliances with others who are following the same pattern.

4. Unemployment:

Alcohol, drugs, guns, and a jail term is a perfect storm for becoming un-employable in the outside world. It becomes increasing difficult to be a good father to children once these labels have been attached to your name and reputation. So in a survival mode a man tends to resort back to what he knows even if his expertise is illegal which ultimately ends in another jail term, or death. Unfortunately during this downward spiral he often is still fathering children who end up being raised by singles mothers relying on welfare and public assistance.

5. Lack of Formal Education:

Survey's have been taken that indicate many black students start to lose interest in school by the time they reach 3rd grade. So many have reading problems making it difficult to compete in class. Therefore they lose interest and gravitate to negative behavior and act out on a lot of levels. With no responsible adult in the home it is easy to see how we lose young people of all colors so early in life. They fall behind and it becomes nearly impossible to catch up.

I am just scratching the surface of a topic which I am very passionate about. In future Hubs I plan to offer some solutions to the problems I have mentioned above and address some that don't appear in this Hub. There are a lot of black men who are succeeding at being outstanding fathers. I will take a look at how they do it the example they set and what they do to remain a part of their children's lives even if they are divorced from the mother and not living in the home. It can be done folks and I hope to motivate and inspired more men to step up and be better Dad's.

Fathers bond from day one.

Some Dads are there from the begining.
Some Dads are there from the begining. | Source

Wishing they stayed little forever

Magic moments.
Magic moments. | Source

Closeness for a lifetime

You remain a father even if you are not with your child's mother.
You remain a father even if you are not with your child's mother. | Source

She will always be Daddy's little girl

Time goes by so fast. Enjoy your children every minute you can.
Time goes by so fast. Enjoy your children every minute you can. | Source

Still Mom & Dad.

Still parents despite divorce.
Still parents despite divorce. | Source


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