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Bleach, autism, and medical quackery

Updated on July 1, 2017

I’m probably going to irritate a couple people

I saw something yesterday that I can’t unseen and absolutely need to voice my opinion about. To start, I’ll let you know I believe some crazy stuff. I’m pagan so I right there qualifies me as nuts in most circles. I have seen too much of the spirit world to not believe in ghosts. I think aliens visit us, Bigfoot may be in my back 8 acres, and fairies steal my house keys. You still with me?

I’m also a crunchy mom. I cloth diaper, when I have a working washing machine. I still breastfeed my 18 month old son and have no intention of stopping any time soon. I use coconut oil for everything from hair, diaper rash, cooking, and massage. I selectively vaccinate on a delayed schedule. If you’ve ever seen a vaccine injured child, you would understand the caution.

I bring up vaccines because this ties into what I read yesterday. Autism. The epidemic of our generation. Autism. The spectrum disorder. Autism. The big bad scary thing that no one really understands. I’m going to warn you, this is pretty horrible. I’ll be posting pictures and yeah, they’re shocking, but it needs to be seen.

There is a woman who wrote a book that basically says autism is caused by gut imbalance and parasites.

Her cure for autism is bleach enemas. You read that right. Bleach enemas. Bleach. Chlorine dioxide. She has doses and schedules all laid out. I’ve seen some crazy ideas in healing. People ingesting essential oils, drinking snake venom, praying away instead of getting medical care. This is right up there with medical quackery and it will wind up killing children. The author of the book, the parents, they should be charged with child endangerment and abuse. It’s bleach, people. Bleach. On the package it says, “avoid contact with mucous membranes. ” That’s what your colon, and intestines are.

Oh my goddess. Are you kidding me? Autism isn’t in the gut or the stomach. It’s a neurological condition. Stop being sheeple and please think for yourself. Think of your child. When I’m reading a question about why is my child turning yellow after I started this treatment, all I can do is scream at the screen.

You’re killing your child. His liver is dying because it can’t keep up with the poison you’re shoving up his bum. When you post pictures of your child’s intestinal lining as proof of how well the treatment is working, I want to slap you and take your kid from you.

You can have him back when you stop being stupid.

I get the desperation.

I get that you didn’t get the precious little angel you wanted. You see your child as defective and you’re trying anything to fix it. Guess what? Your kid isn’t damaged goods. You are. You are defective as a parent. I have had the great privilege of being allowed in several autistic children’s worlds. That is a gift. It’s challenging and it’s hard and you want to give up some days thinking nothing is working. Until it does. And when you finally find the key to their locks you are the discoverer of wonderful, sometimes weird and occasionally scary but always interesting worlds.

I couldn’t imagine people would ever try something like this. But it’s happening. And I couldn’t be quiet about it one more minute. If I upset you, sorry not sorry. As always, if you like what I write, then follow me, like, comment, share. If you don’t like it then still comment. Just keep it civil or I’ll write about you, too.


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