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Blessed to have these nieces and nephews (II).

Updated on October 31, 2012
Chepchilat Little Beauties by Baba Kaku
Chepchilat Little Beauties by Baba Kaku | Source

Chepchilat Beauties

Protio by Uncle Manu
Protio by Uncle Manu | Source
Protio at work with Uncle Manu
Protio at work with Uncle Manu | Source
Brains at work
Brains at work | Source
Protio Showing off his gift.
Protio Showing off his gift. | Source

Then Protio, engineer the philosopher, the big dreamer.

He was born on Valentine’s Day two days after mine and of course several decades latter. My family tells me that they discovered that he was smarter than anybody else when he was only two years old. If you ask him a question, and he doesn’t know the answer, he engages his tactical ways of getting you to answer it without you even knowing that you’ve solved your own problem. He has played this trick several times with his grandmother but now his tricks are no longer successful. He knows that, and he is always busy manufacturing new tricks. You won’t miss this youngster if you meet him on the streets. He got a missing tooth that he likes to show off. He is very proud of it. This makes him more hilarious than he really is. The four year old also has big dreams. He once asked my mother to clear the place, because my airplane and my sister’s needed enough room to land in the compound. He asked his Nyanya to move the kitchen, the storage area and outside utensils holder. The little guy knows that we traveled with airplanes to US, and now believes that next time we visit home, we don’t have to leave our aero-planes at the International airport because we can just land them right at home. That is a big dream if you ask me! Who knows, may be one day, the good lord will bless us with one or two aero-planes that will necessitate an airstrip at my father’s compound. I recently checked the flight path on the map just for the sake of it, and realize that indeed it is closer to go straight home than proceed to any international Airports we have in Kenya. Protio is also blessed with an innovative mind. Together with his cousin Ronnie, he came up with the child version of a power saw, called ‘Inde-e-e’ which derived its name from the sounds it makes. You can enjoy his pilot testing of the machine in the attached video clip below. I can see lots of engineering qualities in this lad.

Protio & Ronny Inovation Skills in action

Ronny getting ready for a mission trip.
Ronny getting ready for a mission trip. | Source
Ronny By Chepkoluumugulel
Ronny By Chepkoluumugulel | Source
Aunty is running out of room.
Aunty is running out of room. | Source

Ronny, the humble, the neat one, the drummer, and the pastor in waiting.

He is the neatest boy I have ever seen. Even when playing with dirty, he will make sure he keeps himself clean and tidy. He is a very serious scholar. He is always ahead of his classmates and ahead of his grade level. He is a serious student and you can tell by the way his books are kept neat, and organized. He does his homework on time. He is also faithful with his Sunday school assignments. On Sundays, he makes sure that the parents take him to Sunday school on time. He will also not forget his drums. He got sick one day, and it bothered him so much that his Sunday school class won’t have anybody to play the drums. I admire that commitment spirit about him. That is a sign of great calling to the ministry. When in my sick bay, I don’t think I would think about anybody except that I need to know, ‘when am I going to get well?’ I also call Ronnie a pastor in waiting because; he is serious with anything to do with church business. He does not play with church matters. His other name is Levi and this is another reason why I think he is the pastor in the making. Levi (plural Levites) in the Bible was one of the tribes in Israel had the duties of the temple. They were responsible to carry the ark, minister, offer burnt offerings and play instruments. My father, Ronnie’s grandfather, must be very proud of him because he himself has been in the ministry for over forty years. Ronnie definitely must have obtained lots of genes of his grandfather.

Kaku, checking a different view
Kaku, checking a different view | Source
kaku showing off her earing.
kaku showing off her earing. | Source
kaku with her cousin and her aunt.
kaku with her cousin and her aunt. | Source

Kaku, the tour guide, Nyanya’s helper and always with a shopping list for auntie

Kaku is the eldest of the group. This girl has grown so fast. She was born the other day and now this girl is all grown. She is also superb in academics with little challenge with those that have to do with numbers. She was indeed a very valuable tour guide when I and my sister went home for the long anticipated family reunion. We could not be anywhere without her; which for me was priceless. I needed all four of them everywhere we go, but that proved impossible sometimes. She has also been a faithful messenger for Nyanya. She can be send to get a few things here and there. The other day she wanted to surprise her grandmother by doing a chore that she had never done before. As a side note, most of us still hand wash our laundry back home. The grandmother had sorted out clothes for laundry, and decided to go about other duties first. She came home to find that kaku had started washing, but got tired and left it halfway done. The grandmother was so impressed by the developing skill, and the new found determination to help others, especially since she is the eldest of the group. We are all proud of her because she is setting a good example that can be emulated by the rest.

I miss these little ones. I miss the fun, the joy, the exercises, the noise, the entertainment, the challenges etc. I thank God for blessing us with them for they surely bring abundant joy and diversity to our family. I pray for God to keep them safe every single day as they grow up in this cruel world. May he protect and guide them in all years of their lives.


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    • chepkoluumugulel profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Texas

      Thanks jpsiejossy. They are indeed awesome.

    • josiejossy profile image


      6 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      Mhh grt family indeed.....the little one are them too..

    • chepkoluumugulel profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Texas

      Thanks Mhatter99.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      They,I'm sure, are the reflection f great people


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