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Blessed to have these nieces and nephews (I).

Updated on August 4, 2012

Chepchilat Beauties

Chepchilat Beauties by Baba kaku
Chepchilat Beauties by Baba kaku | Source

I miss my nieces and nephews

I always get lost in thoughts when I hear parents who have been separated from their children express how much they miss their children. I often meet many fathers who have had to take jobs that place them miles and miles away from home, and so every once in a while they have a few days to spend with their children. When they share about the wonderful moments they spent with their little ones, they tear up just relieving their experiences. Parents take military jobs meaning that they might have to miss their child’s birth, birthday’s celebrations, graduations and all other special events. I can never say that I completely understand what they go through when they make these sacrifices to take these jobs, but what I understand is how much an Aunt can miss her nephews and nieces. I was away when all four of them were born. I had their pictures taken when they were brought home from the hospital for the first time, their first birthdays, their first baby steps, etc. I admire their pictures and videos send through emails or mailed CDs and DVDs. As I play the CDs and DVDs, giving them my full undivided attention, I would normally experience e this sudden unique feeling that could rush through my blood vessels as I watch these precious little ones interact with their Nyanya (Swahili word for grandmother), Babu (Swahili word of grandfather) and their parents. Sometime when I call home, and I could hear them crying, I would tell my mother to move the phone closer so that I could just listen to their voices. In most cases they would stop crying and utter some inaudible words because they are angry yet at the same time they want to report the matter to their aunt, who would definitely solve the situation. They are also very active that sometime it is hard to keep up with them. They chase the cats, goats, cows and anything that is moving. I desired for so long to meet them in person and give them a big hug, and a kiss; have a little spin and just have an awesome ‘Auntie-kids’ time. That time came in December last year and I embrace them for the first time. My heart was filled with joy as I wondered how much I had missed; their infancy days, their toddler discovery moments and childhood experiences. That time spent with them was priceless. I realize that each one of them had interesting and unique qualities that brings so much joy and excitement to our family.

The little princess Chechech by Uncle Manu
The little princess Chechech by Uncle Manu | Source
Chechech and her Mom by Baba Chechech
Chechech and her Mom by Baba Chechech | Source
Chechech & her Aunty
Chechech & her Aunty | Source

Meet Chechech, the youngest, the singer and the princess of the family.

In our family we pride ourselves in possessing beautiful genes in our DNA. We had many princes and princesses, but when chechech showed up, everyone who had achieved that crown was decrowned. The beautiful little fingers, her gorgeous bright soft skin, her smile, her voice and her principles could not be toppled by anyone else. I was amazed at how a two year old girl can be so organized, spotless and principled as such! She is such a principled lady in that she would not even let anyone feeds her. She considers herself a grown up girl, and would be glad to remind you in case you forget it. She can’t be dirty either; if she accidentally spills anything on her attire, then it has to be changed right away. Now, that is my kind of a woman! I am also glad that she did not forget to pick up the special gene that would get every human being turning around and every ear giving the needed ultimate attention; her voice. This blew me away. So far she has been a faithful and committed Tonui’s Choir director. Her favorite song is “Taunet Ne Leel”. She can sing the entire song of about four stanzas without missing a word or line. She sings on the right key too. The song means a new beginning by a renowned, award winning Kenyan famous Kalenjin gospel artist Emmy kosgei. We all adore this artist so much. I always tell my niece that she is indeed the lead backup singer for Ms. Kosgei. I sometimes find it hard to play that song because it makes me miss her so much. On my way back to USA, every infant or child’s voice in the plane, made me turn around thinking that she might have come with me.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Family is such a warm and helpful thing.

    • chepkoluumugulel profile image

      chepkoluumugulel 5 years ago from Texas

      Thanks Rachel. This is actually my way of coping, just writing about the people I miss so dearly. You can also write something memorable about each one of your loved ones. I have experience the benefits of expressing myself by writing. It is priceless.

    • profile image

      Rachel R 5 years ago

      Woi, this is heart touching article. It brought all the memories of my own nephews and cousins and all their love we have for each other. Even though we have these memories within us, we often do not put thein writing, so i applaud you for putting it in writing. For me, this is a teaching moment. Thank very much, way to go.