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Geneology - the Bobbitt Family of Lynchburg Virginia - From - 1645-William to 2017-Donald

Updated on February 28, 2020
Don Bobbitt profile image

Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.


My name is Don Bobbitt, or formally, DONALD WILSON BOBBITT, and this is my personal direct family ancestry information.

My cousin Ollie “Buddy” Bobbitt has spent a number of years tracing our genealogy from our grandfather, David Albert Bobbitt, back to the first Bobbitt, in my family genealogy, William Bobbitt, to come over to the New World from England in the 1673.

My personal branch of the Bobbitt Family Tree stayed in Virginia right up until present times.

One of the things that I have learned has been the in common tradition concerning the inheritance of lands. This tradition, evident even into the 1800’s was that the eldest son inherited the fathers land.

Because of this, any other sons, generally made plans from an early age to purchase their own land.

They either purchased land nearby, as some of my ancestors and their brothers have done, or, occasionally, they ended up searching for property to start new lives in other parts of what was then an open and growing nation.

And the Bobbitt’s were no different.

Today, there are several enclaves of Bobbitt’s around the US, with the original in my line being in Virginia, as I have mentioned.

And this gentleman, Mr. William Bobbitt, and his wife Joanna Sturdivant Bobbitt, settled on 94 acres of land, in Hanover County, Va, in 1673, that they received as a land grant from the king of England.

I have added some information to what my cousin has researched, over the years from county and town archives in Virginia, and a couple of books. What I have learned has come from other references via the web.

Again this is my direct lineage back to William Bobbitt, a gentleman of Welsh origin, from Glamorganshire, England.

I will flesh this document out, over time, as I find other pertinent data on my family.

Hopefully, this document, itself, will be seen on the web and prompt people to provide me with even more data that I can add to the detailed data on my website.

Another Note: The first name you see below is of a Mr. John Bobbitt, also of Bristol, Glamorganshire, Whales, England.

The information available so far shows that he was the father of William Bobbitt, but we have not been able to find anything else about him or his family so far.

So, if you, the reader, does have more information that you could share with me, it would be greatly appreciated.

It seems that, once you get into one of these genealogy search projects, it turns into a grand puzzle that you can dip your feet into at any time, and likewise, jump back into at any time.

Family Puzzles are Fun, often surprising, even shocking!

One good reference site for even more Bobbitt Family Genealogy is Family Tree Maker.

Copyright © DonBobbitt® 2011 - All Rights Reserved

The author himself, Don Bobbitt

Don Bobbitt at age 69.
Don Bobbitt at age 69. | Source

John Bobbitt

AKA Mr. Bobbiett, AKA Mr. Bibbie

Born: 1624 near Bristol, Glamorganshire, Whales, England.

Married: Unknown

Died: UNK, in Glamorganshire, Whales England.

My information on this particular Bobbitt is a little sparce but it seems he is not a direct ancestor of mine but rather is a Bobbitt that popped up in my cousin's research and it seems he migrated to the Ne England area of the USA rather than in the Virginia area like William Bobbitt.


William Lewis Bobbitt - 1645-1702

A photo of the only known painting of William Lewis Bobbitt
A photo of the only known painting of William Lewis Bobbitt | Source

William L. Bobbitt

Born: 1645 in Bristol, Glamorganshire, Whales, England.

Married: Joanna (Anna) Sturdivant in 1671 in Whales.

Died: 1703, in Bristol Parrish, Charles City, Va. Buried in Hanover County, Va.

Left Glamorganshire in 1673 with wife Joanna and settled on land given by land grant (94 acres in Hanover County, Virginia) from the King of England

Member of Church of England


William Bobbitt Junior – S=Mary Tradition Green

John Bobbitt (John of Chowan) – S=Sarah Bobbitt

James Bobbitt


William Bobbitt Junior

Born: 1673 in Prince George County, Virginia

Married: Mary (Tradition) Green in 1695. Tradition was her previous husband's name.

Died: 1738, in Warren County, North Carolina.

Member of Church of England


William Bobbitt III – S= Mary Hill

Lewis Bobbitt – S= Elizabeth ?

Thomas Bobbitt

James Bobbitt


James Bobbitt

Born: 1707 in Rocky Run, Prince George County, Virginia

Married: Elizabeth Dalton Bennett in 1734 in Lunenberg, County, Va.

Died: Aug.20, 1761, buried in Antrim Parrish, Halifax County, VA.


Richard Bobbitt

Diannah Bobbitt – S= Jonathan Jennings

Nancy Anne Bobbitt – S= James Henson

John Bobbitt – S= Sarah Gibson

William Levi Bobbitt – S= Nancy Ann McKensie

Louisa Bobbitt – S= James Cochran

James Bobbitt Jr. – S= Elizabeth McKensie

Randall Randolph Bobbitt – S= Fannie Waldon

Mary Bobbitt – S= Richard Bennett


Randall Randolph Bobbitt

Born: 1752 in Halifax County, Virginia

Married: Fannie Waldon in 1776

Died: 1835, Pittsylvania County, buried with Fannie in back of Berger Cemetery with a field stone marker.

First Lieutenant in Daltons Militia Rev.War, 1781,1782

Charles Waldon Bobbitt – S= Clarey Barker

Lewis Bobbitt Senior – S= Sarah Lovelace

Thomas Bobbitt – S= Mildred Dalton

Randolph Bobbitt, Junior – S= Tabitha Lovelace

Mourning Bobbitt – S= Peter Bennett

Lucy Bobbitt


Lewis Bobbitt Senior

Born: 1779 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Married: Sarah Lovelace, 1814

Died: 1820, Pittsylvania County


Edwin P. Bobbitt

David Bobbitt – Matilda Parker Bondsman

Unknown female Bobbitt


David Bobbitt

Born: 1814 in Sandy level, Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Raised by the Lovelace family.

Married: Matilda Parker Bondsman

Died: before 1880


George Bobbitt

Tazwell Bobbitt

Lovelace H. Bobbitt – S= Lucinda C. (Fannie) Arnold


Lovelace H. Bobbitt

Born: 1852 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Married: Lucinda C. (Fannie) Arnold on March 22, 1874

Died: UNK – buried in Dalton Cemetery next to David


William Terry Bobbitt

David Albert Bobbitt – S= Tinnie Kate Hedrick

John (George) Bobbitt


David Albert Bobbitt and Tinnie Bobbitt

David Albert Bobbitt and Tinnie Kate Hedrick Bobbitt taken in the 1950's. Note the pictures of Raleigh and Lillian Bobbitt on the right of the mantle and the picture of Virginia Foster Farmer on the left of the mantle.
David Albert Bobbitt and Tinnie Kate Hedrick Bobbitt taken in the 1950's. Note the pictures of Raleigh and Lillian Bobbitt on the right of the mantle and the picture of Virginia Foster Farmer on the left of the mantle. | Source

David Albert Bobbitt

Born: 1876 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Married: Tinnie Kate Hedrick on March 25, 1905

Died: September 25, 1956


Fannie Daniel Bobbitt – S= Reuben Haley

Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt – S= Colton Mason

James Lee Columbus Bobbitt – never married

Emma Wade Bobbitt – S= Jesse A. Towler

Elva Kate Bobbitt – S= Oscar M. Scott

Annie Wilmoth Bobbitt – S= Carlisle David Stinnette

Bertha Mae David Bobbitt – A.Y. Morgain

Ollie Haten Bobbitt – S= Louisa Spradlin

Ralie (Raleigh) Wilson Bobbitt – S= Lillian Elizabeth Foster

Obed Bobbitt – S=Vanetha Ruth Adams

Ello Jack Bobbitt Senior – S= Ruth Naomi Wilcher

Ionne Bobbitt -

Doris Rebecca (Billie) Bobbitt - S= James Byrd


Raleigh Wilson Bobbitt and Lillian Foster Bobbitt photos

Raleigh Wilson Bobbitt - photo taken at time of wedding with Lillian Foster
Raleigh Wilson Bobbitt - photo taken at time of wedding with Lillian Foster | Source
Lillian Elizabeth Foster Bobbitt - photo taken at time of wedding with Raleigh Wilson Bobbitt
Lillian Elizabeth Foster Bobbitt - photo taken at time of wedding with Raleigh Wilson Bobbitt | Source

Raleigh Wilson Bobbitt

Born: November 20, 1922 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Married: Lillian Elizabeth Foster on February 9, 1944

Died: 2005, Lynchburg, Virginia


Donald Wilson Bobbitt - S= Helen Lorene Hudson

Darrell Stephen Bobbitt - S= Virginia

Starlett Kay Bobbitt - S= Wayne Evans

David Bryan Bobbitt - S= Donna



AKA: Wilson and RW. Wilson Bobbitt grew up on the family farm near Rustburg, Virginia. When WWII commenced, he and his brother Jack Bobbitt joined the Navy, while Jesse Bobbitt joined the Marine Corp.

Wilson was trained at the Norfolk Virginia Naval Base and was assigned to a Sub-Chaser out of San Diego California. The Captain of his ship was the famous writer and originator of Scientology, L.Ron Hubbard.

Wilson took some leave as the war wound down in early 1944 and returned to Lynchburg Virginia to married his sweetheart Lillian Elizabeth Foster. When his leave was over, he returned via military transport, and she, as was the norm then, traveled via train from Lynchburg to San Diego.

They lived in a small apartment in a converted hotel called The DelRey that was located on the corner of the 1500 block of Fifth Avenue.

Fifth Avenue ran straight down to the bay and the entrance to the Naval Base.

At the end of the war, Lillian traveled back to Lynchburg via train and was 9-months pregnant with Donald Wilson Bobbitt.

She went into labor somewhere East of the Mississippi River and the train personnel packed her in ice to stop her labor.

When she arrived at the train station in Lynchburg, her husband, Wilson took her directly to the Lynchburg General Hospital where their first son Donald Wilson Bobbitt was born.

They lived with relatives for a while including Lillian's sister Virginia Foster Farmer in Madison Heights, and after a year or so, they rented a house from Collie Mason and his wife Mary Bobbitt Mason, on North Durham Street in the Fairview Heights section of Lynchburg.

They moved when Donald was five years old to a bungalow they had purchased on Craig Street. Over time, Wilson extended the house to twice its original size and dug the basement out by hand and eventually turned the basement into an apartment which they often rented to relatives over the early years. Some of these relatives included, Thurman Foster and Doris Byrd and Emma Bobbitt.

Wilson purchased a piece of land off of US-501 about a half-mile past Possum Creek and he and his brother, Jesse built the family's last house on this property. It was a standard 3-BR, 2-bath brick Ranch style house with a full basement and a carport.

Wilson drew his plans on a grocery bag and took it to the bank and it was approved for his mortgage loan.

Wilson worked as a Taxi driver and an occasional handyman right after the war and had been hired onto the C&O railroad as a yard brakeman. He continued to work as a Taxi Driver and to do carpentry work until he had acquired enough seniority to have full-time work on the railroad.

Wilson worked his whole life in his workshop where he created exceptional works in wood. He bought and cut his own lumber and he preferred Black Walnut, Mahogany, WHite Oak, Maple and Cherry

He made Grandfather Clocks and always used German clockworks that he purchased and had shipped to him. He also made tables, China Press', chairs, carved Victorian Sofas, Fainting Sofas, carved Chests, chest-of-drawers, 4-post beds, Candle Stands, Wash Stands and much more, as his customers desired.

And he also made copies of antique furniture, many for antique dealers who sold them as being original. His works are in RMWC, and many fo the genteel homes of the Rivermont area of Lynchburg. He excelled in wood carving and inlays on much of his furniture.

He usually signed his works simply and with a pencil, generally just: Made by Wilson Bobbitt.


Donald Wilson Bobbitt

Donald Wilson Bobbitt - photo taken 2014
Donald Wilson Bobbitt - photo taken 2014 | Source

Helen Hudson Bobbitt

Helen Lorene Hudson Bobbitt - photo taken 2014
Helen Lorene Hudson Bobbitt - photo taken 2014 | Source

Donald Wilson Bobbitt

Born: March 22, 1946 in Lynchburg, Virginia

Married: Helen Lorene Hudson on May 4, 1968


Denise Renee Bobbitt – S= Anthony Wooldridge

Donald Wilson (Donny) Bobbitt Junior – S=Amanda Berwald

Dawn Marie Bobbitt – S= Mark Chaos


Children of Donald Bobbitt and Helen Bobbitt

Donald Wilson (Donny) Bobbitt Junior

Born: January 4, 1973 in Lynchburg, Virginia

Married: Amanda Berwald (Divorced) - Children: none

Daughter - Jordan Elizabeth Bobbitt


Denise Renee Bobbitt Wooldridge

Born: March 21, 1969 in Lynchburg, Virginia

Married: Anthony Wooldridge


Andrew Justin Wooldridge


Dawn Marie Bobbitt

Born: December 6, 1973 in Lynchburg, Virginia

Married: Mark Chaos and divorced 2016


Lauren Carter Chaos

Caleb Antonio Wilson Chaos


Geneology of a family

Researching a family Genealogy is really a lot of fun, and with the power of the web today, I highly recommend that you get into it, if for no other reason, then for the entertainment value.

As I mentioned, my cousin, Ollie (Buddy) Bobbitt did a lot of legwork on our family and has shared the data he collected with me, and he continues to dig into our family past.

A good source of even more Bobbitt Genealogy can be found on the site Family Tree.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      21 months ago from Ruskin Florida

      Good to get new info, can you tell me of any other ancestors of Tineshia, and even better, any links to the existing Bobbits in my article?

      Thanks anyway,


    • profile image

      Tineshia M. Bobbitt 

      21 months ago

      My Grandfather Henry Ray Bobbitt Sr. of Littleton NC

    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      4 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Pat - The original land grant was for a parcel of land on the PIGG River in an area that is near the junction of Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties. The reason I mention both of these counties is that there are numerous very old records of Bobbitt's in both counties.


    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hi Don,

      Thanks for the reply. I've been working on my family tree since about 1985 but only recently with DNA and websites like, and have I been able to connect with people who might be related.

      I wish I had the time and money to do the legwork because I'd really like to know where my family came from and meet cousins, no matter how distant.


    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      4 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Patski107 - First of all, HI!

      Now, to some of your questions. First of all, I do not use Ancestry, at all. My dada comes from a cousin of mine, OH "Buddy" Bobbitt who was a city policeman in Lynchburg but now lives on a small farm near Danville VA.

      When Buddy retired he spent a number of years researching the Bobbitt family as a hobby.

      The interesting thing I can tell you is that everything I have collected and listed comes from his own first-hand research, mostly through old county and library documents. So, his data is what I consider a source in itself.

      Secondly, the information I put into this article was more for my progeny than anything else. I did want them to know this if they ever became interested.

      Third. Yes, there were several "Bobbitts" who immigrated to the Americas, and my lineage is directly from William. As to his wife, a Sturdivant, I understand from my cousin that he did get his information from someone in Glamorganshire. And, he told me he has a copy of the original land grant, but he never sent a copy to me.

      Another Bobbitt (John??), from the same area (Glamorganshire??) came over at nearly the same time but settled in the Massachusetts area.

      The Virginia Bobbitt's had a group (extended family??) move to North Carolina, and I have been in touch with several of them. One, has traveled to the Glamorganshire area and has accessed some records himself, but again, I do not have copies.

      My problem with is that they take whatever you give them on your family and then they sell memberships to provide this same info to others. So, I look at some of their data as being unchecked guess's.

      Anyway, several of the NC Bobbitt's follow me on Facebook (ramblingdon) and we occasionally get into conversations about our ancestors.

      Several years ago I did sort through a lot of my cousins data and I build a spreadsheet on everyone he had information on.

      Maybe we will meet at a Pub and share a glass of wine or whatever one day. I'll be the bigmouth one laughing at the world with my friends.


    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hi Don,

      I believe Lewis Bobbitt (1703) was my 6x great-grandfather. I've been working on to compile my family tree. My son and I have done the AncestryDNA test. I'm very confused about information on the early Bobbitts. I've read on another site that Marsha Berry is a genealogist and a Bobbitt and she has done extensive research. She and the other genealogist she worked with think the information in John W Bobbitt’s book is flawed and that William Bobbitt (1645) was not married to Sturdivant (1652). Do you have any documentation?

      From what I have read it sounds like there might have been two Bobbitt families with the same given name and somewhere along the way they have been erroneously combined. Now there are hundreds perhaps thousands of people following the little green leaves on and copying misinformation.

      Are you on, or


      By the way, if you are still in Ruskin we are neighbors. I live in Sun City Center. It would be great to find out if we are cousins.

    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      5 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Jessica- Thanks for the read and the comment, Cuz!

      When I received my information from my Cousin, "Buddy" Bobbitt, the first thing I did was put it into an Excel spreadsheet. This allowed me to get everyone organized.

      And, I only listed the direct chain of decendents down to myself and my children.

      When I get the chance, i will pull it out and clean it up a little. What I will do then is place it onto a free Blog site such as Googles Blogger. Then, I can include other branches of our family.

      Keep watching my site for an update on this.

      Thanks for the information.


    • profile image

      Jessica Zaleski 

      5 years ago

      I don't know if you still use this/look at it. I think it's pretty neat to find a distant cousin while randomly looking up genealogy stories. William Bobbitt, the immigrant, was my 10th great grandfather. Our branches differ at his great grand children. While yours was Randall Randolph mine was Diannah.

    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      7 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Joan, Sorry, but I am afraid I have nothing on your branch. Check the free geneology sites and if you find a link,let me know what you find and I will include it into my web site.

    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      8 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Deb- I apologize for my late response, but here goes.

      Most of the data collected on my direct family line was found in the Pittsylvania County records at the courthouse and library.

      I have a spreadsheet on my web site called and you can check out the spreadsheet I have there.

      All of the people in the spreadsheet so far have been direct to myself and I used a designator for each person starting with a B such as B0012 for Thomas bobbitt. I have decided to add others that branch off of others and I will use a designator that starts with a "C". I will add your ancestor Edwin P Bobbitt, if you send me some basic data such DOB, DOD, Birth date, death date, where buried, and childrens names.

      Thanks for the response.

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      I believe I am related to Edwin P Bobbitt whose father was Lewis married to Sarah Lovelace. I can't confirm Lewis' information through any official source. Any ideas about wills or Virginia books etc that might help?

      Many thanks

    • profile image

      Joan Bobbitt 

      8 years ago

      Hellow from Canada, so interesting, don't no much but my dad Terrance Bobbitt, grandfather Ivan Bobbitt. My dad grew up in an orphanize. Do you no anything about us here in Canada? tks

    • profile image

      Erma Jane 

      8 years ago

      Hi Don,

      This is my connection to our Bobbitt's.

      My Great grandparents are Anslum Tazwell Dalton & Havana Jane Shelton.

      Lucy W. Bobbitt 1838-1907 Pittsylvania Co, Va (GG Grandmother)

      Father: David Bobbitt

      Mother: Matilda Parker

      Married: Dec 17,1866 Pittsylvania Co, Va

      Jarrett Dalton (GG Grandfather)

      Birth: Abt. 1844 Pigg River, Pittsylvania Co, Va


      1.Albert L. Dalton b.1868 m. Aug 24, 1913 Lucy Emma Short

      2. Selia T. Dalton b.1870 Pigg River, Pittsylvania, Virginia

      3. Hester E. Dalton b.1872 Pigg River, Pittsylvania, Virginia

      4. David M. Dalton b.1874 Pigg River, Pittsylvania, Virginia

      5. Anslum Tazwell Dalton b.1876 Pigg River, Pittsylvania, Virginia m. Havana Jane Shelton

      6. William M. Dalton b.1879 Pigg River, Pittsylvania, Virginia

    • profile image

      Susan G. Smith 

      8 years ago


      Your Hub is great! I'm going to the website before I start adding more Bobbitts to the "Smith-Bobbitt" tree. I'm also ordering your cookbook.

      You and Helen take good care,


    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      8 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Susie,Thanks for the comment on my Hub. I really appreciate it. If you want to see more details on others, I have a spreadsheet on my web site that is called; if you are interested.

    • profile image

      Susan G. Smith 

      8 years ago

      Happy New Year, Don!

      My fraternal grandmother was Stella Bobbitt, daughter of William L. Bobbit and Alice Jane McHargue, my great grandparents. My great-great grandfather was James Levi Bobbitt, Jr.

      While moving, I rediscovered the copies of my daddy's family history compiled by my Aunt Mellie in 1973...started a "Smith-Bobbitt" tree, and it's been amazing!

      I LOVE being a Bobbitt!!

      Take good care,

      Susie Smith

    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      8 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Marsha, To what possible end? This is a very strange request. If you want to discuss this further, please use email. I am on Google+.

    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      8 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Marsha, To what possible end? This is a very strange request. If you want to discuss this further, please use email. I am on Google+.

    • profile image

      Marsha Berry 

      8 years ago

      Hello Don,

      Would you be willing to take a male Bobbitt DNA test? My Bobbitt cousin took a male Bobbitt DNA test and I have his results and would like to compare results. Thank you.

    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      8 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Great to meet you Betty. I assume you went to my web page and checked out the more detailed table of people? Also, I am on Google-Plus and you can click on the link to me there and we can chat/email/ whatever.

    • profile image

      Betty Bobbitt Willis 

      8 years ago

      Hi, My linage is William 1649-1703 to John 1678-1736 to William 1704-1768 (married Amy Bennett) to John Richard 1725-1791 (married Amy Alston) to Stephen Erasmus, Patriot and so on. Would like to hear from you. Thank you.

    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      9 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      D, I hadn't realized that you were into finding these "family ghosts". It is just another of my rainy day projects that fill my days. And it is so much fun when you dig up a tidbit on someone from your past.

    • Don Bobbitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Bobbitt 

      9 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Thanks Lynda! Interesting Comment because up until only the last 50-years or so did Counties and such record very much about the female. It was all about the men. What this has meant in my Cousin's and my research, is that what names and female's parents data we do have, has been hard to find. I actually do have more data over on my web site, including copies of documents. Anyway, this stuff can be a lot of fun, especially when you trip over something new..

    • lmmartin profile image


      9 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      And I can't even find my grandparents! Interesting. So Bobbits have inhabited Virginia for over three hundred years.... whew! By now you should be related to half the state. Best wishes on your family tree explorations. Lynda


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