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Bond with them

Updated on October 13, 2012

What i have to share today is strictly for Daddies...

Many parents complain that their baby wakes up too early. If you are facing this issue then i have one special tip for you today but have it in mind that it is a vital problem when a baby fail to have sufficient rest,as we already know,their own time of resting is when they sleep.

Your baby wakes up every ten minutes or so, i have got a tip for you to cub this. But mind you,there are two kinds of babies:

1.Babies who get up before they get enough sleep.
2. Those who simply wake up too early for their parents' liking.

Bet me, if you really want your baby to have enough sleep, without ever crying while sleeping then you have to do this says the expert.

Sleep alongside him...

...believe me, this works,there is this inter communal contact which passes through a daddy to the baby while both sleep together on one bed. And this special contact go along way to developing mutual bond which the baby grow up with.

This is from me to you, just try it...and always be a good daddy.

Qualities of a good daddy.

A daddy is of course the head of the family, he provides and makes sure that everyone is well taken care of , this is a great quality but there are two major qualities that make a good daddy.

1. Respecting Mummy
2.Spending more time with the family.

Respect your child's mother and be a better man. This is one basic thing that fond in kids, they see everything and grow with descent memories of the kind of respect you show their mother.Believe me, a kid who sees you kiss mummy every morning before you ever go out bonds with that and this simple action helps kids especially boys to understand and learn how to treat the opposite.And one unique thing about this kind of daddy is that he does the family cooking most of the time.

Every man can be a father but believe me it takes a lot to be a daddy, there is this kind of dad i call the INVOLVED DAD. It takes a hell of commitment to be an involved dad. An involved dad is the best dad, children appreciate this not only as kids but with profound memories as they progress to adulthood. Let me quickly tell you three things about this kind of daddy.

1. He disciplines with love and restraint.
2. Sets good example, otherwise is a role model.
3. He is kind and patient.

Bond with them when they are still too young.


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 5 years ago from Biafra

      Thanks davidrighthand

    • Davidrighthand profile image

      David Harden 5 years ago from USA

      Great job young man a nice also hub. Only thing is sleeping with the baby to much can cause you and your mate not to be able to spend anytime alone. From my experience with little ones it’s always been a good habit to teach the little babies to sleep alone. There’s one thing you may want to try is to bundle the baby up good in a blanket this helps him or her to feel as if they are in a tight warm place like from which the baby stayed for nine months. Bonding with the baby will be easier for you than the baby. I have always thought a father has a harder time bonding with a child only because he has no physical link to the child at all other than it being mental, that’s the mothers formula a bond from the start being that she carried the child for nine months and if she breast feeds the child then they just bond even more. Now I am not telling you a bond cant happen between you and your child I am just saying its going to take time and right much of it young man you will have to be totally dedicated to both the mother and child before you see or get any bonding results from the baby it will be years down the road so hang tough and spend all the time you have available with the child it will pay off down the road. That’s the only thing its going to be a long road so be strong stay focused young man and have a grand time with your family. Tell me what you think….