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Choosing The Right Babysitter with The Cat and The Hat

Updated on April 7, 2017

Shown On PBS Kids

I have watched the show many times on PBS Kids. The cat is now a permanent secret babysitter. The parents of two kids have no clue about, The Cat In The Hat. They believe that the little children play in each other's back yards.

What usually happens is that a little blonde white girl and a little curly haired black boy play in one another's backyard. The Cat, voice acted by Martin Short, shows up to help them when they need someone to solve their problems. After, asking their mom if they can go away with the cat in his thingamajigger they are both brought to a fictional land to solve their problem their.

They solve their problem, to return to their home. One time that I remember, they end up bring something back but most of the time they do not get anything physical from the adventure. They gave the item to the cat, but I am sure that he would not let them keep the item if they decided to keep it.

Once, the problem is solved the cat plays with the kids or the moms show up to watch the kids. I don't know if the parents know anything about the cat. However, I suspect that the cat is some sort of magical cat fairy that exists to occupy bored children. Or, the mothers had the cat babysit for them as children.

The Cat In The Hat

The cat makes everything right in the end. No matter how much collateral damage he causes everything will be picked up. In a perfect world, every babysitter would be like that cat.

So, what about this, Cat In The Hat, book? What is it about?

Dr. Seuss has written so many books. Every library, I have ever been in has at least one Dr. Seuss book in it. The author has passed but his books remain on the shelves for future generations to read. So where to start? My guess is, The Cat In The Hat.

The book has to do about children that need a babysitter. Instead, of a real babysitter showing up to help take care of the children, a cat shows up. The cat takes on the role of babysitter. A cat as a babysitter does not seem likely in reality. This is Dr. Seuss's world, the characters only liven in it.

The babysitter happens to be a cat. No one commented about it. A furry, long tail babysitter has come to watch over children. I wonder, how much he makes an hour? That cat is the best babysitter ever for children that love to break things.

This babysitter brings along two friends: thing one and thing two. His friends have no gender identifying qualities, except in the popular movie staring Jim Carrey of the same name. The children's show, The Cat And The Hat, represents them in gender.

The cat's real job is to magically let the children be children. Children do make mistakes but the children in the book are so adult acting that they have forgotten how a real child acts.The children learn quickly that the cat is not going to simply play a board game with them then send them to bed.

This brings about the questions: should children act irresponsible? When should they act like children? How does our society view children?

The Cat From The Cat In The Hat

I have two copies of this book.
I have two copies of this book. | Source

Your Child's Actions

Should children act irresponsible?

The children in, The Cat In The Hat, know not to mess up their home. They sit down waiting for their world to get better. Or, maybe they are waiting for their parents to teach them to have fun that does not involve moving at all.

Young children are known to act outside the perimeters of what their parents have been thought. Someone needs to tell them what to do ... it is not going to be the babysitter. That is one of the points of the book. Children do not know how to have fun in their own home.

I believe children should act responsible, if the child knows how to act responsible in the first place.

When should they act like children?

Children have no choice but to act like children. They are not adults. If they are not capable of fallowing instructions, the child needs to be taught how to act. In no way is this easy. Leaving a restaurant without eating might be called for in a situation where the child is disrupting everyone around them. Do not pay for the check. You should leave. The more time you spend in the restaurant, the more time the restaurant will lose costumers. And, don't tip during you leave! It is your child that you are controlling, they are not your babysitter. Odds are that you will not return that year. Wow, you drank two sips of your drink that was spilled on the table. Just, get out. You can return, again.

How does our society view children?

It may come to a shock to you that children are not viewed the same as adults. What, you say. Why will my child be viewed any different from me? My child should be able to buy whatever he likes when ever he likes without me.

The reality of today's world is that your child is viewed as someone that is easy to kidnap. Adults are genuinely stronger then children. Let's face it, we are not in some cartoon that children are able to become ninja. The ratio of children that are ninja to adults is still not an equal one. I am not saying that ninja is going to take you child. I am saying that a normal person with no training to be a ninja could take a child.

Some people, think that all children can tell tall tales. This works in favor of the kidnapper. Believing someone that is unknown to the adult is often hard in general. Believing an unknown kid is even harder. Many people want the parent to fix the problem. Who cares if the kid is walking out the door of the shopping mall. The parent is assumed to be outside waiting for the kid, not inside going to the restroom.

The Cat In The Hat Cartoon Show

About The Video

The video shows that the cat has everything under control. The kids are not going to jump out of his flying contraption.They are safely buckled into the car seat.

This leads to a topic about safety in the car. Always, wear your seat belt. Even, the cat knows to buckle up. They do not start the flying machine until the cat knows they will not fall out. This should be the same with adults. Make sure you child is buckled up before your car or plane move forward in your own adventure.

Your Children At Home

Always make sure your children know how to call you. Your babysitter might panic in times of trouble. If you think that everyone will act responsible in a panic situation, you are wrong. How many times have you heard on television that a child has saved another child using CPR? That could be your child. Make sure your child's babysitter knows CPR. You child might eat something perfectly find when you are around. Then, they choke on a piece of sandwich when a babysitter only seconds after, the babysitter gave it to them.

Tell your children not to answer the door for everyone. I do not care, if that day happens to be someone saying they have one million dollars, they should leave the door shut. If that person wants to give you money, they should come back later. Your children can not sign any paperwork, anyway.

Odds are a so-called killer is not already in your home before you leave. They are not hiding in your closet. They will not brake down your door. However, you do need to lock all your doors and windows. A skilled person who wants to get into your home will be able to get in, if you are there or not.

Remember, your older children did not give birth to your child. They should not be treated like parents when you leave the home. What they did not do as child, your next child might do instead. How will they know how to parent your toddler when their parents have gone off on vacation?

Please, don't leave your child alone with an unknown babysitter for days. Also, don't leave a child alone with a teenager for days at a time. I know, teenagers can have babies, too. I have seen the show, teen mom. There have even been teenagers that have had children in the middle school and high schools, I attended. Those teenagers did not give birth to your children. Only use teenagers to babysit, if you know that teenager can take care of children. Some are terrific with children. Believe me when I say, "get references".

What is going on?

"Worst nightmare babies stolen their beds",By Jonel Aleccia, health writer,for, has written that most children get taken from public places and homes. The number is down of that of babies are taken from hospitals. The highest number of kidnappers are woman who do not have any more children.


Who do you think should be a better babysitter?

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What mostly likely will happen when are gone

a. Your child will have fun with the babysitter. They will have a licence to babysit.

b. There are many babysitters that will not pay attention to your child. However, they will still watch you child. They know CPR. They might not know much but they will call the police, if something does happen: sometimes this is all you can ask for in the first place.

c. You child will be still playing video games when you return home.

d. Most importantly, your child will be alive.

f. Your child will ask for the babysitter to babysit, again. Do not make them have the same babysitter that they hate.

Your Babysitter

What do you care most about when picking your babysitter?

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Picking Your Babysitter

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around," by Leo Buscaglia.


Some of this ideas made by the author are not needed into today's society. Often, people think of touch as a bad thing. Touching or even hugging the child is unnecessary for a babysitter. I have heard too many sit-comes have the child hold a doll, then the parent or lawyer says, "Where did that person touch you?" Touch has become a common fear in households with children. No one wants their child to be touched by a stranger in the wrong place. So, the babysitter does not give a hug to the child at all.

I believe that hugging is part of caring for someone. Also, I believe a child should have at least ten hugs every day.


Smiling at my child, makes him want to smile back at me. I will not raise a child that can not smile unless he has an inability to smile. I understand that their are people out their that can not smile. A babysitter should smile during the visit. I will not leave my child around a cold person that does not smile.


Kind words are easy to give out. Critics are everywhere ready to point out what is wrong. No kind words is a deal breaker for me. If a babysitter, can not be kind to me, how can they be kind to my child? There is no way I am leaving my home with someone who not only does not smile but refuses to be kind to my child.


Listening to me is a different matter. My child requires special attention in certain areas of his education. I need to know that my orders are going to be carried out. This will be the part were I ask for references. I would need to ask questions that have no leading answers.

Leading answers have to do with easy answers. The answer they give will make them seem like a great person for the job. Everyone is flawed but, if the answers are too good to be true, they are too good to be true.


Honesty is not easy to detect. This will only happen after the first time you let them babysit. If they claim to be Santa, don't use them. I mean someone who gives toys to your children. They should have their own toys. When you leave them off at a daycare center make sure you know about the toys used there. Do the toys look broken, out of date, and/or dirty?


Caring happens when they do their job correctly. They should care enough to do that little.

© 2014 DChance

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