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Best books to read to your baby while pregnant

Updated on November 13, 2010

Give your baby the best start

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I tried to read to her almost every night. While there's debate over the benefits to the baby's intellect and development by reading to the baby in utero, I wanted to do it.

Reading to your unborn child does strengthen your bond. It's a special time for you and the baby. If you have other children, you can use it as a time for them to get used to the pregnancy and bond with the new baby.

My husband really liked our nightly book reading. He read some nights as well. And, by participating in the ritual of reading to our baby every night, he was able to participate in my pregnancy. During pregnancy, I found it important for my husband to feel involved. It was an awesome bonding opportunity for the three of us. 

We read many different books, but one in particular was our favorite, more about that later. At this point, the book itself doesn't matter as much, it's about reading anything to the baby. 

My final reason for reading to my baby in utero was because I wanted to make the habit. It was important to me for my child to grow up in a reading environment where she was read to often and where she saw other adults reading. I grew up in a household like that and am so thankful. 

Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go!: A book to be read in Utero by Tish Rabe and Dr. Seuss

I loved, loved, loved readingthis book when I was pregnant! This was our favorite book to read and one we read the most. It's based on all the works of Dr. Seuss and written in the whimsical, nonsensical, lyrical style of the famous author, but complied by someone else.

The book also has fun illustrations. I enjoyed reading it allowed and really got into it, playing the role. It also made us so excited and look forward to the pregnancy.

You can snag it from Amazon (see the link to the right) for just a few pennies. It's also not too long, which is nice. It's a must buy.

On the Day You Were Born

We read this one a few times at the end of my pregnancy because we were so excited for my daughter's birthday. It's a beautiful book with beautiful illustrations.

The book On the Day You Were Born also comes with an accompanying musical CD.

It's a good book to start reading to the baby in utero and then continue reading once the baby is born.

Goodnight Moon

I liked reading classics from my childhood that I read over and over to my daughter when I was pregnant. Again, it's a fun way to get excited about what's to come! 

We read Goodnight Moon some nights because it's a true classic that's timeless. 


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