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Boys Names And Meanings

Updated on September 17, 2017
Boys names and their meanings.
Boys names and their meanings. | Source

I've put together a collection of popular boys names and included their place of origin and what they mean.Some are modern while others are old traditional names, some dating back to biblical times.

They include names from all around the world so there are names to suit everyone. I hope you have fun choosing a name for your new baby boy. For girls, names check the bottom of this page.

Aadam: From Greek origin meaning to be red.

Aaron: Hebrew name meaning mountain of strength.

Abbas: Arabic meaning austere.

Abdul: Arabic name meaning servant.

Abe: A Jewish name meaning father.

Abel: From Hebrew origin meaning breath, vapour.

Abner: Hebrew name meaning father of light.

Abraham: Hebrew name meaning father of many nations.

Ace: Latin name meaning number one.

Adam: Another Hebrew name which means man, earth.

Aden: Gaelic name meaning little fire.

Adrian: Latin name which means man from Hadria.

Ahmed: Arabic name meaning highly commendable.

Alan:From Celtic origin meaning rock.

Alastair: Gaelic name meaning Defender of the People.

Albert: German name which means noble, bright, famous.

Alec: Originates from the UK and is a short form of Alexander and means to defend, man Wwrrior.

Aled: Welsh name meaning child.

Alexander: Russian meaning a defender of man.

Alfred: English name meaning wise counsellor.

Alfie: English name short for Alfred meaning elf counsel.

Alistair: From Greek origin and means protector.

Alvin: English name meaning elf friend.

Andrew: English meaning manly and courageous.

Andre: A French version of the Greek name Andrew meaning man warrior.

Angelo: Italian name which means messenger of God.

Anthony: Latin name meaning worthy or priceless.

Antonio: Spanish name meaning protector.

Archie: German name short for Archibald which means courageous.

Arthur: English name meaning as strong as a bear.

Arian: Welsh name meaning silver.

Armani: Originates from Italy and means free.

Arnold: German name meaning powerful eagle.

Arron: From Hebrew origin meaning tall mountain.

Aryan: From Greek origin and means an honourable and noble.

Asa: Hebrew name meaning faithful.

Asher: Hebrew name which means fortunate, happy.

Ashton: From English origin meaning ash tree settlement.

Ashwin: From Sanskrit origin meaning calendar month.

Aston: English name meaning east town.

Augustus: Latin name meaning great; magnificent.

Awais: From Arabic origin meaning gifted.

Azaan: Hebrew name meaning power.

Azriel: Hebrew name which means God helps.

Very cute baby boy.
Very cute baby boy. | Source

Boys Names Starting With B

Barney: From Aramaic origin and means son of consolation.It is the shortened name of Barnaby and Barnabas.

Barry: From Irish origin meaning fair head.

Bart: Short for Barton and Bartholomew. It is from Aramaic origin and means son of Talmai.

Beau: French name which means beautiful.

Ben: Short for Benjamin and is from Hebrew origin meaning son of my sorrow.

Benedict: From Latin origin which means blessed.

Bill: Short for William this is a German name meaning desire.

Blake: English name which was linked to words for black and white,so was given as a nickname to people with very dark or very fair hair.

Bob: German name meaning bright fame .It's a short form of Robert and so is Bobby which is the English version.

Boris: Russian name which means glorious in battle.

Bradley: English name taken from the surname Bradley meaning broad wood clearing.Can also be shortened to Brad.

Brandon: Another English name taken from a surname which means gorse hill.

Brayden: English name meaning broad and wide.Can be shortened to Brady.

Brendan: From Gaelic origin meaning prince.

Brian: From Gaelic origin meaning high and noble.

Brody: Gaelic name which means muddy place.

Brooklyn: Dutch name meaning broken land. Also a place name in New York City.

Bruce: Originally a French surname but taken as a first name by the Scottish, in French it means woods’

Bruno: German name which means brown.

Byron: English name first used as a surname, it means at the cattle shed.

Boys Names Starting With C

Caden: From Gaelic origin meaning son.

Caelan: Old Gaelic name which means slender.

Cain: Hebrew name meaning spear.Best known as the first son of Adam and Eve.

Caine: Taken from the Gaelic name Kane meaning battle.

Cairon: Arabic name which means victorious.

Caleb: Biblical Hebrew name meaning dog or loyal.

Callum: Latin name meaning dove.

Calvin: French name which means little bald one.

Carl: English name meaning free man.

Carlos: Spanish name which means man.

Carter: Originally an English surname meaning cart transporter.

Caspar: Dutch form of the name Jaspar meaning‘treasurer.

Cayden: Arabic name meaning battle.

Chandler: French surname which means candle seller.

Charles: German name meaning free man.

Chester: Taken from the English surname Chester it's Latin meaning is fort.

Christopher: Greek name meaning bearer of Christ.

Cian: Gaelic name meaning ancient.

Ciaran: Irish name meaning little dark one.

Cillian: Gaelic name meaning feisty.

Clark: English name which means clerk.

Clayton: English name meaning clay settlement.

Cody: From Gaelic origin meaning obliging.

Cohen: Hebrew name which means priest.

Colby: Originally an English surname meaning place name.

Colin: Gaelic name meaning young creature.

Connor: Irish name meaning lover of hounds.

Conrad: From German origin which means bold counsel.

Cooper: Originally an English surname meaning barrel maker.

Corbin: French name meaning black haired.

Cory: From German origin which means God’s peace.

Craig: Gaelic name meaning rock.

Curtis: From French origin meaning courteous.

Cyrus: From Persian origin which means throne.

The cutest baby boy.
The cutest baby boy. | Source

Boys Names Starting With D

Dafydd: Welsh name meaning beloved.

Dainton: English name and it is thought to originate from a hamlet in Devonshire.

Dale: English name which means valley dweller.

Damian: Greek name meaning to tame. It can also be spelt Damien.

Damon: Greek name which means to tame and subdue.

Daniel: A biblical name meaning God is my judge.

Dante: Spanish name which means lasting and enduring.

Darcy: English name taken from the French surname D'Arcy which means from Arcy.

Darin: English name meaning dwelling by a hill.

Darius: From Persian origin which means guardian.

Darren: From Gaelic origin meaning great.

Darwin: Old English surname which means dear friend.

David: A biblical name meaning darling.

Dean: English name meaning church is also thought to mean valley.

Declan: From Irish origin meaning endowed with goodness.

Denis: Greek name which means amiable, it can also be spelt Dennis

Denver: Originally an English surname meaning ford or crossing.

Denzel: English name it is the name of a Cornish village.

Deon: Greek name meaning mountain of Zeus.

Derek: German name meaning ruler.

Dev: Indian name meaning God like.

Dewi: Welsh name which means beloved.

Dexter: From Latin origin meaning right handed.

Dhruv: Hindu name which means north star.

Dillan: Gaelic name meaning loyal.

Dominic: From Latin origin meaning Lord, it can also be spelt Dominik.

Donald: Gaelic name which means world ruler.

Douglas: Gaelic name meaning black river.

Duncan: Gaelic name which means brown chief.

Dylan: Welsh name meaning God of the sea.

Boys Names Starting With E

Earl: English name meaning warrior or nobleman.

Eddie: English name which means wealth protector.

Edgar: Old English name meaning owner of many spears.

Edmund: English name meaning protector of prosperity or inheritance.

Edward: Old English name meaning guardian of prosperity.

Edwin: Old English name said to mean lucky.

Elijah: Hebrew name meaning the Lord is my God.

Elliott: Hebrew name which means Jehovah is God.

Emil: From Latin origin meaning enthusiastic.

Emilio: From Latin origin which means emulating.

Enzo: Italian name meaning ruler of the home.

Eoin: Gaelic name which means gracious Lord.

Eric: Old Norse name meaning eternal ruler, it can also be spelt Erik.

Ernest: German name which means sincere.

Ethan: Hebrew name meaning long lived.

Euan: Celtic name which means born from the yew.

Evan: Welsh name meaning God is gracious.

Everly: English name which means grazing meadow.

Ewan: Gaelic name meaning born from the yew.

Ezra: Hebrew name meaning helpful.

Daddy's Boy.
Daddy's Boy. | Source

Boys Names Starting With F

Fabian: Latin name meaning one who grows beans.

Faisal: Arabic name meaning resolute.

Faizaan: Arabic name meaning generous.

Faris: Greek name meaning stone.

Federico: Spanish name meaning peaceful ruler.

Felix: Latin name meaning happy and fortunate.

Fenton: English name meaning settlement on the marsh.

Ffion: Welsh name meaning Foxglove flower.

Filip: Polish name meaning lover of horses.

Finley: Scottish name meaning fair warrior.

Finnian: Irish name meaning fair.

Fionn: Gaelic name meaning fair.

Fletcher: English name meaning maker of arrows.

Flynn: Irish name meaning red haired.

Francis: Latin name meaning French man.

Frank: German name meaning sincere.

Frazer: French name meaning curly hair.

Frederick: German name meaning peaceful ruler.

Boys Names Starting With G

Gabriel: Hebrew name meaning man of God.

Gareth: Welsh name meaning gentle.

Gary: German name meaning spear.

Gavin: Welsh name meaning white hawk.

George: Greek name meaning farmer.

Gideon: Greek name meaning mighty warrior.

Gilbert: French name meaning bright promise.

Giles: Greek name meaning small goat.

Giovanni: Italian name meaning God is gracious.

Glen: Scottish name meaning valley.

Glyn: Welsh name meaning valley.

Graham: English name meaning gravel homestead.

Grayson: English name meaning son of grey haired man.

Gregory: Greek name meaning sentry.

Guy: French name meaning guide.

Royal Baby Names For Boys

Boys Names Starting With H

Haaris: Arabic name meaning vigilant guard.

Habib: Arabic name meaning beloved.

Hadi: Arabic name meaning true direction.

Hadley: English name which means heather meadow.

Hamid: Arabic name meaning praiseworthy.

Hamish: Scottish name which means supplanter.

Harman: English name meaning a grey man.

Harold: Scandinavian name meaning army ruler.

Harrison: English name which means son of Harry.

Harry: German name meaning home ruler.

Harvey: English name which means battle-worthy.

Hasan: Arabic name meaning good and beautiful.

Hashir: Arabic name which means collector.

Haydn: German name meaning hedged valley.

Heath: English name meaning heath or place.

Hector: Greek name which means anchor or holding fast.

Helios: Greek name meaning sun.

Henley: English name which means high wood.

Henry: German name meaning home ruler.

Herbert: German name which means famous soldier.

Hercules: From Latin origin meaning glory of Hera.

Hermes: Greek name which means travel.

Heston: English name which means from Heston which is a borough of London.

Hisham: Arabic name meaning generous.

Howard: Scandinavian name which means high guardian.

Hubert: German name meaning clever.

Hudson: English name which means son of Hugh.

Hugh: German name meaning spirit or heart.

Hugo: German name which means spirit or heart.

Humphrey: German name meaning peaceful warrior.

Huw: Welsh name which means soul.

Boys Names Starting With I

Ian: Scottish name meaning God is gracious.

Iasus: Greek name which means fire bringer.

Ibrahim: Arabic name meaning founding father of many.

Icarus: Greek name which means he follows.

Idris: Welsh meaning feisty.

Iestyn: Welsh name which means righteous.

Ieuan: Welsh name meaning God is gracious.

Ifan: Welsh name meaning Gracious Lord.

Igor: Scandinavian name which means warrior.

Ihsan: Arabic name meaning perfection.

Imran: Arabic name which means Glorious nation.

Inigo: Spanish name meaning unknowing.

Isaac: Hebrew name meaning to laugh.

Ishaan: Indian name which means giver of riches.

Ishaq: Hebrew name meaning merriment.

Ismaeel: Hebrew name which means God will hear.

Issac: Hebrew name meaning merriment.

Ivan: Russian name which means God is gracious.

Iwan: Welsh name meaning Gracious is the Lord.

Izaak: Hebrew name meaning merriment.

Izaan: Arabic name meaning obedience.

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      Joyce 3 years ago

      You've captured this petyrcelf. Thanks for taking the time!

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      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      arnold schwarzenegger is a strong eagle for sure

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      Michelle Liew 4 years ago from Singapore

      No wonder, I have always taken a shine to the name Cody! Thanks for sharing!

    • christin53 profile image

      Ann-Christin 5 years ago from UK

      Glad you liked this hub Lovedoctor 926 I will be doing more names when I have the time.

    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 5 years ago

      Great hub! My nephew's name is Adrian. My brother's name is Albert and from this list I like the name Ashton. If I have a boy, I am going to name him Luke or Lucas.