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Bracoo Breathable Abdominal Binder and Maternity Back Support Review

Updated on July 3, 2015

Just Roll Me Out!

While pregnant with my son the first thing people noticed was how low I was carrying. I got so big with him and I could feel all the weight on my pelvis. I could barely walk. When shopping I would be doing the “penguin” walk and my feet hurt and swelled up after 15 minutes of running around. I am so lucky I was able to research and buy most of my baby stuff online from home, instead of in-store; because I would have cried if I had to run from store to store with my huge belly in front of me. My husband would have had to put me in the cart like a little child and roll me through each store.

Before our childbirth classes, I had no idea maternity back supports existed. The teacher brought it up and a lady in our class, who was two months ahead of me, stood up and showed everyone the one she was wearing. That’s when I made my mind up about getting one for me and this is the first one I bought.

The Bracoo Breathable Abdominal Binder and Maternity Back Support is one size that fits up to 46 inches in hip circumference. It gently lifts the abdominal area and reduces pressure from the lower back, relieving pelvic area joint fatigue and sore muscles. It can be used for support during-pregnancy and post-pregnancy. It has two belts to adjust and accommodate for a comfortable fit. It is made with breathable fabric to prevent skin irritation and allow moisture dissipation; 80% polyester, 18% rubber, and 2% nylon. It is available only in pink. Consult a physician before using it, especially if you are allergic to neoprene. If rash or pain develops, discontinue using it and consult a physician.

How To Put It On


  • The belts use Velcro and are easy to adjust to get a good fit.
  • It lifts your abdomen, making your pregnant belly feel lighter and relieving back and pelvic pressure.


  • The support is rather rough on the skin. I would suggest using over a camisole or some sort of clothing.
  • It rolls down and bends the edges after several uses. I would have to go into the bathroom while shopping to re-adjust it because it became uncomfortable.

That's me pregnant with my son at 35 weeks.
That's me pregnant with my son at 35 weeks.


This helped me in my third trimester for the first couple of weeks; however, after it started rolling down it became more uncomfortable than not wearing it. I stopped using it altogether. I tried using it again a couple of weeks after I had my C-section but that was painful. Now, it just sits in one of the drawers in my dresser.

Compared to other maternity support belt brands, this one is about one third the price. I think this belt would work for women with smaller pregnant bellies than mine. However, this belt was not the best fit for me because it started rolling when my belly became excessively large and arched quite some in the underside.

According to you, what was/is the most annoying thing about being pregnant?

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My Personal Rating

2 stars for Bracoo Breathable Maternity Back Support


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