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Brazilian Teen Selling Her Virginity on Ebay

Updated on January 2, 2013

The situation:

The 18 year old girl and her mother live in a small Brazilian town. Her mom suffered a stroke leaving the daughter to care for her with a part-time job. The mother is bed ridden from the stroke and needs a caretaker. There are other family members.

In desperation, the nice looking girl posted on Ebay for sale, her virginity to make money. Prostitution in Brazil is legal. So far, there are three bidders, the highest is $35,000. This is more than enough money for a caretaker and for the girl to have a new life in another town. The local townspeople have her sympathies for the dire situation, yet, so far, has not donated any money to her to help while at the same time make nasty comments about her selling her virginity.

Her mother does not want her to sell herself for money to take of her. Another Brazilian teen, age 20, recently sold her virginity for $780,000. To these women, their attitude is that if they sell themselves only once in their life, it is okay, not prostitution because the money will open up so many other possibilities in their life, and all they have to do is lay there and enjoy.

Poverty makes people do desperate things.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey

      What a sad story. And I'm sure there are many like it. My husband works with a woman from the Dominican Republic. They have big resorts there now, but when she was young there were no jobs or futures for the young people, so she was a prostitute. Even now they probably hire white people from their own hotel chains to work in the hotels, they do it in Jamaica. She met a man with money, and he brought her to the U.S. They married, have a nice house, and have 4 children together. He has cheated on her the whole marriage, but she is happy for what she has living here. It breaks my heart to hear any woman has to settle for being sold and then to live with a man who is unfaithful and does nothing with the kids.

      None of the other family members can help? I realize some families are very dysfunctional and may not even care the young girl is having to make such a sacrifice.