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Breakfast Bar is a Great Place to Talk to Your Kids

Updated on August 16, 2010

A breakfast bar is a great place for your family to gather and talk. In addition to being a place to eat, a breakfast bar provides space for kids to do homework, you to prepare food, and everyone to talk about their day. A breakfast bar is an especially great place to talk to your kids. It provides a comfortable setting for them to confide in you and for you to laugh together. Here are some situations in which a breakfast bar can keep the conversation moving.  

1. Talk over homework.

A breakfast bar is a great place for kids to do homework. It provides the space they need to spread out their work and get help from you when needed. As the kitchen is likely to be a central space in your home, a breakfast bar provides them with a comfortable setting where all family members can interact. Encourage your kids to use the breakfast bar for homework and chat with them about school while they are working.

2. Talk while doing activities.

Doing crafts and activities with your kids can be a great opportunity for communication, and a breakfast bar provides the space for doing these things. Set up supplies to draw, paint, color, or do other crafts. Your breakfast bar will likely be located over an easily cleanable floor, making cleanup easy as an added bonus. Engaging your kids in activities in this way can help them to open up and share with you.

3. Talk over food.

There is nothing like a good meal to bring out your kids’ inner conversationalists. A breakfast bar is an ideal location to eat snacks or meals.  Prepare your kids’ favorite meal and gather together around the breakfast bar to get the conversation going. Even if you eat meals at your dining room table, prepare dessert and set it out on the breakfast bar for post-dinner conversation.

4. Talk over TV

Especially if you want to keep your kids near you and you are working on other things such as preparing dinner or doing other housework, you might want to set up a small television on or near the breakfast bar. Turn on your kids’ favorite TV show and chat with them over the commercials. Or if you’re watching a movie, make nachos or a snack with your kids and enjoy it together along with the movie. This can be a relaxing atmosphere in which to have a conversation with your kids.

Image Credit: ubo_pakes, Flickr


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  • coolhubs profile image

    coolhubs 7 years ago from UK

    I like your breakfast bar idea as a place to communicate with your children.It sort of creates a very intimate atmosphere. I must admit talking with a mouthful of food is not such a greate idea- you can easily choke especially if jokes are entertained.

  • sligobay profile image

    sligobay 7 years ago from east of the equator