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Breakfast Sandwiches For the Freezer

Updated on February 15, 2007

Having breakfast food in the freezer saves me many mornings. Everyone seems to want to eat breakfast as soon as they wake up in the morning, including me. It takes time to get five or six plates ready each morning. So I frequently cook extra breakfast food for the freezer. I will make quick breads or muffins as well as extra pancakes or waffles when I cook those on the weekends. Breakfast sandwiches are a nice treat though for my husband and I. These are also fast for my husband to heat up himself in the mornings.

Breakfast sandwiches are easy to make, filling, and fairly inexpensive compared to a similar sandwich at a fastfood restaurant. The ingredients I used recently were english muffins (one dozen for $3), eggs (one dozen for $.97), 1/2 pound of cheese ($1), and 1/2 pound of bacon ($1). I spent $5.97 for 12 sandwiches, or about $.50 each. I start by cooking the bacon in the oven. This way I can cook all the slices at one time and the bacon doesn't shrink or curl up as badly as in the microwave. While that is cooking I will scramble the eggs and slice up the cheese.

Once everything is finished cooking I wil assemble the sandwiches. I break the english muffins apart and put one spoonfull of eggs, one slice of bacon and two slices of cheese on each english muffin, finishing with the top. I wrap each in saran wrap and place them in gallon ziploc bags and into the freezer to go. These are packed with protein and very filling. They are easy to heat up in the microwave - cook on high for two minutes. Once heated you can add salsa, hot sauce, or maple syrup. Having quick foods in the freezer makes our mornings a little less hectic.


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    • profile image

      sarah  8 years ago

      I have been buying my husband breakfast sandwiched and wondering if you make/freeze homemade ones.. Thanks this will be a GREAT money saver and keep the DH happy!!


    • Proud Mom profile image

      Proud Mom 9 years ago from USA

      Another great hub! Have been struggling with breakfast lately myself. Tried freezing extra breakfast casseroles, but takes too long to reheat the whole thing. I love this idea!

    • profile image

      Terri 9 years ago

      Jennifer, we do this but with breakfast burritos

    • Jennifer profile image

      Jennifer 9 years ago

      I do not toast them first. My husband will sometimes heat his in the microwave and then toast it, but I don't.

    • profile image

      Amanda 9 years ago

      Quick question: do you toast the muffins first?

    • Jennifer profile image

      Jennifer 10 years ago

      We put it in the microwave directly from the freezer, thanks for asking!

    • emilyc profile image

      emilyc 10 years ago

      Hi Jennifer, great hub. I was just wondering if you have to thaw the sandwich before heating it in the microwave for two minutes? Or is it ready to go in the microwave directly from the freezer? Thanks!