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Breastfeeding Do's and Don'ts

Updated on June 3, 2015


So you have decided to start the magical journey of breastfeeding. Congratulations and I hope it is a wonderful journey for you and your child. To help make the journey a little easier for you I have included a list of do's and don'ts for breastfeeding to help you along the way.

Do's and Dont's

  1. Teach your baby to "breastfeed" not "nipple feed". Be sure when your baby goes to latch on that you compress your breast into a pointy shape with your hand. Bring the baby towards you NOT the other way around. Make sure you get as much nipple deep into your babies mouth so he is attached to the breast NOT just the nipple.
  2. Don't believe that unbearable pain should be normal with breastfeeding. Poor me I thought this with my first child and I would have been much better off asking for help than ignoring it till it got to the point of no return. If there is significant pain involved it is most likely because your little one is not latching properly. The most important part of breast feeding is making sure that they are latched correct. The only other pain you should feel is when your breast are full and it is time to feed your child.
  3. Use RAM to get your baby to take more of the breast into their mouth. This is called "Rapid Arm Movement" where you bring your baby towards your breast in a rapid movement that allowing the baby to take more of your breast.
  4. If your baby is hungry FEED him. All babies eat at a different rate and with breastfeeding it is really hard to tell exactly how much they have had so if he acts fussy and hungry feed him.
  5. All mothers sometimes for odd and end reasons need to get their child to unlatch for a moment if you don't do this the correct way it will hurt you. Doing it multiple times will result in sometimes unbearable pain so be sure to do it correctly each time. There are multiple ways for getting a baby to unlatch. Some include Putting your little finger into the babies mouth and turn to break the suction or you can simply apply slight pressure to his chin in which he will open his mouth.
  6. ALWAYS have lanolin. It is a blessing to all mothers who suffer from cracked and bleeding nipples. Which is one of the leading causes to failed breastfeeding. Make sure you have this before you start.

Practice Makes Perfect

I don't think anyone was a master at breastfeeding when they begin. I know I wasn't and I messed up A LOT! So don't give up if it isn't all coming together. Give it time.



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