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Breastfeeding On The Go

Updated on December 9, 2012

How To Nurse In Public

Breastfeeding on the go doesn't have to be complicated or intimidating. Here are some of the top concerns about nursing in public and some great products that can help make it easier.

Let's look at the top concerns of moms when it comes to breast feeding on the go and some ways to address those concerns.

Concern #1 - Others Might See

The thought of having others gawk at you as you breastfeed can be off putting to a lot of new moms. Thankfully, both the ability to breastfeed discreetly and the self-consciousness of breastfeeding in public both get better with time. Here are some ways to ease the concern that others might see.

  • Find a quiet spot - Try to find a spot with less foot traffic, such as a corner booth or a dressing room.
  • Get a Hooter Hider - There are a lot of really great nursing covers on the market, like the Bebe au Lait.

Concern #2 - My Baby Won't Nurse In Public

If you are having trouble getting your little one to nurse in public, try to consider how she might be feeling.

  • There are too many distractions - If this seems to be the case, try to find a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle. My baby was what I call a social eater, he wanted to be part of the action when he was nursing. By seeking out a quiet spot, there were less distractions for him and he was able to focus on nursing.
  • Are you nervous? He might be picking up on your nervousness - If you are nervous about breastfeeding in public, try to relax. Your little one can pick up on this anxiety, too.

Concern #3 - It Will Bother Others

Don't let what others think keep you from nursing in public. Your concern should be nurturing your child. Thankfully, as a society, support for nursing moms continues to improve.

  • Get Support - Surround yourself with supportive friends and family. Let those with you know you are going to be breastfeeding in public and that you are concerned. Most likely, they will shower you with support. This outpouring of support will help you fell more confident and less concerned about anyone else that might notice.
  • Connect With Other Moms - Find other breast feeding moms who can answer questions, offer their support and provide some comic relief. If you don't know any nursing moms, join a moms group at your church or community center.

Concern #4 - I'm Not Allowed to Nurse Here

In most states, a woman has a right to nurse anywhere she has a right to be. That includes the board room, the ball room and the local starbucks.

Concern #5 - It's Not Convenient

After a combined 40 months of nursing, I have to say that nursing was the most convenient part of having a baby. It really is the ultimate convenience food - it's always the right temperature, it's always fresh, and there are no dishes to clean up. But, there may be times when having a bottle is just more convenient. If this is the case, be prepared. Here are the things you might need if you are going to giving your little one a bottle:

  • Bottles - I loved Dr. Browns bottles. You can also read more about recommended bottles for breastfed babies.
  • Burp cloths - this is true for nursing or bottle feeding.
  • Portable bottle warmer - Of course, you can also feed your baby a cold bottle. Or, you can warm the bottle in hot water from a coffee machine (it's often easier to find a coffee machine than an outlet to plug in a bottle warmer).
  • Breast Pump - If you are going to provide breast milkpen a bottle, you will need a good breast pump. I highly recommend the Ameda Purely Yours.

Concern #6 - I'm Not Wearing the Right Clothes

Let's face it, there are certain articles in a mom's wardrobe that don't lend themselves to nursing (think a turtleneck dress). When I was nursing, I planned my clothes around "access," especially if I knew I would be nursing in public. Having the right nursing gear really does make it easier.

  • Nursing Bras - I had multiple styles and colors and I was particularly fond of the underwire nursing bras.
  • Nursing Tanks - Not as supportive as an underwire bra, but very convenient.
  • Wrap Dresses/Tops - Make it easier to whip out a breast for a crying baby.

Mom, You Rock!

Congratulations on breastfeeding. You are doing a wonderful thing your yourself, your child and this world we live in. If you are looking for more support when it comes to breastfeeding at work, I recommend reading Pump At Work - A Guide To Breastfeeding And Returning To Work.

Nursing is not always easy, but it is worth it. Congratulations!


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    • Written Up profile imageAUTHOR

      Written Up 

      6 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

      The most important thing is that moms are nursing. I hope support continues to grow.

    • peachpurple profile image


      6 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Here, in Asian countries, breast feeding mum are not common because of backward manners and behavior of the public. Hence, most mums prefer to breastfeed at home, closed door only.


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